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    1. There is an assumption in your question that there is a single truth, but this may not be the case.
    2. When you are inside something, you will never be able to have a complete picture of what is happening. Your understanding of the situation itself already changes the picture. A simple illustration of this phenomenon. Just ask yourself a question about what you are currently doing and try to answer it accurately.
  1. Theoretical Science is developing very rapidly.

    Knowledge of Nature/The universe is growing in volume and being refined in detail – and getting closer to the Truth.

    So far, there is no LAW on the limited scope and accuracy of theoretical knowledge.

    Therefore, Theoretical Knowledge tends to the Truth.

    DETAIL-a modern scientist knows only a small part of all knowledge, even only within the framework of his specialization – it is impossible even to have time to read and understand this well-known micro-part of Science.

    SOON, AI will start working and dramatically speed up and simplify cognition.

  2. Extreme understanding of this issue should be avoided. Humanity will never fully know all the truths of this infinite world. But on the other hand, it is impossible to say that humanity does not know anything about the world at all. There is a process of learning and it is endless, like a path on an endless road. What we have passed is known, and what we have not yet passed is yet to be known.

  3. If your cognitive tool is the brain, then the results of cognition will be limited by the capabilities of this tool.

    Everything that the brain can know will be known. But will it be a reality?

    If your instrument of cognition is the eyes, then you will be able to see the world. But what you will see is the whole of reality, or only a part of it.

  4. We will be able to do this when a person has mastered their deep consciousness and reached their full potential. The consciousness hidden behind the activity of the mind, senses and body is the most accurate instrument for exploring the depths of the universe

  5. It may be possible to know the absolute truth and structure of existence in the world you are hinting at, but not in this world. A person understands the truth as long as it is transformed into clear forms and concepts: height, width, mass, speed, etc. Once we go beyond clear vision and enter the world of Heisenberg uncertainty (quantum physics), the world of theoretical ( primarily mathematical) representations such as string theory, Calabi-Yau spaces, we cannot even imagine all these objects, and only mathematicians assure us that this is true. It's quite possible, but it doesn't tell us anything. So, even from this point of view (or hummock), the truth will always be hidden from us, but even the impossibility of achieving it gives people strength for progress, which appears in the very process of knowing the absolute truth. As Eduard Bernstein (1850-1932), leader of the Second International and the right wing of German social democracy, who is often referred to in Lenin's articles as a “revisionist”, “opportunist” and “reformist”, put it: “Movement is everything, purpose is nothing.”

    Well, something like that. With a high degree of probability, I'm wrong, but I want to believe that I'm still right. Sincerely and best wishes for success, Vasily Tsygankov.

  6. Anatoly Nenilin

    just now

    You are correct in what you explained. Each of us is raised from birth to death. Parenting takes place in the environment that everyone is born into. But at birth, everyone knows the truth, although the environment (parents, neighbors, school, state) makes adjustments to the understanding of the truth. In addition, once born, everyone is a continuation of their ancestors, their future. Our ancestors influence our future. But the closest ancestors lived a life of deceiving their ancestors, etc., until those who were first deceived. And you correctly say that in addition to the physical (material) world, there is a spiritual (immaterial) world. But the word intangible is not clear, there is no way to “feel”. But the thoughts are what we can see. And thoughts are immaterial. And that's why they are instantaneous (i.e., they don't have the speed of movement). About the truth. Any material object has its own, to a certain extent, image. Or the essence that is indivisible for this image. And any action with this image, its essence, is the truth. And the truth depends on what action is done with the image. For example, the image becomes even more complex, that is, it is improved or improved. Such an action is true at this stage of image change. The truth of improvement. But it may turn out that this image will be changed, simplifying (destroying). The truth is that destruction is happening. But both actions begin in the spiritual (immaterial) world of thought. And when you talk about the ultimate Truth, without understanding it, you are talking about the truth of complicating the image. A dispute arises when two opposite truths of mental images meet – creative (complicating) and destructive (consuming, simplifying). This dispute leads to conflicts, leading to wars. This is how our world works. By the way, there is a brochure posted on the Amazon and Ozone platform, which briefly explains the origin of the World and its movement, including human communities. It is called: “2020 It is not customary to talk about this.” Written in simple language. If, of course, you are interested.

  7. And I understood everything at the age of 7. I spent 50 years testing what I understood by practicing. It's simple, but no one wants it. People live on the principle of a drunkard looking for keys lost in the dark, under a street lamp, because it's light here. They like to talk about the truth, but no one needs it, because they will have to tear their ass away from their ideas.

  8. Recently, a brochure about the origin of the Universe was published, which is posted on the Amazon platform. The title is “but it is not customary to talk about it”. In it, in a short form, in simple words, it tells how the universe began, how it is created, and where it is moving. The text is written using the Bible, the Gospel, and questions asked in Yandex. Q.

  9. You can find out any question. Because the Thought that created our world-from the universe to communities of people-has no secrets. Secrets of the consuming thought (destroying), which dominates, destroying everything. The truth is that the World is created in a constant complication of the creative Thought that created us, including. Actually, the whole World lives (moves) between two thoughts – creating and destroying. And, since the creative thought is ahead of the destructive initially, the world exists, and we are in it. The Bible records that God rejected the best angel because he was trying to rise above the creator himself. In fact, this statement is a distorted interpretation. By the best angel is meant the thought of destruction, the thought of power. which cannot be higher in complexity than the Creative Thought. The Bible is full of such distorted interpretations. Therefore, people living with distorted information are forced to make mistakes. And in delusions submit to the false thought of destruction. Creative thought cannot punish and force its creations to act as it suggests. But almost no one “hears or sees her hints.” because in distorted information, they communicate, see and hear hints of the thought of consumption(destructive). And while worshiping in rituals, they ask for and praise her. Therefore, there are conflicts, strife, and struggle with each other in the world. And everyone wants to stand out among their compatriots, especially in material terms. But no one thinks that this leads to destruction and death. For example, I know that my children are me in the future. And I can see part of the future in the present. from their birth to my death. The material is discrete. Immaterial Thought can be eternal as long as it increases its complexity. The truth is in this. If you stop getting complicated, the world will start to collapse. We can see this both on ourselves and our own kind and on space objects. And the truth is hidden from everyone by the thought of lies, the thought of destruction. So everyone can know what kind of thought they are living with. But in order to know, one must observe the condition of communication with the Creative Thought, which is light, Love, and Conscience. The condition is complex – you need to be in Conscience, and not in unscrupulousness. This means first of all-to rule only yourself, and not others, to reject lies and violence against others, but not against yourself. Then true Love will be revealed, and life will be without fear, easy and bright, like happiness and joyful in knowing the World and its own complication. All the best to you.

  10. Any answer to how everything works is doomed to failure. Truth is ignorance, and the ability to overcome the darkness and transform this World. For many centuries, people have already possessed knowledge that will transform this world. For example, pra-Astrology served to heal people's souls. But those who secretly possess this knowledge are afraid to release it to narruzh. So we learned the Power of Atom. And the first applications of this knowledge erased entire mountains in a matter of moments. We learned about the shield mechanisms used by the ancient Egyptians. And a little later, terrible bollezni began to mow down the population of cella plannets. Today, we are just beginning to understand the power of Artificial Intelligence. I'm afraid to wonder what this knowledge means to us. Therefore, I am definitely in favor of the Truth being hidden from the uninitiated forever. In order-to preserve the remnants of our Land)

  11. No, we can't. Because the “part” cannot know the “whole”. Being in an empty room without windows, being a certain part of this room, “entourage”, so to speak-how can we judge the structure in which it is located? What is it – a hotel, a prison, a house, a steamer? To do this, you need to go BEYOND the premises and buildings, so that you can evaluate reality not from the inside, but from the outside.

    And, it is not possible for a person to study the universe as a whole, as I said, but rather to study its individual parts. This is the same as taking a nut “on 12” and thinking about the device in which it functioned. But: nuts “on 12” are in locomotives, cars, refrigerators, airplanes, etc. It is impossible to judge the device in which it was located. Similarly, a person's study of stars, particles, planets, etc. is the study, relatively speaking, of the same nuts of different sizes separately. This is an analysis that does not bring us any closer to understanding the universe. And to understand how the world works and functions, you need a synthesis, a reasonable GENERALIZATION. That is, the “nuts” should be formed into a certain mechanism. And the whole trouble is that a person sits and goes through these nuts, trying them on the tooth, but what mechanism they belong to, what this mechanism should LOOK LIKE-a person does not know and will never know. But, you will agree, it is difficult to assemble a steam locomotive without knowing what it looks like, besides from parts originally intended for a submarine. The universe is not just stars, planets , and particles scattered in space for human study, as some people think. It is orders of magnitude more complex than it seems to us, and the same orders of magnitude more complex than the human device itself. Well, as a steam locomotive is more difficult than “nuts on 12”.

  12. We probably won't be able to. To understand, you need to step out of this dimension and into another reality. Into the reality of the creators of this universe. And this is unrealistic. Because it was created that way. This world wasn't created by us. All we have to do is play our part well and rely on the good graces of those who created all this…..

  13. The main thing in the question is “being in this world”. So there is a suspicion that” in this world ” there is no truth. Personally, I think so. Why do such doubts arise and not only in this matter? A person is given intelligence and constantly asks questions in the process of learning about the world and himself through communication and feedback. It would seem that the more you communicate, the more you read, the more you learn, the closer to the truth. But this is not entirely true. Yes, you will learn more, but there is no doubt that this is the truth. Why? We are all different and this is no accident. Everyone sees their own, everyone seeks their own according to their worldview and their own benefit. Therefore, everyone has their own concepts and ideas about everything. And the longer a person lives, the stronger and more they are supported by his life experience, which everyone has their own. Therefore, everyone not only sees their own, but also talks about their own. And then simple communication often turns into an immeasurable dispute for defending your beliefs, your worldview. So it turns out that it is not the Truth that is more important and useful for a person, but only his vision of it and his attitude towards it. It is this part of the truth that he uses in his life. Even if the Truth were fully available, everyone would take only the necessary part of it, passing it through their UNDERSTANDING AND ATTITUDE to it. After all, the truth is just information that everyone needs for their own purposes, and they are all different.
    Everyone knows how difficult it is to negotiate and how difficult it is to understand. So it turns out that everyone has their own truth.
    So the truth is there? Yes! The Highest Truth, pure, absolute, as well as the Highest Justice, is not distorted and not torn apart by subjective opinions. But this Truth is not a product of the physical world, but of the spiritual world, a world that lives according to the universal laws of love. A world where there are no good and bad, smart and stupid, good and evil successful and losers. A world where Souls and the Creator Source itself live. Where there is only one law – the law of Love by which all things live.

  14. Everything depends on the desire, on the thought of the installation, on the meaning of life of understanding and on the priorities of the installation. Only a knowledge of the laws of nature can help you get closer to the truth. Truth is an adequate reflection of reality. Humanity is generally very far from the truth.

  15. Truth is the final point of all knowledge, because knowledge is a constant teaching, so we strive for the Truth, but it does not get closer, being the guarantor of the further development of humanity.

  16. All-no! Now the planetary matrix is changing. There is no single system of value at the level of the collective unconscious in the universal egregore, such as the individual's survival program. And there are many reasons for this: the desire for uncontrolled consumption, not development, and an increase in population, not quality. And again, everything depends on the egregor, and this is a conscious choice of the”majority”of planetary thinking. And after all, such a value system exists, but for now it is “!most”” 's ignore it.

  17. Easily. we should try to fully fulfill the teaching of Christ and learn everything from God. I did just that. And now I know how all this is and the main thing from which it was created. From the universe to all living things, for what and why. And what will happen in the end with our planet and with people.

  18. I don't think we will be able to learn everything, we will learn more and more about infinity. Endlessly strive for it, like a number in a period-0.999…

    To know everything, you need to have a brain capable of understanding the entire universe. Including getting to know yourself. And to understand your brain, you need to have an even more complex brain than you already have. The doorway is always slightly larger than the door. A man can't pull himself out of the swamp by his hair.

    In general, we can't even understand relationships with other people – we fight all the time, conflicts occur. What can we say about the universe when we can't even figure it out at home?

  19. I just saw here in the answers- ” theoretical science is developing…” My God, people still write such nonsense! WHERE does it develop if it is already in the black HOLE? Science can't do ANYTHING. And about the question-YES! We'll never know how it works. We have to accept this, and because we DON'T NEED this knowledge. However, we can rest easy on the fact that all this will be revealed to us after death (atheists will not be satisfied with such a forecast. let them endure)

  20. Socrates said, ” I know that I don't know anything.” He accurately and concisely formulated what humanity thinks about itself. All our knowledge is approximate and not accurate. And to answer your question specifically, I'll just make a guess. The search for truth is eternal! We will NEVER be able to answer all the questions about the structure of the universe. Humanity is doomed, like the “Eternal Jew”, to go this endless road of self-knowledge and never find the “Ultimate Truth”.

  21. Romans 11: 33 O abyss of the riches and wisdom and knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His destinies, and how unsearchable are His ways!33 For who has known the mind of the Lord? Or who was His adviser?

    Now, in this world, truth is the word of God. (John 17: 17). But according to the words of Jesus Christ (John 16: 12), not everything will be available to us. Therefore, it is logical to assume that cognition will not be a one-time process, but a permanent process that will not be limited to the near future.

    Everything, of course, we do not know, but what is important for us to know is revealed in the Bible .

  22. If we talk about scientific truth, then it is not as unambiguous as you think. What Euclidean geometry proves, quantum mechanics refutes. So the truth is often in limbo.

    I've already written about it here. Don't be lazy, read it.

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