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  1. Little is known about Socrates ' character and tastes, so it's hard to imagine what would really surprise him.
    However, based on the general vector of his views, it is easy to see what would “unpleasantly surprise” or disappoint him in modern people. This, of course, is individualism unsupported and incongruous to reason (as Socrates understood it).
    According to the philosopher, a developed person is one who understands the general and puts it above private interests. Socrates knew this not in words, because he stood up for his native city with weapons in his hands, like all honest citizens. Self-expression just for the sake of being different from others would be considered disgusting and vulgar. But this is one of the foundations of modern culture.

  2. I think nothing would surprise him more than the fact that in almost two and a half thousand years, man has not changed at all. Although, perhaps, this would not be surprising. In general, I think Socrates was one of those people who is difficult to surprise.

  3. To say surprised would not be entirely accurate, moreover, it would be a (real) blow (for him. And, of course, this (mental discomfort) would be the current state of philosophy. After all, he, Socrates, gave so much energy, his life (i.e., himself) and time to this beloved creation; and, in such a long historical time, counted by thousands of years, it (philosophy)is the most important thing in the world. it has never been able to become what it should be (in theory) and truly, namely, a science and at the same time-the main one (science).

    But given the fact that he was a real philosopher and had a stoic (again philosophical) disposition (and spirit), it is quite likely that he would have made a decision for himself-to look for a philosophical interpretation of this, and then a solution…

  4. Most likely: cars that can reach speeds of more than 200 km per hour, airplanes, steamships and spaceships, and even smartphones and household appliances, which in fact frees a person from physical housework by almost 90%

  5. I think he would be surprised, like every person who lived a long time ago, by new technologies. The fact that we can communicate with people who are on the other side of the globe, computer technology and space exploration.

    On the other hand, he may be surprised that a person, despite external changes, lives almost the same way. Works, rejoices, gets sick, succumbs to vices, makes mistakes and learns life every day.

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