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  1. Happiness is a spiritual comfort, an opportunity to live as you want and do what you want :-)))) “no way without freedom.

    On the other hand, there are examples of a happy life in prison or a concentration camp-only a few manage it and it depends on the attitude to what is happening around them, but it is better to do without such extreme sports.

    Happiness and freedom are determined by one thing – the choice of a particular person.

    By happiness and freedom, each of us means different things :-))))

  2. Definitely happiness. Moreover, freedom for some people is just a threat to happiness. Freedom is a burden that you still need to be able to carry in order to be happy. Many people consciously choose not to be free and are happy with it. And by the way, “happiness” and “freedom” – the concepts are too broad, you can mean completely different things by them.

  3. For me, there can be no happiness without freedom. Why? Yes, because there is no happiness when we are forced to do something. You can give a simple example. Most people work where they don't want to work (this is NOT freedom), but nevertheless, when a vacation comes and they go on trips, their eyes become happy(this is freedom). It follows that there can be no freedom without happiness. Something like that…

    Well, in general, we can say that there is no freedom at all. According to one hypothesis, our world is programmed to repeat the same thing. That is, I may not be writing this text for the first time and you may not be reading it for the first time either. So freedom is quite a relative thing.

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