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  1. It's hard to imagine what it would have been like then. But one thing is certain: it would have been different.

    Marxism – however negative I may feel about some of its practical realizations-has proved to be an important part of the history of ideas in the twentieth century and remains a significant philosophical system. For example, without Marxism, there would be no Frankfurt school, and without the Frankfurt school, perhaps, there would be no European Union in its current form, since it is difficult to imagine modern Europe without such intellectuals as Jurgen Habermas. And in addition to Habermas, these are Fromm, Adorno, Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, and many other figures who were influenced by this trend, whose ideas should not be dismissed just because of the influence of Marxism on them. After all, it's no coincidence that in a 2007 BBC poll, Marx came out on top of the list of most influential philosophers.

    But not only that. Take, for example, the idea of a sexual revolution. In the United States, it was popularized by Freudian Marxists such as Wilhelm Reich. Similar ideas existed in other countries on a similar platform – and how these ideas “shot out” in the anti-war rhetoric of the second half of the twentieth century, I think, is not necessary to say.

    In science, Soviet scientific schools were built on Marxist ideas. It is not that without Marxism there would be no science in Russia – it would do just fine without it-but it would not be what it has become. There would be neither Luria with his system-dynamic model of localization of higher mental functions, nor Leontiev. But it would certainly be something else instead – it's hard to imagine what exactly.

    The Cold War ended long ago, and it is absurd today to use the terms of half a century ago, contrasting the “capitalist west” and the “socialist camp”. The countries of Europe and the United States have fully assimilated, adapted and digested Marxism-naturally, abandoning its erroneous, unproductive and dangerous aspects and adopting its positive content in order to move on. As in most cases, attempts to use Marxism in its radical interpretation did not lead to anything good – but the same can be said about conservatism, for example. But in their non-radical interpretations, socialist ideas, including Marxist ones, have shaped modern Europe. If you want to cite countries that have been influenced by Marxism as an example, start with Germany – after all, the Social Democrats (SPD) are one of the largest parties in Germany, and the “Left” has its own seats in the Bundestag and the European Parliament.

    In this sense, Marx should never be read as holy scripture – otherwise you will certainly end up with a Marxist State, a kind of analogue of the Islamic State (banned, as we remember, in Russia). It is appropriate to read Marx and Engels only in one way – as the works of representatives of one of the trends in the history of philosophy, which is probably erroneous in many ways, but in some cases managed to at least raise serious questions, and sometimes even offer interesting answers to them.

    But despite the fact that some hastily try to blame all the ills of humanity on Marxism, finding a convenient target for an attack, such attacks are far from the truth. We've been through this more than once – it's all the fault of Plato, then Marx, then religion, then sects, then the damned “West”, then some other all-powerful and terrible monster. But the same Hitler, Mussolini and Franco perfectly showed that in building a totalitarian ideology, you can do without Marxism. If you want to use modern countries as an example, then do not limit yourself to Venezuela, look, for example, at the Central African Republic or Liberia, which coped with the collapse of themselves without trying to build socialism.

    Yes, of course, Marxist ideas have brought us a lot of bad things – this is Stalinism (in fairness, it should be added that Stalin is very far removed from classical Marxism), and terrorists like the RAF, and even Jim Jones's “Temple of Peoples” with their mass suicide. None of this would have happened if it hadn't been for Marxism. But humanity has repeatedly proved its incredible ability to use a variety of ideas for mutual destruction and self – destruction-from Christianity and Islam to Marxism and positivism. I am sure it would have been able to cope with this task even without the works of Karl Marx.

  2. No matter how you feel about communism and Karl Marx, it is impossible to imagine our modern society without him, because many of the concepts developed by Marx are the basis of modern economics, without him economics would have been thrown back many decades.

    Marx's philosophy also influenced scientific and technological progress, because a huge number of modern technologies were developed during the bloc confrontation, which would not have been possible without the USSR and Marx.

  3. This question is not difficult to answer. You need to know the world history and the history of Russia! In the class period of history, there were no flourishing class societies, on the one hand, and on the other hand, all class social forms passed through the stages of prosperity and decline three times in their development, reached the stage of natural death, and perished in the transition periods from formation to formation. And not a single class society has survived to this day, since their appearance in the transition period from the primitive communal formation to the slave-owning formation. This suggests that in class social forms there is a natural process that carried them out, and continues to carry them out in our time, along a natural chain: the stage of flourishing = > the stage of decline = > the stage of natural death and led them, and leads in our time, to an inevitable collapse, or led to the emergence of revolutions and civil wars that destroyed the old class societies

    From this it is not difficult to understand that class social organizations can grow old and die a natural death! So it was with slave-owning class social organizations, so it was with feudal class social systems. Thus, the laws of Nature are as follows: if a new class social form is introduced in a renewed society during the transition period, then soon a new class society will be formed in this new society itself, either spontaneously or automatically, and regardless of the consciousness and will of the members of society, and then it will pass in its development along the chain indicated above and

    Thanks to the brutal monarchy, Russia was 200 years behind the advanced countries of the world in its development, and was not a feudal formation. Historical necessity demanded the country's transition to capitalism, but there was no large-scale commodity production in our country, so there was no bourgeoisie and very little proletariat. The class of boyars and nobles was huge, and the class of peasants prevailed, which was 85% of the population in Russia in 1917. Therefore, Russia could not make the transition to capitalism. I must say that there is one natural rule: in the old class society, which has reached the stage of natural destruction in its development, a revolution and civil war must arise, which destroy the old class society and transfer it to a new formation at the stage of flourishing. If a revolution and civil war cannot arise, then the old class society will die a natural death and it will disintegrate.

    I must say that the old feudal society of Russia reached the stage of natural death in its development, approximately in 1800, and by 1900 it had become an old old one. All the wars, both on land and at sea, the brutal old monarchy lost at the beginning of the last century. And the backwardness began to affect the ude under Nicholas the First. Russia has started losing wars. And after 1900, the rapid disintegration of the feudal old class society began, which by 1917 had become a corpse. At the beginning of this year, there was no army in Russia! On the second of February, the tsar gave up the throne in favor of his brother, and on the third of February, the brother also gave up the throne. In February, there were no police, gendarmerie, courts, prosecutors, prisons, and the monarchy was gone. She died a natural death without war or bloodshed. As a result, there was no one and nothing to defend Russia with. The Entente countries have a real opportunity to conquer the territory of Russia easily and without a great war. And there is a map on which the countries of this alliance divided the territory of our country in advance. But to their misfortune, the Bolsheviks, led by the great leader V. I. Lenin, came to power in Russia. They quickly created the Cheka and the Red Army, and in the great battle they defeated all the invasions of internal and external counterrevolution. They conquered a huge territory, and created a great power with the beautiful name “USSR”! And if it were not for V. I. Lenin and the Bolshevik Party in our country, then Russia would have disappeared from the planet Earth long ago.

    I must say that at present Russia is in much greater danger than it was in 1917. In the NATO countries, scientists and government officials are well aware that Russia's class society has reached the stage of natural death in its development, and is on the verge of collapse. And the countries of this alliance have also already divided the territory of Russia. Only this time, NATO forces have great power, on the one hand. On the other hand, there are no Bolsheviks and the great leader V. I. Lenin in the country. And within the cash society of our country, there is a great and insidious enemy-spontaneous natural development, which cannot be taken by any means of weapons. Against this enemy, there is only one weapon – knowledge! But the Russians do not have such weapons. This great enemy led the class society of Russia through the stages of prosperity and decline, and brought it to the stage of natural death. And soon it will lead a barbaric country to a natural death, just as it led to the destruction of all class social forms that existed in the class period of history, just as it led to the destruction of the great empire – the USSR. And this great natural process brought the ugly class society of Russia to the end of the stage of natural death. This great natural process cannot be reversed, and the old must die. But the Russians know nothing about this great and formidable enemy, so they are helpless and defenseless before its deadly action. This is the whole history of Russia, which was created by illiterate Russians spontaneously.

  4. The philosophy of Karl Marx is the theory of profit at the expense of others. The theory of ordering people to work like a slave, from morning to night. In other words, the question is what a society looks like where the philosophy of slavery and profit at the expense of others is unacceptable. This is a society of love, joy and happiness, where you can't earn more than you can spend (where all the surpluses earned are given to the whole society)

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