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  1. This is part of an alchemical treatise. Now known as�The Ripley Scroll.

    The bird of Hermes is my name eating my wings to make me tame.

    Alchemists in ancient times divided substances into material (solid) and astral (volatile). They depicted the material ones as dragons without wings, and the astral ones as dragons with wings.
    “They called the” Hermes bird ” a mystical substance (volatile mercury), which, in theory, having lost its wings (materialized), will turn into a philosopher's stone and thereby bring great benefit to humanity.�

    One of the theories:

    Alucard, who sees himself as a Bird of Hermes devouring its wings, seems to claim that he is a spirit who deliberately keeps himself in a physical state (presumably for the benefit of humanity).

  2. Well, if you watched Helsing Ultimate then you should know that this is Alucard he serves his mistress even though he could enslave the whole world so to speak he is taming himself�

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