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  1. Ahem… it is logical that I will not say this here either)))
    Well, let's just say that I generally don't have any such secrets. there are not the most pleasant habits, probably some set of sexual deviations (ouh yeah!)….. yes. there is… and who doesn't have them?)) nowadays, everyone has something of their own, but you don't need to know about them, and it doesn't seem to harm anyone.
    And judging by what different things happen on porn hubs-God. I'm quite a normal person, you might say… a traditionalist.

    You understand. any secrets can be divided into 3 options.

    1-socially punishable. that is, this is some kind of crime. well, maybe moshnennichestvo, murder, I don't know. what is what to tell clearly should not be for reasons of their own safety.

    1. personal data. they don't usually talk about them because they can affect the attitude of people towards you. and, as a rule, these secrets do not change much. that is, that I knew, that I didn't know – there is no difference, but for some reason the attitude changes. of course, it doesn't hurt to tell such things, because you never know how a person will react.

    3 not your secrets. each of us accumulates a certain number of secrets that are connected not only with us or NOT with us at all. we will talk about such people, as it were.. we have no moral right. after all, these are not our secrets.

    PS there are some people-and there are quite a few of them-who hide completely ordinary information. God knows why. they are usually afraid that this will somehow make them more vulnerable.. well, like life plans, preferences in music or your favorite artist… I don't understand such people ( because they simultaneously experience a tough desire to share something important for themselves and get dissonance), but they exist.

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