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  1. Both kindness and responsiveness are important human qualities that everyone should have. Looking into Ozhegov's dictionary, I saw that kindness is responsiveness,

    emotional disposition to people, the desire to do good to others.

    What will happen if a person does not have these qualities? I think this question can not be answered unequivocally, because in the modern world, few people can mentally arrange, selflessly help another.

    If such qualities as humanity,kindness,mercy and others disappear, all people will become aggressive, greedy and evil.This shouldn't be happening!

    In the works of Russian literature, many examples of positive and negative human qualities are described. In my opinion, the author does this in order to show the reader with concrete examples what is good and what is bad. What is good and evil? People also analyze their actions after reading books.

  2. Kindness and responsiveness, although they have definitions written by people and interpreted by people. but everyone understands them in their own way, so for one person kindness did not exist at all, and for another, kindness is a lifestyle. To make something disappear completely, you need to fix it and mark it, but how can you mark responsiveness? These are all speculations that have nothing to do with reality.

  3. Kindness is responsiveness,sincere disposition to people, the desire to do good to others. Responsiveness is one of the positive qualities of a person, which manifests itself in the desire to help another, sympathize with him, be close,help. People need them because without them, people will become cruel, insensitive and self-loving. They will think only of themselves and take care of themselves.

    If kindness and kindness disappeared, our world would be a worse place. The rivers would become dirtier, all nature would die out,all living things would die. Even on the beach or on the river it would be impossible to go, because everything would become dirtier.

    People would become insensitive. They thought only of themselves. They wouldn't help people,nature,or animals. Things would get worse around here. The air would spoil and everything would be polluted.

    Good has a special place in everyone's life. It helps to cope with difficulties and various challenges on the path of life. Good makes better not only those to whom it is directed, but also those from whom it comes. After all, it is pleasant not only to receive good, but also to give it to other people. Good deeds can save the life of a person who is in an extremely serious condition. It gives you faith in all of humanity, faith that there are good people in life. By doing good, a person feels his role in society. Therefore, good is something that is necessary for every person in the world.

  4. The world would be on the verge of collapse, and maybe even over the edge. Only on the good, on good deeds, on people who choose the good, the world still holds. Evil cannot create or even preserve, only destroy

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