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  1. You'd have to pretend to be an ugly fool to look a little different! There is nothing more dreary than uniformity. Boredom, dumbness, self-sufficiency… Everyone would have died out for fuck's sake!

  2. In Yefremov's “Hour of the Bull”, society consists only of beautiful people, and this type of social inequality has disappeared from the human population. When people from Earth arrive on another planet, where as we now have a cult of beauty, they are surprised. I believe that if everyone were beautiful, it would be good, because the years, money and energy spent on acquiring a decent appearance would be spent on something really worthwhile, and besides, beauty provides an unfair view of social inequality, since it is not given for merit or as a punishment. It is still possible to become rich and educated at a huge cost of labor, but it was impossible to become beautiful before. Thanks to plastic surgery, this is now possible, but only with huge funds. Becoming smart is a question. Intelligence also refers to innate rather than acquired things. If everyone was smart, it would be extremely difficult to manage such a society. Brave New World tried to create such a society. In it, no one wanted to work in low-paid and low-prestige jobs, and the society was doomed.

  3. The perception of beauty is in a person's head, so it is not necessary to make everyone beautiful, it is enough for people to think that everyone around is equally beautiful. In this case, people may have lost some of the motives for directing their own development and blocks associated with appearance. But there would be a lot of other reasons to develop or, conversely, slow down. Power, security, fear, money, vanity, desire to dominate, etc.

    As for the smart ones, this can already be partially seen in our world. For example, in the USSR. When compulsory secondary education and free higher education were introduced, scientific and technological progress began to increase rapidly.

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