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  1. Do you want a completely unscientific and subjective answer? If we perceive our world as a 4-dimensional space, and time as a linear dimension (an infinite straight line), then for the object located in it, the past, as well as the predictable future, practically does not exist.

    All objects are in dynamics (even if they are at rest) relative to each other, the totality and complexity of interactions does not allow us to return to the so-called past. Even if we assume that it is possible to return to the past, then this past will become the present for the traveler. At the same time, such a “present” will become somewhat changed, this will affect the course of the future (including the part of the “past” that we missed during the “jump back”). After all, no one went back before the time traveler? This means that our desired point “X” has turned into the point “X+an event that didn't happen in the past”….

    With a certain degree of permissibility, it can be argued that the past remains. More precisely, it leaves traces: short – term (in the form of our memory, short-lived carriers of traces-records, documents, artifacts) and long-term (space objects or their remains, rocks, biological objects with a long life span). These traces record individual events of the highest intensity (chemical composition of the atmosphere and hydrosphere, radiation background, species composition of the biosphere, etc.)….

    And, do you want a “joke”? You are reading these words, and it means that for some time you have touched the past (my past, in which these words are written))))…

  2. β€œThe past is history, the future is a mystery and the present is a gift – that's why they call it the present. ” – (this student was Albert Einstein)*

    The past can't go anywhere, because it never existed.

    However, let's go first.

    Classical physics says that the past is the totality of all events that are the cause of the present and its state, because they occurred before it. The theory of relativity adds that in order to determine the present state and its past, it is necessary to first determine the reference system, but for the Newtonian model (read: at the everyday level) this is enough.

    In other words, the past from the point of view of physics exists only as a cast in the present. A good example is videotape: the past itself does not exist, but certain events have led to the fact that certain parts of the film today are magnetized in a special way and carry information that is quite understandable to a person – a record of graduation or New Year's Eve. Based on the current state of the film, you can draw certain conclusions about the past. And there are many such examples – relic radiation, carbon analysis, and archeology.Our memory works in much the same way, after all.

    However, the film may be damaged or edited, and the memory may fail or miss details. And here we come more to a philosophical understanding of the past. The philosophical past does not exist; it is fictitious, obtained through recording or some kind of memorization of events and processes, and therefore unreliable. If all records and evidence of the past are lost or destroyed, there will be no way to restore the past. If in a second the Universe disappears without a trace, then the entire past will disappear along with it, because there will be no carriers for the past.

    So the past, while being something intuitive, is not something contained in space or matter.

    But if you think about it, the present is also somewhat conditional. For example, it is physically impossible to explore the present. Even stable systems, as a rule, are quasi-stationary, that is, they have internal dynamics – and hence the past. The only thing that an experimenter can do is to isolate a particular purely theoretical, statistical, and to a certain extent synthetic state of this system and study it as part of that notorious past. Some states and particles exist for only a few nanoseconds, so that only experimental data – measurements, magnitudes, graphs – remain to be studied, again describing the past.

    Since the process of reacting to something itself takes some time, each of us lives a little in the past at every moment. What scared you, made you laugh, excited you, or made you angry doesn't exist anymore. Or it exists only in your memory. Well, sometimes on Instagram, if you're lucky.

    So it turns out that the past does not exist in the material sense, but this is all that we have. From both a philosophical and a strictly physical point of view, our existence is mostly a reflection. And to facilitate this reflection, we introduce the concept of the past, present, and future. These abstract concepts, but built on a logic that we can understand, allow us to calm the existential horror a little and structure what is happening and what has happened.

    1) the classic case when the author of a phrase is not known for certain, so it was not attributed to anyone. I originally put Winnie the Pooh (and, by extension, A. A. Milne) there, but it seems that this is also fake and he never said that. The classic case is ” this student was Albert Einstein.” Well, or a collection of golden quotes by Jason Statham – who likes what better.

  3. I will answer briefly and clearly.

    There are two theories about time-space.

    The first one says that we live in a three-dimensional space, and time is a parameter that changes this space.

    The second theory says that we live in a four-dimensional space, and in this space time is one of the dimensions, and therefore, any moment of the past and future are right now, but in a different coordinate of space.

    By the way, the majority of physicists in modern academic society adhere to the second theory.

  4. It is interesting to ask the question itself – whether a person is looking for a specific answer to the question from the point of view of existing science, then the answer by George Stepiko can be called the most readable and quite magnificent.

    If the question is asked from the point of view of an ordinary person, the answer will be much easier.

    There is physical evidence of the past-sculptures, paintings, buildings, etc., which, yes, show us that the past was. There is evidence of this.

    There is non-material evidence of the past – a person's memory, which stores, no matter where, no matter how images, information of past events.

    This past disappears with the death of a person, but some of it passes to a new generation in the form of stories of the previous generation, but in a very distorted form. How can a man tell his son the truth about himself, about what he has seen, without his own judgment? Of course not.

    That is, the past that was no longer there, because there is no carrier itself, and what is transmitted is distorted.

  5. If you ask this question from the point of view of philosophy, then I'm afraid there is no definite answer. It depends on the views.
    I personally like the theory that the past, present, and future exist simultaneously, and that time is static.
    Agree that if we consider the theory that time associated with space has a directed flow, then we will have to admit that there is no future yet, the past is no longer there, the moment of the present (the transition of the future (which is not) to the past ( which is not) is a fiction (division/multiplication of zero by zero).
    And then-either there is nothing, or such an idea of time is incorrect and, accordingly, there is everything. Here and now. At the same time. Both past and present and future.

  6. The past doesn't disappear, it becomes the present. The memory of the past “sticks” in your head, but it's just a trace, an imprint of your impressions received in the past. It is safe to say that the past is always in front of you, and you yourself – whoever you are – are the result of your own past. Time is a recurrent process of becoming the present as the future.

  7. St. Augustine wrote: that the past and future exist only in the present. That is, nothing goes anywhere. Time does not exist, and what we consider time to be is monistic deixis.

  8. with Kozyrev, this is also evident in scientific thought.

    There is no time. It moves only because of us.

    past, present, future, and all variations exist simultaneously out of time. The world is fundamentally One and constant.

  9. In our world, nothing disappears, otherwise everything becomes a meaningless and useless collection of material objects and immaterial substances.

  10. If you were told that you had died many times in one day… Then you probably wouldn't have believed it… Now allow that possibility. Along with a constant probability-adjusted recovery. Any restoration implies minor deviations from the original. Day-night… Day-night…Moreover, the night (Non-existence) has no length. So the very “film” appears, which in fact does not exist. And time (as well as movement) is only a consequence of the frequency nature of being, which pulsates and dies and is born again every moment. And the properties of our memory (which also goes through the cycles of birth and death) turns all this into a mythical time…

  11. I assume it doesn't disappear. A huge number of variants of our reality are developing further in their range of frequencies and dimensions. Time is still energy and the law of conservation, I think, should work.

  12. There are two theories of time: time is the present present moment, and the past is no more, and the future is not yet, i.e. there is only the present – it is a moving point in infinity; another understanding of time implies a certain time sequence, a kind of line consisting of separate moments of the past, present and future, but all moments exist independently of each other and always exist, i.e. the past – was, is and will be, the present – was, is and will be, the future was, is and will be.

  13. The past is gone – it's gone. There is no future – it has not come. There is only the present. And there is no time – people invented it solely for their own convenience.

  14. I think that both the past and the future always exist.Like on a magnetic tape in an audio cassette ..everything is recorded.We only observe the time that is quietly, slowly spinning in the “tape recorder”.All events that occurred …they are still happening..only in the past .There is always an opportunity to look both in the future and in the past, well, if you get access to the rewind function) This is my personal opinion, expressed on a simple collective farm option.I just came up with it and believed it. Who will mumble-immediately fax .Peace to all the world and chidah chibildoh chikibildah karchi !

  15. Physics uses the concept of 4-dimensional space-time as a single whole. There is no past or future. And there is everything at once. A person's life can be represented by a line in space-time-from birth to death. This so-called “world line” is tortuous, can be closed in places – well, a person walked in circles.

    The most interesting thing is that the world lines are closed along the time coordinate. Time travel!

    Modern physics theoretically allows the existence of such time loops. And there are 2 options.

    1) The “Novikov Principle” (Soviet physicist) suggests that a time traveler cannot change the present by his actions, since all his actions in the past are already reflected in the present.

    Well, I flew to Ancient Greece and told the natives how to build a nuclear reactor. As a result, the philosopher Democritus wrote a treatise On the Nature of Things, and the poet Lucretius Carus wrote a poem on atoms. AND THAT'S IT! These facts are known to every student. The present hasn't changed. Reality is eternal and unchangeable. Everything is predetermined.

    2) If my actions today affect my (and others') future, then reality (in the future) is changeable… my present is the future for those who live in the past. And my present depends (here and now) on the events of the past. For example, on which leg the philosopher Democritus gets out of bed in the early Greek morning πŸ™‚ Then it turns out that not only the future, but also the past is not predetermined! (Ouch!..)

    Why do we sometimes remember some long-ago event in our life, then forget about it, then remember it again? But because this event of our past now exists, then does not exist, then again exists. Reality changes continuously, the picture of world lines changes, they seem to vibrate. I wonder within what limits?

    Can it be that the vanished realities still remain in our consciousness? Like a memory shadow? Like weird dreams? Can some people, remembering these dreams and fantasies that came out of nowhere, describe them? Why are some literary works that tell about fictional worlds and fictional people so horrifyingly real?

    Something to think about… πŸ˜‰

  16. Quite a complex question. There is no past or future. There is a fix. Well…for example, you fixate on a certain moment in the past and imagine how it would be changed. And it changes, but it is located in a parallel reality, so you can change it as much as possible from another reality. I've been playing with this for a long time.

  17. How interesting!!! A second back is the past, and a second forward is the future.So there is basically no real one.A certain paradox of time.This coordinate is subject only to Eternity, with all the circumstances that follow from it, past joy..it speaks of future joy.But! It is not quite the ability to handle time that leads to disaster, both for a person and for society.

  18. Nothing disappears. If the past was disappearing, we'd still be living in caves.

    The past passes into the present. The present is the result of the development of the past. At the same time, the present passes into the past, being the basis for a new present, remaining in the new present as the past, in which all the rest of the past remains.

  19. Come on… what coordinates are there! Langoliers eat up the past. Completely with an appetite and without a trace. This has been known to every schoolchild for thirty years.

  20. The answer is hidden in the question. Time is a complex structure, multidimensional. And this topic is endless. But to the point. Today we write by visualizing time as a line. For example, today is 08.10.2020.. But time is a non-linear structure, unlike our flat-dimensional ones. To make it clearer, you need to record the time using the protractor protractor and degrees. For example, the birthday of Christopher Columbus is so many degrees relative to the virtual axis of the center of the world for us..Time does not visually BEND around, but changes the angle in relation to the observer. Perhaps, perhaps the shape of a spiral galaxy itself is the shape of the local time course in a given part of space.

  21. The entire existence of our universe is a flow of matter from one unreality-the future, to another unreality-the past. We perceive this as time. The real reality is the very moment when matter flows over the boundary between the past and the future. The duration of such a moment is most likely determined by the Planck value. The real existence of each elementary particle is only within the Planck time. After that, it disappears into the past at the speed of light, as if dissolving and filling space. But the place is never empty. And then another similar particle appears, but no matter how short the Planck time is, interaction with other particles is not excluded . Otherwise, there would be no evolution of matter.

  22. With the past, everything is as simple as mooing. It remains at its own coordinate – it is not difficult to establish this by registering any event. The past cannot disappear for the simple reason that it has certainly taken place. The definition of “it is” cannot be applied to the past for obvious reasons.

  23. The question is simple if you understand mirosnovy genera correctly. In the answers that swarm below, there are correct thoughts, but the concept of conclusions is incorrect. It's all about understanding what many people call time. Time for many people is a completely incomprehensible thing. But they think they understand him. Let them think…the Acadian sages are the same… Look, the world is one and it is different. That is, Female, but the Architect's GENDER. The one who gave his Image also gave the measure of the World, that is, the Bubble of Time for the World. Time is a bubble and once born, everyone in this World is in their own Time bubble. Understand, everyone has their own way. Therefore, time runs out for every object in this world…in your own way. Then what do you call the past? If for you time passes at a characteristic speed for you, then for another object all life is important – the squeak of a mosquito. For example, for mineral life. Inhaling the mineral lasts a week. That is, nine days ( I'm talking about the true week, not the claimed one) and accordingly exhale the same amount. The velocities of bubbles in the river of Time of other objects in this World are correspondingly different. You want to subordinate the World and Time only to your own perception of time, which is not the same even for people. And this is not surprising – you have only animated yourself, and you accept nature as inanimate. And this is fundamentally wrong, and those who after their Measure (death) will fall into nature ( that is, receive a Barter) as a dog, a blacksmith, an ant, a pubic louse, a jackal (everything depends on the” wealth ” they have found)…etc.will soon realize the truth. But let's go back to Time and the past. The speed of Time bubbles makes it impossible to merge the past. The conclusion is that the past cannot be shared and it should be considered only in a purely personal picture, because the message of the World is temporary and measured…immeasurable until its Time bubble bursts. I don't know how many people will understand this. .. Rodovichi should do it. They have channels for this. But… let's sum up – Going back to the past is impossible, since time is not constant for every object in the world…It is possible to return to one or another of your temporary Existence. I'll explain… Time as we know it flows. Now, look at the current river – when the current speeds up, bubbles form and are visible in it. Therefore, the bubbles of course copy this or that image. This or that event of your life. Bubbles in the river of Time copy your time bubble at one point or another. The river of time is always in the PRESENT… Draw conclusions…Who's up to this NA-S-THREE-N? All selections in words are hints…

  24. The past, future, and present exist simultaneously. The only difference is in pumping energy into these parameters of being – if you want to live in the past, you can simulate the events of the past, taking into account your desires. The present is more complicated – it's like being in a minefield, a step to the left, a step to the right lead to unpredictable results. The future is generally foggy – it is constantly affected by the energy of past and present events in a variable amount. The principle of the “dreamer” – the present and the past depend on the quality of fantasies, and, yes, they are all always available to everyone.

  25. In 2 words: Reality = Information.

    The future is a program, the present is a stream, and the Past is information that is collected, analyzed, and stored on a universal server. It's like a hard drive with files, from which we draw our knowledge, naively believing that this is all we invented and invented ourselves. Naturally, information tends to accumulate, which is why the universe is expanding. But someone manages the information – these are white (angels) programmers and black (satanists) programmers-hackers who try to change the code of programs written by the system administrator (God). As the server fills up with information, the antivirus software has to deal with “sick” files (death, black angels cleaners). And when there is too much junk and unnecessary information, GOD (the sysadmin) presses Reset and… the world is erased, a new simulation process is started. And it's called LIFE!

  26. Yes, I think it exists and it is fundamental, like the present and the future.

    In my opinion,all processes in the universe are prescribed and strictly cyclical, obeying a certain System.

    But perhaps these laws can be circumvented. I like the movie “The Langoliers”,a very interesting example.

  27. For example, when we live in the present, we are in a four-dimensional space where length, width, height and the last most basic flow of time are taken as the basis. The past is transformed into a five-dimensional space, where unattainable coordinates for us are drawn accordingly. We in the present perceive the past in a five dimensional sense that is a kind of deep and intricate pocket of the quantum world that is difficult to look into since we do not perceive this reality since we are in a four dimensional dimension.

  28. You're right about existing only in the Here and Now. But this is if we are talking only about the material world. Past and Future are nothing more than directions for thought from the Here and Now. The past, or rather a sequential chain of events, only allows us to realize the coordinates of the Present and assume the Future with some probability( similar to connecting a pair of points with a ruler and logically assuming an array of points further in the direction in 2D systems.). Rather, the Past forms a certain image depending on the point of view on it ( this is true, because the view reliably perceives only the surface). this image forms the Future in its own way….. and likeness( since consciousness has no other example of “successful” data array construction, it uses the image of the Past) . And from this point of view, the Past is a very distant Future, and in this coordinate system there is no Here and Now, there are countless points that are Here and Now for themselves. Past and Future follow each other, turning rings into spirals, spirals into megaspirals, mega into hyper, and so on, and all of this is stored at a single point called the moment in which to be Here and Now.

  29. The future has not yet arrived, and the past has already been, which means that the past already exists in another dimension. Time can be stopped if you live from year to year all according to the same rules and laws without changing them forever. And progress is an addition to a person's life.

  30. The concept of “past” itself is not entirely correct, but in the context in which this concept is voiced in the question, I would say that yes, it (the past) exists and remains at its inaccessible coordinate, called “time”.

    Just don't have to look at the world (past) like something discrete. More like something similar in meaning to quantum-wave dualism.

  31. The past, present, and future exist simultaneously. But, a person, once in the past, can not influence its events, because he is material only in the present. In the past and in the future, it cannot be material. In the past and future, he can get a phantom. For a person, everything is material only in the present. He can influence the future by doing something materially in the present. Sometimes people see phantoms from the past or the future.

  32. It remains at its coordinate, since time is only a cyclical movement of matter. In fact, time does not exist at all, only we can observe time, because we are in a state of infinite transformation of matter. If you go to the dark matter domain, then everything already exists there, both the past, present, and future. Previously, this area was called ether, but now it is called dark matter. It will probably be easier to explain on your fingers) We live in a dual world, female-male, plus-minus, forward-backward, up-down, particle-antiparticle. The same applies to time, if for us it moves in front, that is, the vector where it moves back, we only stand at the intersection of the present, where these two vectors intersect.

  33. You haven't tried to visit the library at least occasionally…I think you would have learned a lot of useful things there..Although what am I writing here?Have you ever heard the word library?

  34. The past disappears forever, the present carries the memory of the past and that's all. And who believes in falling into the past, that he believes in God or in Baba Yaga.

  35. Speaking of the concept of the past, one must understand that this concept exists insofar as there is a subject who perceives the surrounding, i.e., who receives the experience of existence and divides this experience into the one that has been acquired, the one that is being acquired, and the one that will be acquired. Whatever the past may be, it is always connected with the experience of the subject or subjects, if it is a collective past. There is no doubt that experience has an influence on the subject, and therefore the subject is in a state of constant change, constant movement, caused by the reaction to what is perceived and perceived. At the same time, the past does not disappear and will not disappear even if all the subjects disappear, because they themselves are the unity of the multitude that exists and existed even before the universe appeared. In the language of the most popular scientific cosmological model, it is the cause of the”Big Bang”.

    According to the Vedic system of knowledge, what we call information is one of the first (if not the first, primordial) cosmological essences, i.e., the force that caused the creation and existence of the universe.

    Here's what we can read in one of the most ancient texts on our planet:

    “The Great Legend of the Rulers”, book XII “The Book of Pacification”, part “The basis of Liberation”, ch. 182:

    “11. They call the original one intelligent, about whom the great teachers announced;

    He is the beginningless and infinite God, undivided, unfading, immortal.

    1. It is called the Unmanifested: Eternal, Inflexible, Imperishable;

    The creatures produced by him are born and die.”

    Ibid., ch. 232:

    “2. Having awakened from the beginning of the day, the Master creates a transitory world by the power of ignorance:….

    “25. Beginningless, infinite Knowledge, like a wondrous Word, was produced by the Self-existent One

    Originally in the form of the Vedas, from here everything unfolded.”

    Translated from Sanskrit by Academician Boris Leonidovich Smirnov.

    Similarly, in Egyptian cosmology, in the 57th column of the Memphis papyrus it is written:

    “Thus by this Word all souls were made and all beings determined.”

    Source: “Religion of ancient Egypt”, vol. 1.

    Translated by Olga Igorevna Zubova.

    We read the same thing in later Christian texts.

    The Gospel of John, chapter 1:

    “1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 It was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him, and without him nothing was made that was made. 4 In him was life, and life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overtaken him.”


    Unfortunately, in modern science, information theory is in a deplorable state and is not taken into account in cosmological models as a cosmological force, the energy involved in known physical interactions, despite the proposals of the Soviet mathematician Komarov.

  36. Then there is no space. We know that there are at least 4 dimensions in our world. On three we can move relatively freely, on the fourth we float like a raft on the river. If I'm in Moscow, I'm not in Africa. I can only find out through some channels-what is there. And channels can lie and show only what is already in the past, a second or a century ago, but the past is not there.

  37. We live in the present,and the future is determined by the past.All these three categories are united by the banal movement of matter.Want to go back in time-it's easy!?It is necessary to arrange matter in space in those places where it was in the desired past and voila, we are in the past.It is clear that this is not possible,no time machine can move such a mass.Fans of the space-time continuum,event horizons, and wormholes will find this difficult to understand.

  38. It is always with you, always in direct instant access and exists simultaneously with the future and present, and you need to create all of them loving yourself, and not forgetting to think well about others. This is all a single reality, you should first be interested in mathematics, otherwise there is no point in having an answer that you can understand.
    We are spoiled by the market (not to be confused with production) and technocracy (prosthetics of missing qualities), and the World is arranged differently, it is alien to it, there are different rules and freebies in the sense of taking something about the device that I have no idea and use, and even at someone else's expense, (read profit and not to be confused with salary) does not roll.
    And just because thoughts do not throw out as soon as you are somewhere got his thought, all the World does not ask anything, he hangs on your liability this level, you rule and how rabotaete and will to live, and if nedostatka structures of the mind and Dasha for you yourself have not created you died immediately.
    – There is no safe hotelok.

  39. Our past is recorded in the manifestations of the present. In the form of detection of relic radiation, in the form of genetic code, in the form of fairy tales and epics, in the form of religious beliefs, works of art, everyday objects, natural phenomena and everything that we live in and with. The present, changing the past, identifies stable entities and fixes them in a variety of ways for the coming present.

  40. The past for a person begins from the moment when he begins to remember and participate in the events that happened to him and were deposited in his head. This happens somewhere in 4-5years. Every morning, when a person wakes up, they go back to the past ( yesterday or further ) coordinating your current actions and making plans for the future. While a person is alive, this information is stored in his memory, but over time some of it is lost due to malfunctions in the brain department responsible for memory. But what happens to this information after the death of a person, perhaps no one will say for sure. Let's analyze the available sources. Let's turn to religion, on the 9th day the Soul leaves the body, perhaps with the Soul flies away and information about the actions of a person during life, which is analyzed ( but who is the big question ) and on the basis of this analysis, the Soul goes to Heaven or Hell. Further information about the past of a person is not viewed.

    Information from mass media 1) A 9-year-old girl died of a heart attack in Bashkiria during a physics lesson. After some time, a girl was born in Kazakhstan, who, as an adult, began to tell what her name was in her previous life and where she lived. After checking, the information was confirmed.

    2) In Africa, a grown-up Black guy described the location of furniture in the office of the President of the United States.

    If this information is reliable, then it can be assumed that some part of the information ( instinct ) is laid in the Soul of the newly born person and in case of a failure in processing, not all information is erased, but later it manifests itself in this way. This is the fruit of my fantasy about where a person's past goes.

  41. Not only the past, but also the future. Everyone was faced with foresight, predicting the future, for example in a dream. The probability of such an event tends to zero, but it is still common. Therefore, a person imagines a lot about himself at any time.

  42. My hypothesis is based on the fact that the physical body of a person is not yet the crown of his Nature.

    And since the human BIOFIELD is supported only by the MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF THE SUN-EARTH SYSTEM+WATER+AIR, then with the last exhalation, the dying person releases pairs of magnetic water, which is drawn into the NOOSPHERE of the LUMINOUS ETHER of the EARTH, where a person can live in his Memory.

    The past remains in the form of a Long-term Memory of Consciousness, both of an individual and of the entire social society of people. There is also a memory of all objects of both living and inanimate nature of the planet Earth and this Universal Memory is called the Noosphere.

    Also, the products of civilization also have their own energy field, created by the biofield of the people who created them and the internal structure of the relationship of atoms and molecules with each other.

    On the surface of the planet Earth there is an electrostatic electromagnetic field and in the body of all living things on the planet Earth and in all non-living objects there are their own energy fields. It is these energy-informational fields (Light Ether) that preserve the Past of everything on Earth.

    And this Miracle of the emergence of the Memory of Consciousness could arise only on Earth.

    So that I don't have to repeat myself, I've already answered in this way, so I'm giving you a link: https://yandex.ru/q/question/esli_soznanie_nakhoditsia_bukvalno_v_li_u_2460c27e/?answer_id=5a89653c-64f6-4355-9702-a42ef7397735#5a89653c-64f6-4355-9702-a42ef7397735

    Earth's air with water vapor is charged with the magnetic properties of Solar radiation and Planet Earth.

    It is this Magnetic Energy, entering the human lungs, that magnetizes the iron red blood cells, which magnetize all the internal water of the human body. Thus, the magnetic properties of the HUMAN BIOFIELD are maintained and it is possible to undergo chemical reactions and cold thermonuclear reactions to decompose and create new chemical elements, even those that a person does not receive with food.

    Be sure to read the article:

    The circulatory arterial-venous system (AVS), as a galvanic element-an electric field generator.


    After death, a person (as well as the living world of the Earth, plants, minerals, etc.) with its biofield merges into the general biofield of the planet Earth in the form of a separate noosphere, in which there is a Memory of the Past, but there is no Memory of the Present and no Memory of the Future.

    A person continues to live in the Energy of the Past Long-term Memory created by him. That is why here people meet their relatives, friends, loved ones and workmates, with whom they continue the creative work that they thought about in their physical life.

    A person at the Energy level lives in his Past . Acquires or does not acquire new knowledge in order to correct what he would like to correct. And try to build the world in which he would like to live.

    When the accumulated Past Energy of a person is dissipated, the person is reborn in the physical world according to the program of improved or not improved DNA.

    And so, in a series of births in the physical world, and then in the energy world, and again in a circle, a person improves or does not improve their physical and brain activity and energy capacity.

    Those who have understood that creation leads a person to the Level of the Creator, reaches, thanks to their hard creative work and physical exercises of the body, to health. And then, at the level of the Creator, a person is able to create a variety of plants and life on Earth.

  43. The question is asked precisely by the consciousness of the mind, which does not see reality as it is. The reason for this is not knowing the structure of the artificial world (this is not a fake matrix, a deception), where you need to clearly understand the external reality and reality in the mind's consciousness, because the interaction of one with another and the binding of phys.body bio with robot mind consciousness and lies the answer to the question.

    We all know that we perceive the external world and ourselves as a physical body through the organs of sight, hearing, smell, touch-this is the type of gadgets-perception sensors-that speak the current language. Then the information enters the consciousness of the mind, which is on the astral plane.

    Yes, the brain as a physiological body is just an intermediary between the body and the astral plane, because there are still devices that contact the spine, that is, with the spinal cord, as well as with other functional systems such as the skeleton, muscles, internal organs are they all synchronized or sometimes not ?But this is a different topic about sores and treatment and a healthy lifestyle.

    We are interested in the past, present, and future. From all of the above, we can conclude that the artificial world, like the person himself, is also artificial and this already leads you to think about the matrix type, but no, not the matrix, but the external control and steering of us through our consciousness and the external world with automatic steering synchronously in our minds. Sometimes there are technical failures in this world, those who have observed it know what I am talking about and do not intend to tell you in detail. And on the example , and a well-known saying, looks in to the nigu sees a fig, as well as in the movie and other information. That is, or does not understand at all, even Russian letters, or even reads and still does not understand and sometimes sees something ,but in the head/in the consciousness of the mind something is missing and the brow is simply in a dead end perception is, but understanding and awareness is stopped.

    In this way, we perceive the past, which was quite at the beginning of the cycle, not time, but a cycle, but we can only remember it abstractly (figuratively), that is, in the mind, but not live it again. Loops are a connection of logical chains-LOGIC, also called EVIL. If they are repeated, it does not mean that it is time flowing like a river. This is a river that can flow like this, but time does not, because it does not exist at all, there are cycles and cyclicity, expressed in the flow as a type of oop. The concept of time, a place of cyclical existence, has been deliberately dragged into our minds. Our pogo da is also cyclical and is expressed in 4 cycles per year, we managed to push time there, although the cycles can be stretched and compressed and this is normal. But what we are seeing may be a correction, not a reality. Because our world is artificial and is always controlled and adjusted not for us, but by us for their creators.

    We do not know the beginning and end of cycles, we were imposed type o carbon research, fornication in time, very successfully deceived. But when archaeologists find something in the ground, the same bones of giants or completely different people and traces of everyday life in different cults of life in genesis, while that becomes as far away as space, and things artifacts about it are not inclined to show us this.That is, a clear fusion of distortion in the minds, reality and its perception, moreover, en masse, as is done when mailing lists are made en masse-to everyone and at once. And not only in archeology (logic -logic), in science and religions, esotericism and other activities in the minds to play in fantasies and arrive in illusions, so to speak, to distract from the imposed tension, type about living difficult in movement and butting, sometimes for survival.

    Therefore, the past in physics is stupidly trampled not only by the forehead, but also by nature, which has the ability to reanimate. But, this is meant in our reality and its cyclical nature, which has a beginning peak and withering-end, then there will be a different theater and perhaps the same actors, but with different scenery, if we live and do not rebel, as the Atlanteans did and they were simply destroyed.

    In the minds of people's minds, I have already said, everything is simple there regarding the creators and their performers, the puppeteers, we can fragmentally close the memory when something happened in the type o in ancient times before the 16th century and other moments that there are not even records that explain anything. As if the film was cut out a fragment and glued together and went further. The same thing sometimes happens in our moment of being, but now it is done so carefully that everyone does not notice anything at all, even if they remember exactly how it was in their minds and not without the help of old photos, like the same giant trees and other inexplicable artifacts..

    The past remains in the memory database as a record we played exactly according to the script, with relatives in the theater to make a video recording and play it, you need to create a script, and watch in the memory of your subconscious, as much as you want.

  44. The past of humanity is preserved in the” collective unconscious ” of humanity, and it is not for nothing that this concept-“collective unconscious”-was introduced into use by not the most stupid people at that time.

    The “collective unconscious” of the Earth as an individual object, of the Solar System-also as an individual object-is undoubtedly preserved somewhere, by the Absolute, the Creator, God-whatever you want to call it.

    Another thing is that Earth's “scientists” have no idea about this, and are unlikely to have any idea about how it happens.

    If only because we have not yet “agreed” definitively on what information is.

  45. The trouble is that people do not correctly imagine the world in which they are! That's how most people think-the world is a kind of empty volume, in which there are some balls, waves and other “matter”! Between the “balls” there are such strings, with the help of which they interact. And the most important misconception is that there is only “NOW”. This is a child's understanding! The world is not like that! The world is a software simulation! The one who perceives it is always ALONE!

  46. If we accept as true the statement that the development of the Universe goes along a spiral plane, then in the adjacent plane from the reference point ( the present ) there are corridors both to the past and to the future. If a person moves in one direction or another, then he cannot exist in these places without material support. From this we can conclude that the past and future are MATERIAL!.

  47. Not only that, but if there are predictions about the future, then it already exists. Apparently, there is still some dimension that will never be found and studied.

  48. There is no answer to this question. No, there are arguments about how not to be, but there is no answer.No one on Earth has yet answered the question of what Time is.There is a huge amount of reasoning,you can even see the number of answers and comments Here,see the number of understanders,thinkers.But so far, NO ONE has clearly defined,said,or imagined what Time is.Both physicists and lyricists, philosophers and mathematicians are trying to get out of the gray depths of time.Even in religious doctrines, there is no answer.Although there is a hint.In particular, in the Christian doctrine there is a mention of the state of timelessness, i.e. when there is No Time.

    As for me personally, unlike most responders and commenters, I believe that both the past and the future exist simultaneously, i.e. The universe is ALWAYS there, at any given time.The transition from Cause to Effect is only a point of observation, of consciousness, of reference.I understand that it's not clear,but I did it.It's like with Logic,there is a flat logic,and there is a spatial-multi-level one.And multi-level constructs do not fit into a planar consideration,but this does not mean that they are not correct or they do not exist.Similarly, time, its understanding does not fit into the ideological rationo-construct of the modern understanding of the universe .And I'm afraid that you can't do without religious crutches here.Well, no one in the entire history of Mankind has said anything intelligible about Time.

  49. I really like Stephen King's version of the Langoliers eating up a dying past. I like it, but I don't believe in it.
    Sometimes (not often) I don't think there's time. It is always with us-both the past and the future, but we cannot perceive it in its entirety, our brain knows it in parts.

  50. The past doesn't exist.

    By and large, there is no such thing as the present. The moment of awareness of the present is similar to the principle of our perception of the image in the TV-on the screen there is only a running point of different intensity of glow, but the property of human vision and “operational memory” of the brain sees a whole picture, creating the illusion of a certain duration of the present, in which we constantly stay. But even this present exists only in our consciousness, and we need additional witnesses to make it objective. They can be either other people who verbally or in writing describe what happened, or recorded consequences that occurred, material media or instrument readings that clearly indicate in favor of the event of interest to us.

    If the events were not recorded immediately, then they can be described from memory, but there are two problems here. Firstly, human memory is imperfect, selective and biased; secondly, there can always be a reason that forces the “chronicler” to deliberately distort what is described, either for selfish reasons or under the pressure of external circumstances.

    As for the readings of devices, various information carriers and artifacts, the deeper we look into the past, the fewer they become, and the more difficult it is for us to unambiguously interpret what happened, the contours of which are becoming more and more blurred.

    Eventually, the past becomes just as probabilistic as the future. Both become the basis for fantastic or scientific-historical plots, interpretations and various alternative versions.

    The situation with the past is similar to the effect of the observer in the experiment with two slits: as long as there is a fixation of the fact of the electron passing through a particular slit, either by the consciousness of a particular observer or by the device tuned by him, we have an unambiguous fixation of the event that took place, the fact. As soon as the monitoring of the process is stopped , we only have a probability distribution of possible options.

    Based on this, the only “available coordinate of the past” is our own consciousness and confirmed, recorded and stored fates.

    And everything else is from onion..

  51. Past is a word. For everyone, this word is filled with its own meanings and impressions of past events. It is there. What for? They say: to live in the future, you must remember the past. It lives in you and wakes up when you remember it. Since the past is a word, it is related to other words and can be described in words…

  52. Strange as it may sound , the Present (the time “in which we live”) does not exist.

    Because every moment instantly flies into the past. And we can only reflect on what has ALREADY happened (i.e., is in the past)…

    So: In fact, there is no past, no “present”, and even more so, there is no future… These are all just mind games.

  53. there is only the present. the past goes away and it is only in memory, on photographs and videos, human memories, on paper. and no more than that. the future also doesn't exist until it occurs in the present. that is, it is necessary to live up to it. where we turn, it will be so. but there are also things that are not accessible to humans. this is fate and providence. the impact on the past of these two things is not noticed. but they definitely affect the future.

  54. and let's think about what time there is for us?..

    here's my answer :

    Time is a memory,

    Memory is time.

    If there is no memory.

    then there is no time,

    all AT ONCE!

  55. Time has one direction: from the past to the future. Attempts to prove the possibility of time reversibility, or its absence, have not yet been crowned with success. The past no longer exists, I would like to say that it remains in our memory, but we can't even remember it objectively, we are always building some alternative worlds. Each historian has his own version of the past. So there are potential worlds – our supposed future, there are actual worlds – our lived present, and there is the past, like a museum of being, from the exhibits of which we will still not be able to restore this past in full. Rather, we will build something new from the wreckage of the old. What's gone is gone… But you should not grieve here, because there is an endless, beautiful future.

  56. I am certainly not a physicist, and not a scientist, I would try to answer a little from the other side, at this second, I raised my hand, MADE a physical movement, thanks to which there were some changes in bodies in space, rearranged the circle, shifted the sheets.

    Some energy was released, and some energy was spent. And to SAY THAT IT DOESN'T EXIST is utter nonsense.. energy expended ? energy produced ? have the masses changed their location ? yes.. this means that this action currently exists. But a second has passed and this action is ALREADY past.. If the past does not exist or disappears, if the action and interaction of energies should not exist or disappear, are you saying that a second ago I did not move the circle ? didn't raise your hand, move mass, waste energy, or produce any other type of energy and activity ?

    there is a reference point, a coordinate point, and this action remains at this coordinate point. Someday someone will be able to create a technique that can move around such reference points..First purely visually, and then possibly physically.. who knows?.

  57. The vulgar no longer exists, but it constantly takes revenge on the present for what it considers nonexistent.A person keeps in his memories only what was good. And the bad takes revenge on the present

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