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  1. I will think about the future. That a lot of people will die, maybe even a lot. But then it's all over. Trees will grow, different animals will live. It will be very beautiful. There will be no more of these horrible creatures calling themselves humans.
    It will be fine.

  2. I'm nostalgic for similar moments from the Fallout series. I'll extend my thumb and hold it up to the nuclear mushroom to see if I'm in the kill zone. Walt-Boy would have appreciated it.

    He would have scolded the IAEA for its poor performance.

    If this is Snake's doing, then I understand that he wouldn't have taken such a step if he had any other choice.

    Hopefully, the mushroom will be close enough to put you out of any possible misery.

  3. I'll sing a wonderful song by The Ink Spots-I Don't Want to Set The World On Fire

    Well, perhaps I'll even smile a little, because to see the end of human civilization (if it's not an isolated case of a bomb explosion specifically near my balcony) is still even a little honorable, although very sad.

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