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  1. Nine cat lives were counted by the ancient Egyptians.

    In those days, the cat was a sacred animal that symbolized fertility, motherhood, and the sun. Then cats were revered in temples and were considered messengers of God. And all this happened because the cat in Ancient Egypt was called the earthly incarnation of the goddess Bast.

    Bast (Bastet) was the goddess of joy, love, fertility, and home. This goddess was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat. Her father was the Sun (Ra), and her mother was the Moon (Hathor).
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    The first mention of Bast is found in the IV dynasty of pharaohs.
    Legends about the goddess say that she had to die 9 times and rise again in her earthly form.�

    This identification of the goddess and the animal became the basis of the belief.

    Later, other peoples found their own explanation for the magical ability of a cat to have 9 lives. The amazing vitality of the animal, the ability to heal its wounds only fueled the faith of people.

    However, the origins of the belief remained in Ancient Egypt.

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