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  1. Read Plato's The State. It is impossible to read Aristotle, because his works were written for his colleagues, not for the masses. Try reading “Aristotle for All” or some textbook on philosophy.

  2. If in English, then Guthrie is best. History of Greek Philosophy, volumes 4-6) and W. D. Ross. Aristotle). These are the best books written about Plato and Aristotle, perhaps in general.�

    If in Russian, then the choice is smaller and much worse. “Aristotle” by Zubov. “Poetics of ancient philosophy” by T. V. Vasilyeva. The first volume of the History of Greek Philosophy, edited by M. Kanto-Sperber (it is better to start with him).�

    And in any case, do not read Losev. I say this separately, because there is an opinion that he is a great expert, at least in Plato. That's not true. Reading what Losev writes about Plato, you can very thoroughly understand Losev, but in Plato.

  3. From ancient philosophy, to understand Its periods, to understand what follows who is a disciple to whom, and who is a friend and what is the truth, about the concept of “ethics”. From specific works, I can recommend Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, Plato's The State, and Socrates ' Apology

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