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  1. He wouldn't have finished his job. It was manipulated by Obito, who just used it. Yes, if he had been able to defeat Naruto and get the Kyuubi back in Konoha, he would have been acting on Obito's orders, who in turn would have simply become jinchuuriki Jubi and carried out the Eye of the Moon plan to the end.

  2. He would have seen the result he was going for – illusions. He would understand that it was also used for their own purposes and the world does not change. The world would have forced him to make a choice: submit or fight. If Yahiko's death was not in vain, he would have fought and in the end would have realized that Jiraiya's teachings were not meaningless, because the most important thing in the end: to stick to the principles to the end, because to protect your loved ones, to be brave, changeable to reality and firm in the beliefs of morality-this is all the way of a real shinobi! In general, before breaking Konoha, he should have found out initially why, by whom and how it was created, so that in the end with Naruto and Sasuke to discuss what to do next so that there were no wars and pain in the world. This is my vision.

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