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  1. I will now make a risky assumption and say that conscience is an innate mechanism. Yes, the specific manifestations of this mechanism are the result of learning, but the ability to learn an inner moral sense is innate and should also be inherent in monkeys. We know that they, like us, have a theory of mind, they can predict the reaction and behavior of their relatives, and therefore can assume a reaction to their behavior. Conscience is the desire for collectivity, multiplied by the understanding of what will not be approved by the team and brought up in the field of forecasting – I do not wait until I am brought up from the outside, but I bring myself up from the inside.

    If my hypothesis is correct, then this construction must be older than the concept of god, which is definitely not present in animals and whose innateness is unlikely.

  2. Every person and every society on Earth since ancient times had their own concepts of what is “good” and what is “bad”. Complexes of moral principles containing universal values were formed on one simple basis: “don't be an asshole.” Which then migrated to world religions, taking shape in more detailed rules of behavior (the same 10 commandments).

    So first of all, there was a conscience.

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