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  1. Where does silence live? On the forest glade,
    Where the grasshopper sits deep in the thin grass,
    And lemon butterflies dance in the morning,
    And the clouds float and float above me…

    The crowns are lush the wind shakes slightly,
    Only it doesn't interfere with the silence at all –
    The silence that is around, the silence that is in me
    And the clouds float and float above me…

    Where does silence live? In the depths of old books,
    Old books that have reached us through the ages –
    And when the hand touches the page,
    Silence will sing like a healing spring.

    And our salvation at all times –
    Silence is the main luxury of the soul,
    We run away from the noise that is always false,
    To the places where he lives, where the silence lives.

  2. I admit this moment is so beautiful and silent.There are no questions, sorrows, and differences of topics.Where does silence live? Find out quickly, there on the flaming doors of the soul. Thanks.

  3. Where everything else is dead. Where even thoughts and emotions are silent. Where the rustle of a down feather sounds like thunder.
    Don't confuse the music of life, which can't be heard like ultrasound, with silence. Silence is death.

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