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  1. Buddha-translates as aware, conscious, perceiver.
    Therefore, be conscious, attentive, and go back and forth-why do you need to? This is not a fan club, you can't save your soul for joining the team.
    What are you looking for? Do you think that Buddhists magically get preferences in the next world? No, no and no. You behave consciously, you are clear in mind and conscience, you see deeply the processes of awareness and reaction-so you are a Buddhist.
    To clean the intestines-you do not need to change the cross to the pestle. To clear your mind, too. You don't have to join the toothpick sect to brush your teeth.
    And you can keep whatever religion you want, if your leaders allow it.

  2. A serious study of Buddhism is best for a Russian-speaking person to start with the books of Evgeny Torchinov.

    They will form a good enough taste to choose the one that will be closer in spirit from the variety of Moscow centers.

    Conversion to Buddhism does not require any special procedures for renouncing Christianity. You simply accept the new teaching and start living according to it.

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