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  1. Inventing a time machine is possible, but unlikely. However, about two or three days ago, I read in the news that a time machine might be created in China. But in China, this information is denied. But there are still some people who believe that it is already in the development stage.

  2. If it had been invented, we would have already met people from the future. So not fate…… This will remain a fantasy for us until the end of the earth's existence.not fate

  3. And all together answered that never and this is like a fantasy. But

    let's turn to the works and speeches of Vadim Chernobrov who together with a group of like minded people created and conducted this machine

    experiments have been going on for decades. In one of the last ones

    speaking on the National Slavic Radio, he said that the creation of

    time machines, that is, the type of devices that will use acceleration and deceleration, changing time on an industrial scale is a matter of the next 20-30 years. That is, as he said, the current generation of living people will already witness the operation of these devices. If the governments of states step up their work and allocate funds, then we can already see in 8 years . He called the laboratory in the USA and its head and how much money is allocated per year . He said that these experiments are also being conducted in other countries . And unas …. as usual, everything is on the enthusiasm and voluntary basis of such people as Vadim and his associates. Who is interested in the topic of time, read the works of Vadim Chernobrov, listen to his speeches . For example here https://youtu.be/Ga2XPRpgf0A

  4. Of course, we want to go back in time and change it. But the problem is that there is no time machine and it is unlikely that it will be. But if it still appears, then if we change the past, the future will also change and therefore it is better to live in the present day.

  5. Most likely, the time machine will no longer become a reality 🙂 Stephen Hawking in 2009 proved that traveling to the past is impossible. He threw a party and sent out invitations after it was over. No one came to the parties. Based on this experiment, the scientist concluded that time travel is impossible. Later in an interview, he said that time travel is possible only if “we can quickly take off on a rocket, cover the distance and, when we return to Earth, find that everyone around us has aged or died.”

  6. The time machine violates the currently known laws of physics. If it suddenly happens that fundamentally different laws of physics are discovered, then its creation may become possible, but at the moment the time machine is nothing more than a beautiful fiction of science fiction writers.

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