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  1. Out of nowhere, it's easier for people to blame anything or anyone for their failure than to admit that their hands are growing out of the wrong place.

    And now when this nonsense has taken root (signs) a person sets himself up for this, they say a black cat crossed the road, right now something will happen and stumbled because he didn't look at his feet, but because he was turning his head…

  2. Omens do not appear out of nowhere, they are based on observations and experience. Specifically, this sign takes its roots from this situation. A man is walking along the road, suddenly a cat runs across the road. So something must have spooked her. Perhaps dashing people are waiting in the bushes, wanting to profit from other people's goods. And since the robberies took place mainly in the dark, as you know, at night all cats are gray. Or black, as in our case)

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