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  1. Level 1, entry level:

    Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Christopher Hutchins, Sam Harris

    Level 2, Advanced:

    Evgraf Duluman, Vladimir Pozner, Alexander Osipov

    Level 3, the mark of truth:

    Alexander Nevzorov, Marilyn Manson, Larin,�Nikita Dzhigurda

    Level 4, the path of non-pseudonymous gnosis (there is no hope of returning here):

    Top Russian YouTube, Blue whale, public “Atheist”

    Level 5, Oh �Ḽ ḽ ȴ Ꮭ £ – ₭ Ꮶ Oh Ḽ ḽ ȴ Ꮭ £ Ꮑ Λ๖ۣۣۜM – ℳ ”*°★ I – padAUSA good luck W good luck B ҉ E ҉ Zd ҉ A

    The film “to Kill bloggers”, a song by Valery Leontiev, heard in обратнØм напрåвленииКОПАТЕЛЬОНЛ██АЙНМОЙБОГМЕНЯРАБØМН█░░██ENM░░ЗЫВåЛЧЧЧЧЧ4Ч4Ч44ЧвирунытупыеРелигия выдуманадляуправлениястадŏмдебиловбоганет███наукадŏк█rubbed


  2. My friends and I like to discuss the astral destinies of Russia, and we have a universal and uncontested love for Alexander Nevzorov (some for their current merits, some for their past ones). But there are other interesting and multi-faceted personalities, with the activities of which someone may not agree, but I think it is important to mention them.

    First of all, this is professor, philosopher, sociologist, political scientist and translator Alexander Dugin. It has a lot of contradictory (in my opinion) concepts and ideas in its arsenal, but in narrow circles it is popular, exceeding Nevzor's many times!

    The opposite of Dugin can be called a political strategist and publicist Stanislav Belkovsky. He expresses interesting things on the Dozhd TV channel as the chief specialist of his own program.

    In contrast to Nevzorov himself, I will mention Protodeacon Andrey Kuraev. He has his own opinions about religion, which quite often disagree with the official opinion of the Orthodox Church. For this, he once fell into disgrace, but he did not change his views.

    But in fact, it is interesting to listen to those characters who have a lively own position and are not afraid to express it. Sometimes you can listen to both Vitaly Milonov and Nadezhda Poklonskaya, if only as a breath of fresh air.

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