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  1. God is the cause of himself (causa sui) and of all other sequences of causes and effects. God exists outside of time, is the creator of time, did not appear from nowhere, and in general is above becoming. He created the world and people out of love.

  2. There are at least two Gods. One is fictional (religious, although it is not one of course, there are a whole bunch of them, only Christians have three) and real. Where all the fictional gods came from, I think it's clear, they invented them, wrote sacred books about them, tried to justify the logic of what they invented there and began to believe in it, imagining that these are messages from above. Since there were quite a few people capable of such inventions throughout the existence of mankind, there were also many different religious beliefs, and there are still several of them.
    We don't know anything about the real God, we don't even know whether he exists or not, despite the confident statements of one or the other. Moreover, we cannot know where he came from or why he became the Creator. We don't know God at all: a person, a civilization, or a brain the size of a planet. We put forward various assumptions that differ from religious ones, try to justify them, and thus only create the basis for new religions.
    Our civilization is still at too low a stage of development to be able to reliably answer such questions using real facts. We can't handle even simpler questions about the multidimensional nature of space, dark energy and matter, the size and shape of the universe, the soul and reincarnation, and many others.
    Let us hope that gradually, sooner or later, we will come to know God, and not just to believe in Him or to deny Him with ill-founded reasons.

  3. Perhaps God himself can know the answers (?).

    The discussion is empty. Air shaking.

    Within the human brain, the answers to these questions are impossible to comprehend. Or maybe you don't need to (?).

    Of course, there is a Creator (call it whatever you want: God, Higher Intelligence, etc.)

  4. We don't know where God (the Creator of our world) came from. God created our reality by laws (Logos) and we now have the opportunity to understand how this is done, unlike previous generations of people who were not familiar with the principle of software creation, the creation of the word.

    So, a programmer writes a program (laws of the new world. Word, Logos) and executive organization creates a new, virtual reality for the programmer. Inside itself, this reality is material, because its individual parts (scripts) interact with each other, feel each other, and “outside” of this reality, this world does not exist at all.

    Now, let's imagine that our consciousness is born in this virtual reality. We will feel it, our thinking algorithm will form certain images based on our feelings, just as we in our world have images of our reality (table, chair, sky, road, etc.) with which we think.

    What can we learn about the programmer who created us? – yes, nothing, in our world it does not exist, you can bypass the entire “game” in which we live, look into every “barrel” or under every bush and the programmer will not be there, and this is because the programmer is in a completely different reality created by different laws and constants. The programmer's world and the world created by him do not intersect in any way.

    So the essence of the created world can only be trusted in the programmer who created it, but it is fundamentally impossible to know, feel, or see it.

    Why did he create the world in the first place?

    Let's see why programmers create virtual worlds.

    Obviously, this is now done for games. A person can enter the VM with their consciousness and get new sensations from being in a new reality for them. The more developed the world is, the more interesting it is and even now people can spend considerable time in it, for example, playing “tanchiki”. It can be assumed that with the development of VM-v and equipment that provides immersion in VM, this time will steadily increase. We are at the very beginning of the era of software creation of worlds. And what will happen in 100, 1000 years? Entering the VM will be commonplace and the worlds themselves will change a lot, they will have their own inhabitants, their own minds will appear.

    All this will lead to the expansion of the worlds available to man. You will be able to choose the world for your consciousness to live in. Visit other, unthinkable worlds and all of them will be material and real for us after entering these worlds.

    Why did God create people?

    People are artificial creatures to God. God created people to think, and people learned to create worlds like God.

    Now we are creating new worlds, thereby expanding the worlds of habitation to Consciousness (Spirit) for our Creator.

    You can say, ” so He is already Omnipotent, He would take and create as many worlds as He wants.”

    The answer is simple: “So He creates”

    God is not a magician, He does not create with a magic wand, but creates with His Mind (rules, laws, Logos). He conceives and embodies his plan. We, as a mind, as an AI for God, were created by Him to deepen the worlds.

    We, too, become in the position of God, for the “inhabitants” of the worlds we create. At the same time, the Reality that creates our world disappears for us, as for all worlds, and it turns out that each new world is the first, the highest, for itself, but transparent and accessible, for its Creator. Here is such a “nipelnaya system”.

    It is described in more detail in the Bible.

  5. “I am the Alpha and Omega,” says Jehovah God, ” the One who is, was, and will come, the Almighty (Revelation 1:8).The title “Alpha and Omega” refers to Jehovah and emphasizes that there was no almighty God before him and there will be no almighty God after him. He is the “beginning and end”.

  6. God appeared as a result of the conclusions of certain people who later became a caste of priests, it is known for certain that with one goal-to rule.

    It is not for nothing that everything related to gods and religion is described as akin to the action of a drug. And drug addicts are weak, weak-willed people who are happy to give the right to rule over themselves to those who are more enlightened in the science of drugging people. No wonder Karl Marx wrote that religion is the sigh of an oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, just as it is the spirit of a soulless order. Religion is the opium of the people. Therefore, no God created people, much less the world. The universe is a product of entropy, chaos, random fluctuations leading to random results. Like the origin of a person – a banal accident.

  7. Where does God come from? The Bible, the Word of God, doesn't say much about it, but it does. For example, Psalm 89: 3 says,

    Before the mountains were born, and You formed the earth and the world, and from everlasting to everlasting You are God. (Psalm 89: 3)

    That is, simply and clearly, God from eternity to eternity, in other words, he was always. Of course, God could have kept such information for us as well, where did he come from? But let's think about it. Even if God explained it to us in detail, we wouldn't understand it, so why? Try to explain to yourself, or with the help of well-known scientific methods, what is eternity, time, and infinity in space? If you can clearly explain this to yourself, then you have a chance to understand the information about where God comes from, when you will be explained by the one who created both time and space, and who himself lives from eternity to eternity.

    Here is one example. If a first-grader who is just learning to write sticks in a notebook sits in the 10th grade and listens to a teacher explain a chemistry or physics lesson with scientific terms and formulas, then he will hear everything correctly, but will he understand anything? Nothing. So we will not understand anything when they explain to us where God came from, until we understand, for example, that there is eternity and infinity, and perhaps many other fundamental concepts for this. Therefore, it is easier for our perception to say simply-God has always been. However, there are two ways to recognize God himself today. One way people find out every day is when they look at his creation. There is also such a science, biomimetics, when people study the creation of God-nature, and introduce it into science and technology. For example, a person's plane did not fly until they spied the wing of a bird. This is exactly what God wanted people to gain knowledge and wisdom through what they learn in his nature, even though they will never understand all of God's works, from beginning to end,

    He made everything beautiful in his time. Although he has placed eternity in the hearts of men, they will never be able to comprehend all the works that the true God does, from beginning to end. (Ecclesiastes 3: 11)

    Another way to get to know God better, even more interesting. For example, you can find out who he is and what his norms and intentions are in relation to the earth and people. It answers many questions that we may be concerned about. Why does God allow suffering? Why do people die? What happens to a person who has died and will they live again?

  8. God had a wonderful plan for people. He created the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and placed them in a beautiful garden. God wanted people to have children, to create heavenly conditions on earth, and to take care of animals (Genesis 1:28; 2:8, 9, 15;)

    God created the earth for a specific purpose: he wanted it to become a paradise and to be inhabited by people who love him. God's plan has not changed. Soon he will eliminate all evil and give people eternal life.

    Do you think it is possible that people will live in paradise on earth again?

  9. God is a hierarchical concept that usually lies outside of Earth's civilization. A higher, controlling entity.
    The closest, convenient analogy in this age of information technology is a control computer program that permeates everything in the universe. Its goal is self-discovery by collecting the most diverse experience possible through multiple elements in the game. The game rules here are the laws of the universe. To get the best possible experience, you need to build relationships between the elements of the system. Collect a data puzzle. As a result, God collects all this data on the main server and self – aware-endlessly evolves.

    All religions and occultism are an attempt to describe this program in different languages. The meaning is precisely in evolution through the versatility of a diverse multi-consciousness. This is what we do every day, being parts of God.

  10. God developed to the level of the Creator and was able to create his own world. People are tedious to God, so that creatures have a chance to develop to the level of the Creator. Only people have this opportunity.

  11. Simplicity is enough for any wise man. The world around us, visible and invisible, is subject to a single law of the Creator. This law includes the concept of “the presence of opposites”, for example: north – south, longitude-latitude, matter – antimatter, and so on. Based on this, you can answer the question yourself: “Why did no one create God and he always existed?

    Time is something that has time limitations, constant or infinite limitations, neither in time nor in space.

    The absence of someone who does not have a creation time precludes the existence of a clearly existing order of things, i.e. if there is no God who has always existed, then you and I do not exist.

  12. To understand not even the answer, but the very meaning of the first question, it is worth reading Hegel's dialectic. Then it becomes clearer that not everything has to have an end, a beginning, a cause, and a source. Moreover, everything just shouldn't have any. As for the other two questions, you need to devote a significant part of your life to God. Because only He can answer them. And, to hear His answer, you need to ” remove the blinders from your eyes and remove the wax from your ears.”

  13. God is beyond time and space. Therefore, it has always been and always will be. Simply put, he simply IS as he says about himself – JEHOVAH is THE ONE WHO IS.

    He created the world and people to share the bliss of being.

  14. Where and when is determined by space and time. God is outside of time and space and is their creator. It is more correct to say that God has always been, is, and will always be.

    There are several reasons for the creation and they are interrelated. The main one is the realization of God as love, because God is love. According to Christ, true love is to lay down your life for your brothers, and He did it on the cross. Before the cross, God was love potentially, on the cross – really. And to do this, first you had to create this world, angels with freedom of choice, and eventually the devil, who chose to oppose God. Then a person with the same freedom of choice and eventually, through the devil, the fall and the need to go to the cross for salvation.

    The second reason is the bride for Christ, Who until then was “in the bosom of the Father,” and the church (the bride) was in Him. It's like the example of Adam and Eve. First, God created Adam and Eve in him. She was already in Adam, but she wasn't a person. Then God separated Eve from Adam and she became a separate person, and then God told them to become one again. So it is with Christ and the church. First, the church is in Him, then God separates it from Christ, and then after the rapture, the church-bride-body of Christ will again become one with Him. And to all this I can imagine passages from the Bible.

    God is not the universe any more than I am the stool I made. He is the creator, she is His creation.

    And it's not God's fault that our lives are so filthy, because He just put us in paradise. And because the person HIMSELF chose evil and now has the consequences of this choice. We do evil ourselves, and God, not being a rapist, does not meddle in our affairs, but patiently waits for us to get tired of living in complete shit and we will come to Him through repentance, so that He will correct us broken by sin to a normal state. Well, who does not want to, who likes to live in this very place … he'll stay there.

  15. Hello.

    God is eternal. He didn't appear out of nowhere. Place and time are His creations, just like the world and the person in it.

    God is Truth and Love. He created man so that man might share in His holiness, know the truth, and learn to love.

    What two commandments did God give to man?

    1. Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

    2. Love your neighbor (another person) as yourself.

    The first zpaovedi manifests itself in the desire for truth, truth, justice, and honesty. The second is expressed as the golden rule of human ethics and brings people together. It manifests itself in the desire for peace, mercy, mutual assistance, etc.

    God is all-pleased. Nothing weighs Him down. He doesn't need anything or anyone. He is simply good and righteous. Therefore, he wants there to be other beings who can become partakers of good and truth. But only freely. You can't force love. You can't force yourself to be fair.

    And svoboda can answer yes or no. And it can be a friend or an enemy. Hence, there are two paths – life and death. Death is not created on purpose, but only allowed, as a variant of the realization of freedom. So are lies and evil. It is not another form of life, but the absence of life.

    That is why the world lies in evil, because it does not want to be with God. Why doesn't he want to? Out of pride. Because he wants to be God without God. So much for death…

    And God is good. And fallen man is given the opportunity of repentance and correction. God waits mercifully, but does not endlessly tolerate evil. A great Sacrifice was made for man on the Cross. And evil will one day be punished by Vesta and his faithful servants. And good is rewarded with those who have been faithful to it.

    God's help and the right path in life!

  16. God is the “word,” and the Word creates the ” word.”
    Now let's talk about God. Who is this guy? Everything is very simple,
    my dear ones, believe me, everything is on the surface, it just needs to be taken, but God
    has closed everything from people, because it is not in his favor that people know the truth. I
    I will tell you the following, what is written in the Bible? The Bible says: “And it was
    The Word”, that is, in other words (understand me more deeply, think more deeply)
    first there was the Word, then there was the Word with God, then there was the word “God”. Just
    think about these words, think more deeply. First there was the Word, then
    There was the one who created the Word, and then there was the word “God.” In other words,
    there was someone who created the Word, He created the word “God”, and then on the third plane,
    He created God as a Spirit, and I repeat, as a Spirit. The true Creator,
    the true Creator, cannot be called the ” word.” Because I say
    “Creator” and this is already a word, I say “Creator” and this is already a word. I say “
    creator of the word” and these are also words, in other words, the Creator stands in the pose
    of “word”, He stands outside the “word”, He stands outside the” word”, there are no such
    ” words ” to express the Creator, it is impossible to express the Creator in words.
    I do not know how to convey this to you, but it requires your
    deep thinking to understand what I want to say to you. You also express your thoughts in
    words, you also express your feelings in words, and the Creator
    cannot be expressed in words, it is impossible to address him in words, It can only be perceived with the soul and heart. If you apply to
    To the Creator in words, then your words in this world will go to the one who
    is the word itself, that is, to God. Words can only be applied to words, and
    The Creator is not a word, so He does not need Your words, It
    is enough for Him that you remember Him and know that He exists!

  17. God is something that suddenly appeared and gradually developed. But what was before God? It's hard to imagine, but in fact, there wasn't even a void. God came from somewhere. By yourself. The void gave birth to a being (God) that evolved and became one. According to the laws of emptiness, God took the form of a more human being ( as it was said: “and God created man in his own image and likeness…”). However, God soon acquired a mind and learned to embody his thoughts. This is how the World, Animals, and Man came into being.

  18. let's agree on this: God does not exist! q has a lot of questions like: which god is real?, atheists are morons, etc.

    I think you will understand that religion: this is just a manipulator, it was not for nothing that it was avoided in the USSR.

  19. A short human consciousness is not capable of embracing eternity.Therefore, it is difficult to understand the question of how God came to be, a GOD who has neither beginning nor end.Creator of the entire universe and all living matter.It starts with him, and it ends with him.This is a reasonable, powerful person,but at the same time he has great qualities such as love, justice,wisdom.He is filled with loving kindness, mercy, and empathy.What prompted Him to send his son to be sacrificed for the sins of Adam and for our sins, thus opening the way for humanity to eternal life? Isn't it love for humanity?The sacrifice of Jesus Christ also opened the way for the resurrection of all the dead, Acts 24: 15 and the restoration of paradise on earth.It was GOD's original plan FOR HUMANS TO LIVE FOREVER, IN A PARADISE ON EARTH.

  20. The existence of God is still the subject of scientific debate, since His essence is incomprehensible to the human mind. Officially, man appeared as a result of evolution and his appearance is a banal accident. But the question still remains-how did the Big Bang and the appearance of the Universe occur, if it did not exist a billion years ago and, contrary to all the laws of physics, it should not have appeared. And even if we take into account its accidental occurrence, why is the Earth now arranged for the ideal life of people? And why did human organisms spread only on Earth, and not on other Earth's twin planets (there are also such planets)? And by the way, why do people officially exist only on Earth, and on Earth's doppelgangers they are not? And why there are really no aliens and humanity lives in the only(!) an instance on Earth? Even if there is a multiverse with lots of gas planets and Earth's doppelgangers, why did only one megachren universe have a human being, and only one planet? There are a lot of “perfect matches”with your Wallet. Even the most outspoken atheists admit that this is clearly not without the intervention of a Higher Intelligence or something else unknown to us. What goals God pursued in creating the universe and why he initiated the millennial process of history from antiquity to modernity, and did not immediately teach people the knowledge of the XXI century – we can only guess.
    Now let's think about the appearance of God. This is difficult to understand, but according to Christian teaching, God was not born and did not die (and no one created Him). God has always existed in the universe (this can be partially understood by studying the theories of infinity and the spiral). And most importantly, God is one, but threefold in Persons (Father, Son, and Spirit). How this is possible is a mystery. However, this can be partially understood at least by studying the formula of time-time has a past, present and future. These are different time periods, but they are essentially the same timeline.

  21. Most likely, someone gave birth to God or created him. And He created the world and people to make fun of them, judging by the way our lives work. Otherwise, He is neither omniscient nor omnipotent.”

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