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  1. This is basically the 12th book of Metaphysics. Specifically about the connection between “Pervodvigatel” and “first heaven” – in the English-language tradition, this is section 12.1072 a; in the Russian translation of Kubitsky, which is divided into chapters differently, this is the beginning of chapter 7.

    Aristotle writes about the fact that the existence of πρῶτος oὐρανός (lit. “first heaven” or “higher heaven”) is logically necessary, and connects it with the Prime Mover, which is what drives the “first heaven”.

    ..the first sky can be considered eternal. Therefore, there is also something that moves him. And since that which both moves and moves occupies an intermediate position, there is something that moves without being set in motion; it is eternal and is essence and activity

    Later in the same book, 12 Aristotle describes the concept of planetary spheres in more detail.

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