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  1. The question largely boils down to definitions. In the absence of a broad consensus on the words “intelligence” and “life,” the question can be asked solely to gather opinions.

    Let's say that intelligence is the thinking that people have. In other words, artificial intelligence must demonstrate intellectual abilities that are at least indistinguishable from human ones. Such AI is not and is not expected yet, and maybe never.

    If life is defined as something that the methods of biology apply to, then the mere existence of AI will not make it alive. Now, if we put it in some artificial bodies that will copy themselves, making mistakes at the same time, that is, evolve – then yes, it will be life in the biological sense.

    But in a more philistine sense, where life is synonymous with thinking, life is something that can be interrupted – yes, of course AI will be alive.

  2. The facet is very simple – it is a way of origin. It should be noted that test tube people are also people, because although the method of appearance is different, the method of origin is the same.

    Any attempt to find the answer “depending on the definition” shows a lack of intelligence. As intelligence is not defined, the boundaries vary widely depending on the individual characteristics of a particular person or a particular AI and quite often coincide.

    AI is not a living thing, because the nature of its origin is artificial. It is created, not born. Thus, it is incorrect to call AI a living being.

  3. The difference is that the AI cannot set itself an end goal, it is set to it, and it cannot even take it critically. The intermediate one can, but the final one can't.

  4. The main indicator of a person – the level of development of their Knowledge, Skills, and Understanding – in this direction, AI has already surpassed a person very significantly, but so far in some areas of life.

    The indicator “being alive” is given to a person by Nature, in the future a person” very successfully “destroys his health and soon becomes “minimally alive”. Cockroaches and germs are also alive…

    AI is still partially and conditionally alive, alive in some respects.

    Man is in many ways a biorobot, with far from brilliant intelligence.

  5. AI by definition has no human needs

    and the emotions that accompany these needs.

    And there is no need for AI creators to embed such features in it.

    needs and emotions.

    Also, there is no need to create such AI that

    they will create other, unpredictable AI's themselves.

    Therefore, AI cannot become self-sufficient

    and rise above humanity.

    But AI is already being used as a component of heavy weapons,

    in drones, ground, surface, and underwater combat robots.

  6. It all depends on your perception of “living people”.

    If you think that we have free will, then there is nothing in common between us and AI. AI can't do anything that the developers didn't put in it, it just has a lot of algorithms, no abstract thinking, just logic.

    On the other hand, determining the presence of free will is not an easy task, so you can easily move into the camp of those who believe that a person does not have any special intelligence. It's just that the algorithms we use are much more complex than those found in modern AI. Making them feel is also a difficult thing, because to do this, you need to know exactly how we do it. For such reasons, we and AI are one and the same progressive jpeg, that is, it differs from us only in the level of development.

    But we will be able to choose with a hundred percent result only when we know our essence (perhaps never). And if we can make an AI that is so sophisticated and intelligent that it can imitate a person in such a way that we believe him, then we will prove the second option (where we do not have free will). Option one (where it exists) there are no options to prove it at all, since it is not clear what it is at all.

  7. A person is not only a developed intellect. There is also the emotional and spiritual sphere, and consciousness – the ability to reflect and experience events in the external world, and understanding the boundary between the Self and the NON-Self. These qualities are only partially given to us from birth, but they are also formed in the process of upbringing and socialization. And they are inseparable from intelligence and the entire biology of the body.
    What is now called artificial intelligence is just a device for solving logical problems. They don't have emotions, they don't have desires, they don't set goals for themselves… They are still a long way from being human.

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