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  1. Among the critical works, Popper's “What is Dialectics”is best known. Zizek is considered a post-Hegelian. There are a lot of Marxists in the world, but they are mostly mixed – with postmodernism, postpositivism, and so on.

  2. Naive set theory is any of several set theories used in discussing the fundamentals of mathematics . Unlike axiomatic set theories , which are defined using formal logic , naive set theory is defined informally, in natural language .

  3. The answer is not simple. There is no Marxian philosophy. Isthmus is not a philosophy, but a general theory of sociology. Diamat is actually a philosophy. His textbooks are generally inadequate. But there are textbooks that teach dialectical thinking in a meaningful way. Naturally, we need up-to-date work on the problem. These include mine (see the brochure on the Internet “The word is stronger than weapons”). Western authors ' criticism of dialectics, etc., is rational to ignore; it shows not just their ignorance, but ideological bias …

  4. To. Popper “The Poverty of historicism”, “The Open Society and its enemies”. This concerns the criticism of Marxism. I read some other works, but I can't even remember the authors, probably then you shouldn't read them, but you should definitely read the Popper.

  5. I have no philosophical education, and had little interest in Hegelianism and its mutilated translation in the form of a diamat. I've only seen one good article by Ruslan Khazarzar, ” A Skeptical View of Dialectical Materialism.” There is an attempt to understand the main inconsistencies of diamat.


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