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  1. I think that both words are equally lame, because “bro” is a relic of the 90s-early 2000s, authorities, gopniks, and so on. And ” bro ” flooded the Internet at a time when “vanilla” and vanilla publics were in fashion, but girls were more involved in them, and boys came up with publics like “brother for brother”, “ziga, bro” and so on,full of quotes with the words “brother”, “bro” and pictures with wolves, cars and gopnik. Both words were used by idiots.

  2. it's not that it's worse. In certain circles and situations, I can use “bro”, “bro”, “braza”, “bro”, ” bro ” and much more.

    the point is with what thoughts to say it. if you say “bro”, “brother”, or something else, respectively, meaning this or that person, which was mentioned above dear´┐ŻNADIA Lentz, and, of course, their respective attitude to them, then this is certainly flawed.

    but if you say it just for the sake of the fact that the word itself is already incredibly over-digested, and thus emphasize that in fact now it will not be about serious things or most likely will be full of banter.

    I'm xs. only my opinion on this matter)

  3. And in addition to the previous comment, I'll just leave this here:

    “Brother, my hands are cold.

    “Here you go, brother.

    “It's your dick, brother!”

    “It's warm, warm your hands with it.”

    “Thank you, brother!

    I don't think there's any need for extra words.

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