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  1. And I do not know what name is generally accepted. For example, it is generally accepted that Crimea is ours or Crimea is not ours.

    Is it common to get married or live in a civil marriage? Is it common to have children in these troubled times?

    People in general often consider different things to be generally accepted.

  2. I cannot agree with the fact that philosophy refers to reasoning about what does not really exist, and the justification of the need to produce opportunities for the harmonious cooperation of beings and entities that have somehow formed in the universe is not of interest to any authoritative philosopher.

  3. I understand that the opinion may seem cynical, but I do not agree with the fact that it is necessary to arrange a funeral.�

    I don't see anything good in the fact that people are even more depressed by the cemetery,the funeral music,the coffin,the ceremonies…all this looks somehow dishonest, theatrical

    And in general, it is more pleasant to remember a person alive and happy than how you have to see him at a funeral.

  4. I've read so much here, and you can draw disappointing conclusions from the answers written above. Russian people are being degraded, culturally speaking, to put it mildly. Everything is being degraded, and it is sad to know that we have entered the 21st century with such a legacy. And these people will have children who will absorb most of the views, it's time to grab your head and dig yourself a dugout in the taiga.

  5. A ban on voluntary withdrawal from life or the right to dispose of it. Many states cannot provide everyone with a more or less normal life, rights in some countries are respected only formally, someone does not have enough budget to provide for the affected person, and society does not care about anyone's problems. But many agree that forcing someone to live is something that is a priori merciful (especially in countries where justice is present only in fairy tales or formal texts).

  6. For me, the absurdity of the generally accepted rule of drinking alcohol at a wedding, for health, at a corporate party has now become obvious, at a time when alcohol is the main cause of divorces, illnesses and layoffs from work…

    1. A woman should depend on a man.

    2. Mandatory presence of a child in the family.

    3. Spending fabulous amounts of money on weddings, corporate events, commemorations, etc.

    4. The woman should be the hostess, and the man should work. In short, the distribution of responsibilities based on gender characteristics.

    5. There should be a leader in the family.

    6. The list goes on and on…

  7. Many people believe that in this life you really owe something to these many, although, in fact, this is a personal matter for everyone.
    Many moms and dads believe that their children should live up to their expectations, politicians believe that young guys should “pay their debt to the motherland”, teenagers believe that adults should hear them, society believes that you should obey the general rules of imaginary morality.�
    This lifetime debt depresses me, and I very much disagree with it.

    1. Reformation. I don't see anything wrong with a person working at the age of 40 as a janitor, handyman, housewife or kindergarten nurse, if he is comfortable.
    2. Humans are just ordinary animals, with their own instincts. I think that we, with our developed brains, have long outgrown this milestone in order to reflect on what a particular person wants, thinks and does according to certain social and physiological characteristics.
  8. With the institute of tips, combined with the salary. Either one or the other. There is something libertarian about tipping itself, but in this case there should be no imposed standards (“at least 15%”)

  9. 1. ” You can't be cremated, it's not Christian.” Why are there so many problems with body burning? Maybe I hate the idea of rotting in the ground.

    2. City/All-Russian mourning for the victims. Why should I care about the deaths of people I don't even know? Why paralyze an entire industry because of this, which is causing losses?

    3. Working remotely is not serious.�

    4.”You must have a car.” Of course, it's my DREAM to be stuck in traffic…

  10. In general, it is difficult to find things that are shared by absolutely everyone. But if we talk about the most common ones….

    1) A person should always be neatly dressed.

    I don't agree. In many cases, it is obvious that no one will really care about how a person looks, especially if it is not ironed underwear or a small hole somewhere on the shirt. And if in such situations the person himself does not care about this, then let him dress as he wants, without significant excesses, of course.

    2) Deviations from the litnorm in a person's speech are a sign of low culture.

    Absolutely not necessary.

    3) There is no friendship between a man and a woman.

    Just a misconception.

    4) In life, you need to be tough, fight against everyone, “be able to spin”.

    It's just unpleasant and quite alien to me.

    5) If you do not go to university on the spot, it means that you will lose a year, and this is very bad.

    It doesn't make sense. Why is the year immediately lost? You never know how it will be held? Okay, if you graduate from a university a year later, what's so deadly about it?

    6) Wearing socks under your sandals is a sign of bad taste.

    I don't understand it at all.

    7) You need to give a birthday gift that would correspond to the value of the gift given to you on the other hand.

    Nonsense for me. A gift for something and a gift that it is simply given without any obligations.

    8) There is no smoke without fire.

    Yes, it does.

    9) You need to be a patriot of your city, your country.

    You can,,but don't need to. No one has to be a patriot.

    10) Friendship and love on the Internet does not exist.

    Just a misconception.

    11) A woman should cook, a man should earn money.

    No one owes you anything. People live as they feel comfortable.

    12) The world is going somewhere, now it's going crazy and bursting at the seams.

    Rubbish. The world is going its usual way, we do not even live in the most critical time, probably.

    13) The main thing in family relations is respect.

    Not for me. For me, the main thing is love. Respect is a necessary but insufficient attribute that leads to love.

    14) No one can be persuaded of anything.


    15) If you argue hard about something, it means that it hurts you personally.

    Not always.

    16) Philosophy – meaningless reasoning.

    There is a clear lack of understanding of what philosophy is.

    17) Scientists speak an abnormal abstruse language.

    It's just that you're not proficient in the terminology or didn't understand the topic. Or both.

    18) If a person is actively studying at school and spends most of his time studying, he is a nerd, and this is bad.


    19) Questions about the universe, the universe are asked from idleness.

    Misconceptions. They are set because of an internal need.

    20) There is no point in studying something that will not bring practical benefits.

    There are people who need to know for the sake of knowing. For them, this is already a practical benefit.

    21) To go to a psychologist or psychotherapist is a weakness and it is pointless.

    Nonsense. The need for the help of a psychotherapist is similar to the need for help in the role of a doctor, surgeon, ophthalmologist, etc.

  11. I disagree with the increase in prices and low wages (I think everyone disagrees), with the inability of creative people to realize themselves in our country (for example, artists-why there are so many Russians in foreign game companies and post-production of films), with the widespread intolerance towards minorities and the perception of them as aggression.

  12. I don't understand why people need fashion and beauty standards. No, why fashion is needed by its legislators is clear. And for those who follow it, why?�

    Why do people choose clothes not that they like, but that they have already chosen for them? Why read the Mayakovskys, Yesenins and others only when everyone suddenly started talking about it? Why not at school or whenever you feel like it? What kind of fashion cult is this? No, seriously, 30 years ago you would have heard ” Wow, flared jeans, you look so cool!”, and now “God, flared jeans, what a freak you are!”. And who came up with these sleeveless tulle shirts that are now flooding all the fashion stores? I bet in 10 years their owners will also be called freaks? And what is this fashion for whining on the topic “I'm mediocre, I fucked up the summer, I'm stupid a la bread, I'm scary, no one likes me”? How infuriating such whiners are. Instead of this snot, it was already possible to move mountains a hundred times. And if you're lazy and don't want to roll anything, then don't whine. Everyone has a choice of doing something or not doing it. And here's this snot.. well, why?

    But this is the “perfect figure”, “6 cubes”, “breast size 3”, “no fat on the thighs”. Why do you need beauty contests? Why do people need these standards? After all, they begin to hate their body, even if they look attractive even with a little fat. Beauty is subjective and someone's personal ideal of beauty should not be turned into a global standard.

    You know what's even funnier? Each of these fashionable cultists thinks that he is not like everyone else. And if you dress differently, read different books, and think differently, you won't be different from everyone else. You'll be a freak, an outcast from the same-minded sect.

  13. I hate the fact that people with their own view of the world/point of view are trying to make an outcast and such people are trying to make crazy (Ala “Woe from wit”)

    1. Patriotism.�

    To love a country just because you were “lucky” to be born here is stupid to me.�

    1. Spirituality.�

    First of all, I do not know how it is measured. Where is its edge? What can I do and what can't I do? Secondly, why is it needed at all? In order to look better in front of “decaying” colleagues from the West?�

    1. The need for a family.�

    Seriously, seven billion people, the numbers are just getting bigger. Why else would I fit in there? And to have children for the sake of a glass of water in old age is pure selfishness.�

    1. Respect for your elders.�

    I don't have to respect a person just because they were lucky enough to be born earlier than me. This is a relic of the past, and now it is worth respecting a person for his merits, not age.�

    1. Be proud of a story you have nothing to do with.�

    Everyone likes to attribute to themselves the merits of scientists, doctors, rulers on the basis of the fact that they are one nation. That is, when a person says: I am proud that we defeated the Nazis/fascists/synanthropes.�

    1. Weddings, anniversaries, and holidays.�

    It is not necessary to spend them with great luxury, so as not to look in front of other suckers. You don't have to drink yourself blue in the face.�

    1. Believe in God.�

    When I was asked about this, everyone was surprised when I said that I was an atheist. Everyone said that you need to believe in him, otherwise He will punish you. To believe in God only out of fear of Him, or for the sake of gaining benefits after death in the form of Paradise, is hypocrisy.

  14. It is strange, of course, that no one has yet mentioned the topic of banning light (at least) drugs. Let's not sing old songs about what is more harmful – alcohol or thc, and what system is behind this ban, although the story is extremely idiotic. But, I think that this is a banal violation of the human right to choose the way to spend your free time. The image of a basement heroin addict that everyone who ever tries “those terrible drugs” should come up with is as far from the truth as the fact that if you drink a glass of wine at dinner on a Friday, then you'll end up pissing yourself on a homeless man at the train station, shooting money for hawthorn.

    And all this goes much deeper, bans on conducting research on the effects of psychotropic substances, such as mdma, on the human psyche ,on his consciousness. When they weren't banned yet, there were amazing results, people overcame terrible post-traumatic syndromes in a few sessions and many other interesting things.�

    Of course, all this smacks of conspiracy theory (in addition to the financial component and the huge mass of employees and intelligence agencies working in the field of drug control, who will be out of work), because this war began just in the heyday of hippie culture and at the same time the Vietnam War. And as we all know, a person who has ever tried LSD will never go to war to kill.

    1. You need to be successful.

    Who needs it? Your wife, your parents, or anyone else? But it's fine for me to be a loser.

    1. You need to think positively.

    Brrrr. The word “positive” is disgusting and marginal in itself. And melancholy is often a pleasant feeling that helps you understand yourself.

    1. Motherland, duty to the Motherland, patriotism.

    I was, am, and will continue to be a cosmopolitan. Trite, but the borders were invented by uncles who benefit from this. About the fact that I owe something to the country just because I was lucky/unlucky to be born at a particular time in a particular place – here I do not say anything at all. Accordingly, I have no right to feel proud of the achievements of Dostoevsky, Gagarin, Barclay De Tolly, because I did not put my hand to their achievements. Then explain to me why I have to feel proud of the country.

    1. Fashion for sports and healthy lifestyle.

    I love sports, but I will never sign up for the gym in my life, because I think this is another fashion trend cultivated by the state, which needs good soldiers, healthy mothers and in general, so you can spend less on health care. To make it clear: almost every free evening I play soccer in the yard, I have nothing against sports as such.

  15. I don't agree with the unofficial status of prostitution. In my opinion, this is just one of the service areas that is not radically different from others.�

    Massage, nursing, waxing-hair removal, gynecologists-proctologists-mammologists, dentists-surgeons – contact with the body, the risks of infection with anything in these professions are present at a commensurate level. And this is considered normal and socially acceptable. And for some reason, there is no satisfaction of sexual needs. In addition, I think an official status would bring a lot of positive things to this area, starting from the safety and social security of employees, ending with deductions to tax authorities, again, not superfluous for the state))

  16. Disregard for natural resources.I don't mind people destroying each other, but not nature. An exclusively consumerist attitude has become the norm,which leads to the inevitable end.

  17. We can say that everything that is generally accepted, but irrelevant and outdated to the utter rot came to us from the evolutionary past, when our ancestors froze in small groups in the savanna and thought about where to find food and not die from predators or another bunch of sapiens:

    1. Parochial altruism, i.e. commitment to “your own” – your boys from the district, the football team of your city, neighbors, citizens of the same country as you. Unlike in Savannah, where cooperation with” insiders ” (and countering “outsiders”) was critical to survival, there is no need for this in the modern world. Hence – a whole layer of phenomena that can be safely thrown out, for example, patriotism or division into countries.

    2. Respect for the opinion of your elders, and the knowledge they carry; the legacy of your ancestors, so to speak. Please understand correctly-old people need to be protected, respected, cared for, etc.; this means only the information component. If before the advent of writing (and much later, since writing was mainly used to describe what kind of guests our leader had today), oral retelling was the only way to convey important information, today we have the Internet and a very developed scientific community. And all this tendency to trust the folk-poskonnym gives rise to such monstrous things, such as alternative medicine.

    3. The attitude to childbearing as a necessity and something absolutely positive. There are already 7.5 billion of us, and the environmental pressure on the environment is enormous, and it continues to grow. And we are still spitting at childfree and scolding unwise career girls who are delaying a child, when the situation threatens to become critical, and if the problem of overpopulation is not addressed with restrictive measures, it will solve itself – with war and / or famine (see the genocide in Rwanda, I also highly recommend the book on this topic by Pulitzer Prize winner J. R. R. Tolkien). Diamond “Collapse”).

    4. Loyal attitude to religion at the level of both individual (even non-believers) people and states. Although religion, with the growth of the number of educated people, is gradually dying out, this is not enough. This extremely persistent meme is a great drag on progress, and let's not forget about the radical manifestations of religious extremism.

    5. Separation of gender roles and restrictions / traditionalism in what is possible/acceptable for men and women. In principle, there is no such problem in decent countries, but the world, unfortunately, does not consist only of decent countries.

    6. Inability (well, OK, unlikely) to get an adequate and positive reaction to the proposal of a strange girl to have sex 🙂

  18. The desire to see all people the same. The same ideals of beauty that everyone should strive for, the same model of family relations, the same values. Humans are so damn different, and this increases our chances as a species of successful adaptation and survival. One type of person is good for one type of situation and bad for another. However, now Chinese women want to be like white American women (“they” are beautiful, but “we” are not), and in general, the ideology of perfect sameness with the help of the media is running by leaps and bounds around the planet.�

    What's wrong with sameness? Well, as an example. Now almost all the soybeans on the world market are just a few gm varieties that are grown in insane quantities. Lots of the same cheap soybeans. And suddenly it turns out that a huge number of people are allergic to it. Well, like on strawberries, for example. The usual thing. But unlike strawberries, soy is everywhere. It is added (cheap!) to almost all industrially produced food. Often it is not even indicated in the composition. And so on all over the world. And it turns out that for a huge number of people, almost all food in the store is banned. Because of a single soybean. And if it were of different varieties at least , the scale of the problem would be several orders of magnitude smaller.

    The same people cannot live in different conditions. In heat and cold, in abundance and hunger. Well, how, for example, the ideal modern beauty-reed can survive a hungry winter, if something happens? And “what” can always happen. Another larger meteorite will fall to earth, or the same soybeans and the same cows will suddenly get the virus, and there will be very little food, for example. What's next?

  19. With the fact that in most religions and worldviews, God is endowed with contradictory “emotional” qualities of a person, but at the same time He is considered above human vices, a model of harmony and pure creation.

    This is strange, because if we start from even the Christian values of the fact that man is “created in his image and likeness” and there are no other creatures, then God must have such an emphatically absent quality in animals as a sense of Humor – which is quite logical, because if in many scriptures there was a line “just for fun”, some events would acquire a much understandable color.

    He's a god. Who can object to it?

    “Dude, platypuses are a masterpiece but the deluge is a bit much?”

  20. With the fact that many in society put competition above simple human relations and mutual assistance. For example, often in UNI there are constantly some “cold wars” for “a place in the sun”.

    Mutual aid, assistance to those who are weaker, would give society as a whole a benefit: the overall level of quality would increase. But instead, everyone is looking for some loopholes, just to get out of the general mass.

    And this leaves its mark on the relationships of people in general. For example, there was a difficult test for which the group was not prepared or even warned; my friends found the answers on the Internet, and the three of us began to rewrite. Surprisingly, why not throw it to everyone else, they said “well, everyone has an Internet connection, everyone has a brain, everyone has an equal chance”. And this is happening everywhere, both on a small and large scale.

    I just want to communicate with people, exchange experience, knowledge, and positive emotions. Is the principle of natural selection really so important in our civilized society?

  21. I think an 8-hour day, 5 days a week, is a waste of effort. Even if you like your work, such a schedule will sooner or later dissolve interest in the business. If people worked no more than 3-4 hours a day, they would be happier. Personally, I do. If a person has to work 40 or more hours a week (+spend time on the way to work), then there is a reason to think about which of the needs are really important, and which ones can be abandoned in order to free up time for rest.

  22. Morality as a given rule of conduct. Precisely as something that has an external source: society, religion, ideology.�

    In my vision:
    – human and human actions should not be measured by the moral and practical consequences of human behavior;
    – therefore does not make sense to characterize the person as a moral or immoral;
    there is no point to defend the moral ideal;
    – the government should stop protecting morality;
    – positive human action, which causes their behavior solely in domestic installations, should be valued more than the actions of a person who comes from the rules of morality.

    1. I agree with Ilya about nature. This, as for me, is obvious to any sane person. A person is part of nature, but at the same time acts like a parasite, and does not think at all about what and how he does it. Actually the first point leads to the second:

    2. Money. I think that this is the most meaningless thing that humanity has come up with. The availability of money does not make it possible to analyze what and in what quantities the population needs. Money creates a consumer society. You have money, you can buy everything, even what you don't need. Money is what gives rise to parasitism (an incentive for corporations to explore new types of consumption and actively promote them). You may ask, but what about without money? Everything is simple – create a global network of “needs”, where everyone can leave a request for what they need (and why). From the processed data, you can safely make an accurate plan of the necessary things, and not produce surpluses. Ask, who will work for what and for what? People of course. They will do what they like, not what makes them more money. Another network, with the announcement of the need for certain personnel in certain regions. You may ask, but what about relations between countries, exports and imports? This leads us to point 3:

    3. Countries and borders. No, seriously. You really want to hold on to a piece of land with a piece of cloth and proudly call it “homeland”. Wouldn't it be better to call the whole planet home? Who needs politics and wars? Who needs an army? Wouldn't it be better if the management of the Earth was carried out by people of science who know the direction in which humanity needs to develop? Maybe I'm not quite right about that. Perhaps because of their narrow specialization, very few scientists have any idea about the general development of the Earth. This does not prevent you from giving management to people who are considered authorities in different regions. You may ask, how will they communicate? This leads us to point 4:

    4. Languages. What is the use of a lot of different languages? Personally, I see very little benefit. Wouldn't it be easier if everyone spoke the same language? Globalization, and all that. For me, this is the only option that everyone would understand everything and more or less correctly. It seems that Chinese is spoken by the largest number of people on the planet. All learning Chinese? 🙂

    5. (Optional) If the first 4 items are met, then the 5th one is not needed. If not, then FAMILY. Family device is what creates the levers of human control. A person has somewhere to go back, he has someone to take care of himself for. He is filled with fears not only for himself but also for his loved ones. This is a great lever of population manipulation for both religious and governmental infrastructures. I haven't thought about an alternative yet, but I think the disadvantages of such an organization are quite obvious.

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