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  1. Humanity has understood this for a long time, even from the Word of Jesus Christ: “…My kingdom is not of this world…”!

    As for “health, happiness, and well-being,” these are just tools for testing a person's loyalty to God. He says so in plain text: -” … Woe to the world because of temptations, for temptations must come!

    Their opposites are warnings against the unrighteous path of being in temporary life and a guide to salvation from sinful lusts that generate these opposites: -” … Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.

    If God were to draw man to Himself with the benefits of a temporary life, the temples of His Church would be filled with an abundance of sufferers. But He needs the smallest thing from us-Love!

    Reliable and loyal!

    As well as His image-a man!

    But the treasures of this world can only be obtained in this temporary life from the devil-bow down, serve him (Luke 4: 5-7) – and it will be done for you!

    And then in the posthumous world, everyone will receive their reward – those who worship the treasures of this world – the abode of the devil, and those who remain faithful to Love – Her abodes!

    That's the whole point of our temporary life!

  2. Why should humanity understand something that is fundamentally wrong? This is the same as saying-when will humanity finally understand that twice two is 5? Faith gives you health, happiness, and well-being. At least it does for me.

  3. Your question should be formulated differently: “When will humanity understand that faith does not give them WHAT THEY WANT?”.

    Yes, faith doesn't really give people what they want, but it does give them what they really need. After all, “what they want” and” what they need” are not the same thing. People consider themselves very wise, but in reality they are stupid and unreasonable, they know reality no further than their own nose, and they don't really know it, but they consider themselves wise nevertheless, because they are proud and narcissistic.

    So, faith gives-gives deliverance from destructive sins, understanding the meaning of everything that happens, understanding what is true Love and the true Truth of life, real confidence in eternity, hope in God Who knows and loves everything and will not allow anything that would be harmful, but only what is good. All this together means happiness that does not depend on circumstances, including tragic ones. Isn't that enough?!!

    It remains to note a small nuance: not everything is a faith from what is called such. By faith, I do not mean the human religion with its many problems, but trust in God in the person of Jesus Christ, who gave Himself to death as a punishment for my sins and then rose to live in me instead of my ego.

  4. Did she have to? Not YOU? How much do you personally know about faith? When you find out, the answer will come out by itself))) I can now shake my Talmuds and post them with 10 chapters, where one chapter is 10 pages long. What would you like to start with? Probably just a few quotes (mine):

    “If there's one thing you need to give a person, it's faith. Faith is not hope. Faith is your conscious effort to overcome your problem. There is no one in the faith but you. Another person can only give you a reason for your belief. There is no reason for hope, because it does not exist. Faith is true, as it were, but hope is false.”

    “Faith must be strong (not stupid, but strong – do not confuse it), it must be such as to change reality. Your attempts to believe in reality are worthless. Jesus also said that the right faith moves mountains. It is very obvious that if you want something, you need to want it so that it happens, and not just want it. So faith should be equal to reality.”

    In short, the point is that faith is essentially your personal will, the intention that you strive to live up to. therefore, if you do everything right, you will get health, well-being and happiness.

    If we are talking about religious faith only , then everything also depends on the person. everyone, like you, understands FAITH – to the best of their education)))

    Quote: If you believe that “faith is the weak link used by false teachers” -©, then this chapter is exactly for you. First of all, you need to realize that faith is not exactly what you mean by faith. Usually, what you deny or even blame is not actually a belief, but more often it means blind faith (for example, an unfounded belief in a bright future). Perhaps it is more correct to call it superstition. Call a spade a spade. Faith is also often associated with idly waiting for some miracle from the outside, in reality. The faith that waits is not faith, but hope. Faith exists only for action. Also, faith is usually understood as the fruitless faith of the mind-consent. But true faith begins at the level of the body. It turns out that you are condemning the wrong faith, which means that you are creating a false accusation. So let's draw up a reconciliation report.

    This contradiction arises only at the very beginning of the journey and is solved very easily: there is faith 1 and faith 2, they differ in awareness. Conscious faith is a reason to take the next step to gain experience. In science, this would be interpreted as follows: to establish faith in a certain position means to fix a part of the system so that it is possible to calculate the schedule of changes in the rest of it. If you want to know the world, you fix yourself; if you want to know yourself, you fix the world. This is the warrior's faith. And the other, oddly enough, belongs to you, who are running away from the concept of faith. Unconscious belief is a template that serves on the one hand – to save energy, on the other – contributes to the atrophy of awareness. As an example, formulas that are memorized without trying to understand them are patterns of unconscious faith. In science, unconscious faith is called prejudice, dogmatism. Unconsciousness of faith leads us to look at the world as a matter of course, as a pre-known, biased way. That is, everything around you is just there, and what you do not perceive does not exist, but this is typical vulgar materialism. As a result, each person lives in the world that he is capable of, and sees in it what his faith has chosen. In addition to the faith of the mind, there is also the faith of the body and the faith of the energy body. Jesus said that faith can move mountains. If you learn to physically believe in one thing and not believe in the other, the world actually changes. This is magic. But faith becomes power, knowledge, and power when it is realized. As long as you believe that it does not exist, awareness is out of the question, so instead of power, you have a desire for power, instead of knowledge – vague guesses, instead of strength – weakness. Apparently, your faith chooses, for your own good, to make you believe that it doesn't exist. Denying a miracle is just prejudice, but denying faith itself is prejudice squared.

    for a start, it's like enough, but until the end, I don't have it either

  5. Faith is built on concrete evidence. Visible creations attest to the existence of an invisible Creator (Rm 1:20). The events that took place during the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on earth prove that he is the Son of God. God's concern for his earthly creatures is a strong reason to believe that he will take care of the needs of his servants (Mt 6:26, 30, 33). And the cases that prove that he is not only the One who gives life, but also the One who can give it back, prove the validity of the hope of resurrection.

  6. Faith in God is the certainty of facts and evidence. In the Bible, faith is called the way. It is a way of life, a way of thinking based on knowledge about God. Therefore, it is useless for you to expect humanity to reject the faith. Faith gives what no ruler of the world can give: a sense of contentment, confidence in the future, joy, hope of meeting with deceased relatives, whom God promises to raise up. In terms of health and happiness, It helps a lot. Who but Him? You should tell Him everything you care about in prayer, addressing him by name and sending your prayers through Jesus Christ (Phil 4: 6,7; John 14: 13,14).

    And well-being depends not on the quantity, but on the quality of the attitude to material things

  7. Faith without works is dead, the Bible says. O What works show that a person has no faith? The Bible says:

    “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? See that you are not deceived. No profligate people, no idolaters, adulterers, corrupt homosexuals or sodomites, thieves, covetous people or drunkards, slanderers or swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God. ” (1 Corinthians 6: 9,10)

    And now let's start from the opposite, what does a person have who already shows faith in practice today?:

    Highly moral, worshiping a devout God, maintaining marital fidelity, loyal, with the right mindset for the opposite sex, hardworking, sober, without bad habits, telling the truth, honest.

    Isn't that what society tries in vain to achieve on its own?

  8. Faith brings certain benefits, otherwise people would not believe. Another thing is, should faith, or rather religion, give a person some material preferences? What is the task of religion? To help a person learn about God, realize God, and ultimately achieve liberation. In this process, as an additional effect, a person may or may not become healthier and more prosperous. But this is not the goal either. The body is still temporary, it dies anyway. But who is the owner of the body, what is its nature, who is its source and where it will go after the death of the body-these questions need to be sorted out. This will make the current life of the individual more conscious, and will clarify the future perspective of the individual.

  9. These are just words taken from the devil's mouth.
    I translate-the devil is a liar who seduces people by saying that faith has no meaning or power. Seduction is a deception, a lie. To be tempted is to believe the deceit of a liar.
    Hence the answer: then humanity will fully believe in this lie, when there will be no reasonable people left.

  10. I wonder what the person who asked this question meant? If we talk about faith in God, then we need to understand what God's plan was at the creation of everything . God's desire was for people to live on earth forever and happily. For this purpose, God has provided everything necessary for people: food, water, perfect health. All of this was plentiful, even more than a person needed. Today, people don't live the way God wanted them to. Something went wrong. The answer is in the Bible. But God has not abandoned his plan and the people who believe in him.

  11. You don't take into account the power of Faith! There are people who are easily amenable to autosuggestion and suggestion from the outside. Such a person, with the help of faith in God, in medicine, in success and fate, can ease the course of the disease, earn money and be happy… Of course, from a scientific point of view, we explain all this, but it doesn't matter to a person, he has faith.

  12. I wonder if faith is such a super-mega dummy, why does humanity live with it for 99.9% of its history? Not only that, but it periodically does this: it “grows up” to disbelief, but somehow quickly rolls back?

    Isn't it because it's just the opposite? UNBELIEF and naked rationalism do not give humanity… Well, repeat everything mentioned in the question.

  13. Faith does not give humanity happiness. When it understands that.

    Humanity as a whole does not understand anything. Even individual cultures struggle to come to an agreement within themselves.�

    Even with the elementary – “killing is bad” and then, humanity as a whole can not agree.�

    And here is faith and happiness. Tell me, what exactly is happiness? How do you know for whom this happiness consists?

    Imagine, for someone, faith is exactly about happiness. About love. I understand that this is difficult to understand without believing in the existence of God. So you should just accept that this is not true for you, but for someone else. And “allow” everyone to be happy the way they want, as long as it doesn't interfere with others.

  14. When a person goes to the store, he believes that it is open, there is the right product, and that he will get to the store. You believe that the speed of light существует exists – since no objective observation and the ability to “see” the movement of light is possible. When a designer constructs a rocket, he believes that it will fly, it is clear that until the moment of construction, he cannot “know” this. You believe that there used to be a chicken… or an egg… or a proto-chicken, or anything else that you can't possibly know about thoroughly. You may believe that a monkey evolved into a human, but you will never see how real monkeys begin to become human ( thousands of years of experience in observing monkeys and describing them in detail). You can even believe that everything happened by the will of Chaos, although no chaos is observed anywhere and all science discovers and proves system connections everywhere ( for those who disagree, see the Chaos Paradox – “who proves the presence of chaos, this will prove its absence”) Many even believe that in an infinite and “chaotic” universe, there was no way to populate the entire cosmos with animals, like what happened in the oceans of the Earth ( oh, don't talk about “vacuum in space” , chaos should be all the same).�

    It is clear that the question concerns religious and cultic faith, but the argumentation of religious concepts can be more meaningful than the argumentation of amateur Darwinists, militant atheists and other scientists.�

    And the author of the question believes that humanity should change exactly according to its “correct” scenario. �

    And more. In the near future, the question of faith will become more, not less, relevant. I'll explain why. Science and technology have almost matched the pace, and today inventions go from a project to a working technology in an extremely short time. All elite and valuable items become available, and often they are in common use, or completely die out. Global issues related to ensuring survival and comfort of life are almost resolved . The world is being universalized, and what used to take a lot of time and effort is now being done quickly and imperceptibly, including without the participation of people in the process.�

    With the proliferation of 3D printers, neuro-technologies, and universal transport networks, we will have everything we need and be able to find ourselves anywhere in a lightning-fast time ,cheap (and possibly completely free). It is clear that medicine, transplantology and the cultivation of artificial tissues will make life painless and sooooo long.�

    This is where the question comes to the fore (for the first time en masse) not “how to live”, but “for what purpose does life exist”, why in general did some single-celled, almost immortal microorganisms, independently reproducing by division, need to grow into a complex, contradictory and fragile system, separate by gender and be able to exist only on some microscopic planet in an infinite universe? And what is the main source of all the laws of nature?

  15. what does it mean to give only faith? What is your opinion in this case? Is it something out of touch with reality and life? Just no – faith is something that is directly connected with life and reality, something that has a beneficial effect on this life and reality, including health, well-being, and happiness. Simple example: before I came to believe, I lived like almost all my peers at that time in a certain circle – I drank, smoked, used drugs and was more serious, I was a cynic, a nihilist in some ways, беспоряд promiscuous relationships, build at least remotely something resembling a marriage, a family in any way, in relation to loved ones – chaos, more and more disappointment in life, bitterness and deadlock, and so on. No health, no well-being, no happiness. And so, looking for a way out of all this for a while, I began to turn to faith, to God, to search for an answer and a solution through Him. Of course, not everything is so simple and smooth, there are some subtleties, nuances, but if you consider that the law of search and find works, I found it. And now, after more than ten years in God – I don't drink, I don't smoke, I have a family ,my health is in order, what is most important – I have peace , peace, hope in my heart and soul, there is no disappointment in everything as it was before, confusion in my soul like the majority of the population, which it drowns out in all possible ways, I have much more

  16. There is no answer to this question. The universe is infinite, whether God exists or not… no one will answer these questions. But… a person with a stronger character and will and knowledge than the other is sure to convince the other of anything. The problem is only in us, in people. Something like that…

  17. On a personal level, just the same gives, and not only listed. The well-being of the believer is in the knowledge that everything in his life happens not just like that, but according to plan and providence. Therefore, he does not worry about anything in principle, regarding his life. A believer does not seek happiness, because he knows that it is impossible to fully enjoy happiness in this world, and what is possible is the confidence and protection from everything possible (and if it happens, it is necessary), given by faith. This automatically removes the problem of happiness. It's the same with health.

  18. It depends on who follows whom/what

    In Islam ,there is, for example, water “zam zam”, miswak, and so on. Something that improves your health.�

    According to Dr. Ahmad Al-Muhandis, “Zam-Zam water is the cleanest, and this is confirmed by the World Health Organization (WHO).” Dr. Ahmad Al-Muhandis states that it is pure, tasteless, colorless and odorless, although it has a slightly specific taste given by hydrogen, so it is moderately alkaline, and the slightly increased sodium content in the water meets the requirements (WHO).

    American scientists in the course of research through neutron analysis of Zamzam water, more than 30 chemical elements were discovered, the content of some of them is negligible. It turned out that the composition of water includes such chemical elements as iron, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, chlorides and sulfates.

    A detailed description of the analyses and tests conducted by WHO proves that Zam-Zam water fully meets international standards and is suitable for drinking, it slightly exceeds the usual sodium content, but, according to scientists, it does not exceed the maximum permissible concentration.

    It is also worthy of our attention that the Zam-Zam spring has not yet dried up, and there was enough water for all pilgrims. Its uniqueness and usefulness are recognized by many scientists. But do not forget that the water “Zam-Zam” is exclusively natural, and there is no chlorine in it. Usually in natural springs there are fungi and algae that change the taste and color of water, but in the source “Zam-Zam” they are not present.



    Miswak has essential preventive properties of preventing diseases of the oral cavity prevents bleeding gums, strengthening the structure of the teeth.

    Sivak contains more medicinal and antibacterial substances than any industrial-made toothpaste. Calculations have shown that it contains 25 natural different medicinal components that are so necessary for the care of our teeth.

    Scholars agree that brushing your teeth with siwak is a sunnah of mu'akkad (obligatory at the sunnah level), as the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was constant in doing so and encouraged others to do so.

    * Refreshing your mouth.

    * Strengthening of teeth.

    * Stopping the discharge of mucus.

    * Improved vision. (Nerves extending from the roots of the teeth are somehow connected to adjacent parts of the human face).

    * Removal of tartar. (Note that it is not removed by massaging with an ordinary toothbrush, as it is located mainly in the very neck of the tooth).

    Affects the vocal cords.

    * Promotes digestion in the stomach.

    * Raises the overall tone of the person.

    * Eliminates lethargy of the body.

    It would be possible to continue, but let's turn to modern research that concluded that sivak:

    * an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of caries of children's teeth, due to the content of fluid substances in it.

    * eliminates blotchiness and speckling of tooth enamel, due to the content of discoloring components.

    * whitens teeth, thanks to the content of silicon substances.

    * due to the content of sulfuric and galvanic substances, it does not allow bacteria to develop in the edges of teeth.

    * it is useful for inflammatory processes and cutting of new teeth, due to the content of trimethylamine and vitamin “J”.

    * helps to get rid of smoking.

    It is proved that miswak contains more than 25 natural substances useful for teeth and oral cavity:

    • tannic acid;

    All of these substances are good for the teeth and oral cavity.

    Modern researchers have concluded that sivak is an excellent tool for the prevention and treatment of dental diseases. It eliminates stains on tooth enamel, whitens teeth, due to the content of silicon substances and discoloring components. Sulfuric and galvanic substances do not allow bacteria to develop in the edges of teeth.

    The content of trimethylamine is indicated for the use of sivak in inflammatory processes and the cutting of new teeth, and the content of fluid substances in it contributes to the prevention of caries of children's teeth.

    American scientists recently found that the sivak tree (misvak) has an amazing effect on the oral cavity: only a single application of it kills up to 80% of microorganisms, it prevents caries, strengthens the gums, and its effect lasts up to two days.

    In addition to these purely hygienic effects, sivak also acts on biologically active points (BAT) located in the oral cavity, at the border of the gums and teeth. These points regulate the work of five sensory organs (ears, eyes, nose, tongue and pharynx), three paired cells (sphenoid, maxillary, latticed), one unpaired sinus (frontal), temporomandibular joint, 28 spinal nerves that regulate the work of almost all internal organs, muscles and joints of the upper and lower extremities. These points also regulate the work of internal organs: the urinary and gallbladder, liver, kidneys, stomach, pancreas, spleen, lungs, heart, small and large intestines.

    Massage of the BAT zones in the oral cavity when using sivak relieves pain syndromes, reduces neuroreflective muscle tension in osteochondrosis. Regular use of sivak, in addition to prevention, regulates 70 human ailments, also helps to maintain a clear mind and memory until the last minutes of life.

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