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  1. Viktor Palych answered this question well. Indeed, sometimes you are so imbued with a certain situation, book or movie (everything is happening less often now), or you fall under the influence of some person, that when you become yourself, with your worldview, behavior, habits, this is the only way to call “coming to yourself”. Well, if where you visited, there was a positive.

  2. This is a “bad” question. Like: “why am I afraid of a nightmare that I made up myself?…”. There is no such place – “from where”. There is no place – “in yourself”. Yes, and there is no way – “from where” to “into yourself”, either. What is there? There is a language that we hope to use to understand something…

  3. Examples of when we are “out of control”:

    • We watch an exciting movie, from which we can not tear ourselves away. We sympathize with the heroes. That is, we do not live here and now, but “there” and”with them”.

    With the curtain drawn, we return to our own lives, we can say “come to our senses”

    • We succumbed to a strong emotion, at a mega-star concert, at a mega-football game, got angry with mega-anger and spat out a lot of offensive words… and when the emotion ended, we returned to ourselves, and after an hour or two, we can experience this positive emotion after the match, concert, or we can regret the negative emotion of the scandal when we were not in ourselves.

    So – “be in yourself”, it's about self-control.

    And “being out of control” is when you're being manipulated. Good or bad feelings, people are actors, people are manipulators. And even in general-not people. ))

  4. You are asking a question that I have already answered. Ryoko Yokota Kenjin and Anatoly are one and the same person. That's why I can't answer the same question twice. Sorry, but it's true!!! With respect.

  5. First, it is not clear which “I” is meant: Body, mind, soul or the so-called true “I”? Let's assume that we are talking about the soul. Everyone is familiar with the expression “the soul has gone to the heels”. And if you can go to the heels, then you can go anywhere. The soul of scattered people often ” soars in the clouds.”

    I made a joke, now we can talk about something serious. In fact, the “I” is a person, an individual, an ego. Bright halo around the ” assemblage point “/ K. K. / Upbringing and education teach a person to fix the assemblage point in several places on the surface of the”cocoon”. Professional actors may have an order of magnitude more of these fixation points. These are so-called masks, models of behavior. Hypnotists move the assemblage point deeper into the “cocoon” to the so-called place where there is no doubt. Falling in love moves you to a similar place. Emotions of destruction move to the most terrible places of the “cocoon”, dreams to the strangest places.

    “Where do I come from when I 'wake up'?” From the above places, to the most familiar and comfortable position, where you feel like yourself.

  6. The state when you “come to yourself” is explained by the fact that at some point you go inside yourself, as if you are immersed in meditation and you are not watching your body as a soul. For a brief moment, you don't seem to be on your plane, but after that, you seem to come to your senses. In fact, you were meditating a little. That's all!!! With respect.

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