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  1. I would make furniture for pets, cat claw beds, dog houses styled like booths, and all that … and other things for small animals.

  2. Without the Internet and television, life is boring. Without money, she is not free. Then I would have chosen money, and with money I would have invented television and the Internet)

  3. The ambiguous phrase “there was no need for money”. One of the meanings of the word “need” is synonymous with poverty when there is not enough for food and basic necessities. If so, then the same as now. Because in this sense, thank God, and now I do not need.

    Or does it mean that I would not need to earn money, since passive income would cover my needs? Then and now I'm a traveler. But the work leaves little time for this. Probably would have traveled much more. Perhaps this would have developed into some kind of amateur research activity.

  4. Music for people !!!
    You can also use it without the Internet … play, compose, sing. The main thing is to always have some kind of musical instrument at hand 🙂

    For example, an acoustic guitar:)

    I've tried this before. With a guitar on your back! It's cool 😍

    (mmm, I was thinking 🤔! And I would even be happy if the Internet disappeared for a while…)

  5. No Internet, no TV?? Then I would definitely read and write books. Of course, I still do this, but I think in your conditions I would do it much more often)

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