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  1. From a religious point of view, the soul is the spiritual substance that supports our body. The soul is a part of the Supreme, which must prove its loyalty to the Creator through the physical shell (it receives a reward or is cut off from Him). This is what Kaballah says.

  2. The soul is an information system that manifests itself in the feelings (desires) of the body in the process of executing the program of the genetic code.(Life).

    Our mind is originally designed to satisfy the desires and demands of the body created by the program of the genetic code.

    The desires formed by the DNA code are called soul desires and serve to build an organism, maintain it, nourish it, preserve itself, and rewrite the program of the genetic code to build a new organism.

    The main difference between soul desires is that they are unconscious, while there are also spiritual desires-conscious.

    Fulfillment of mental and spiritual desires is rewarded with a sense of pleasure through the production of neurotransmitters that generate a sense of pleasure. These are dopamine, serotonin, and so on.

    The soul appears at the moment of the appearance of the first cell of a new organism-the zygote and actively influences human behavior until the end of its childbearing activity.

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