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  1. Without the present, there can be no past , the past is 1 second ago .
    Without the present (as a self-updating report point ), there will be no future .Everything is interconnected .
    And the most important thing is what you are doing right now , you are alive, you have a choice ( sometimes minimal, for example, prisoners), but this choice decides your present past and future .

  2. Time consists of three categories: past, present, and future. Depending on the situation, the past and / or future may be important, but the most important category is the present. The present is the here and now; no one knows what will happen in the future, because it is unpredictable.

  3. “By and large, you just need to live in the now, and not in an imaginary yesterday and not in an imaginary tomorrow. Then all our terrible emotions won't have a place to be. After all, everything happens because someone has ALREADY offended us or is ABOUT to offend us, so we constantly force ourselves to live in the past or the future, and both exist only in our head. As soon as we realize this, life will change dramatically and we will be freed from the influence of emotions on its course” (Boris Grebenshchikov)

  4. Let's rephrase the question a bit . what is more important than the real or the unreal ? I think any hedgehog understands that the present is the present , there is nothing to think about. the present is the present it is more expensive and better and better and softer and warmer and kinder and kinder etc. and yesessno it is more important . another thing is the question of what is more important than the past or the future, many people start to confuse, including my dear and very respected ones, ” … any hedgehogs …” . although it seems to be very simple . you have to be a hero and not,, … a potato … “or,, … dill … “or,, … radish … “that is, do not lie, do not hide the truth . and if the truth is that every hedgehog knows that the past was terrible for all of us and the future is waiting for us all beautiful . that is, the main thing is that there is a future and it doesn't matter what kind of future it is . nothing terrible as the thread will break through . , Our cause is just , the enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours . ” returning to the question what is more important than the past or the future since we have already found out about the future that we do not care what it is the most beautiful future will be so the past is still more important .

  5. The past and present exist only in our consciousness. And really only “now”. It is real for our consciousness of course. Because as we have already found out, the past and present do not exist in reality, and therefore the concept of time also loses its meaning. What are we going to measure for them? Therefore, there is no now either. Because now it's between the past and the future, isn't it? But there aren't any. There is only never. In the sense that it is a space that our consciousness can fill with some “past”, “present” and”future”. I hope that I will push you with my answer to decide what is more important

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