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  1. “Smeshariki — – the series is largely philosophical, so it has a lot of episodes with subtext, every second with a deep meaning, it is different. It is difficult for me to single out the most philosophical, but there is a distinctly philosophical one — “The Meaning of Life”, where Barash asks the question of finding meaning, there is a series “The End of the Earth”, I can probably name these.

    At one time, the artistic director of the project Anatoly Prokhorov introduced the concept of “developing drama”. Of course, if children themselves watch a cartoon on a TV, iPad, or computer — it is clear to some, but not to others. And if a discussion follows with the parents and after viewing, then using the example of many episodes, philosophical and vital concepts can be explained. After the episodes of our cartoon, there is always something to discuss. This is what makes Smeshariki different from many other TV shows: we often don't put a dot, we put an ellipsis, we give you the opportunity to think.



  2. Here it is! About what is in this world that cannot be described scientifically, recorded in graphs and tables. About what is outside our system, beyond the borders.

    And most importantly, about how hard it can be for us to take it. How we try to cram all this into our usual system, and are not ready for pure perception.�

    I've reviewed it many times before. A crazed Moose that denies any value to an extraterrestrial hoof. See, in general)�


  3. For me personally, the most philosophical is the series “Where the old year goes”. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I watched few episodes, or maybe this series is really such.

  4. In fact, many smesharikov series are filled with their own meaning. But for me personally, the most philosophical series is “schastyomet”. Really makes you think.

  5. Thousands of them!!!

    • “Room of Sadness;”

    • “Snotvorets “;

    • “The edge of the earth”;

    • “The meaning of life”;

    • “Do they think of us in the stars”;

    • “Lost apologies”;

    • “What the wind will bring”;

    • “Hedgehog in the nebula”;

    • “a space odyssey” ;

    • “creator”;

    • “Plywood sun”;

    • “The Triumph of Reason”.

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