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  1. There is such an outstanding man, Michael Levin, professor of philosophy at the City University of New York.

    He has three notable publications on ethics and social philosophy, in which, to put it simply, he argues the following theses::

    1) White people are smarter, black people are faster.

    2) Feminists oppress the freedom of white people.

    3) If you really want to, torture is fine.

    I learned about it from an informal vote for the worst philosophical article in history. Why-well, because racism, chauvinism and cannibalism, defended with academic meticulousness, is quite a terrible sight.

  2. I will soften the question a little to the philosopher, with whom I mostly disagree. And until recently, it would have been difficult for me to find any non-anecdotal or obvious example of such a thinker. Just for the reason that usually people do not agree with some lines of thought and, accordingly, this does not greatly contribute to immersion in personalities.

    However, some time ago I read the works of Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin Van Der Acker and got two people at once with whom I mostly disagree.

    This resulted in the following articles. To summarize, these thinkers use the methodology and postulates of cultural studies, which, in my opinion, are not entirely adequate and politically biased. In fact, it is difficult to agree with the way they criticize postmodernism, getting confused in it and fighting with a one-sided and stereotypical image. Thus, both the conclusions and the concept of metamodernity seem questionable to me.

  3. I like existentialism – it's my teaching. I love Martin Heidegger and Søren Kierkegaard.
    But I also like Kant's way of thinking. And the crystal transparency of Socrates ' life in accordance with his philosophy!
    “Recognition in this world is given to us like a golden key,” said Alexander Aronov. Sure. philosophy is a personal matter for everyone, it is unique, like fingerprints. But my golden key of recognition fits the largest number of doors in these concepts.

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