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  1. The question is complicated, but the Genius gave an answer to it:

    Oh how many wonderful discoveries we have
    The spirit of enlightenment is being prepared
    And experience, the son of difficult mistakes,
    And genius, paradoxes friend,
    And chance, God the inventor…

    Another good definition was given by Sergey Donatovich Dovlatov:

    A genius is an immortal version of the common man.

  2. “Genius is the ability to create something that has not yet existed in nature and society.” This is from Savelyev's book “Changeability and Genius”. Politics and doing business, by the way, he does not refer to genius.

  3. Well, I'll use my own example, even though I've always denied that I'm a genius, but people say the opposite

    1. Geniuses are people who have an excellent memory, remember any event and remember it when necessary

    2. geniuses are very well developed both hemispheres, that is, they can both in natural science and creativity
      not just in work, and in many species, again I, I know how to play the guitar, write poetry, draw, and I have a very rich imagination, but I dedicate myself to the psychology, philosophy, history, physics, and of several other Sciences, I get to combine it all

    3. again about memory, geniuses always have a mess in their rooms, but we always know where everything is

    4. geniuses are very observant, easily oriented in space and can easily find their way anywhere

    5. geniuses always think objectively, even if not immediately, but do not rush in their statements
      they often write only what they are 100% sure of, they also do not judge people by 1 act, they remember all their actions and words and compare whether it is more good or evil

    6. Geniuses are always skeptical, and no matter what you say, a genius will always wonder if it's true

    7. Geniuses do not seek to devote themselves to one thing, they devote themselves long and hard to everything that attracts them, never give up and can learn in a couple of years what an ordinary person will learn for decades!

    8. Geniuses are always reserved people, here for various reasons, some are too shy, some are taciturn, and so on, that is, making a logical conclusion, they have a lot of free time due to lack of communication, so they go headlong into the topics that they like

    9. A genius always seeks to help ordinary people, while always denying that he is a hero, a good person or just smart

    10. A genius is always an emotional person, it is difficult for us to lose people, it is difficult for us to endure various experiences that are similar to others, but at the same time we never suffer from depression, because our brain is loaded with information that helps us

    11. Geniuses always do what they like, if someone says that anime is shit, the genius will watch it, like it, will continue to watch it, but not on a regular basis, he will mix it up. It's the same with music, movies, books, and so on

    12. A genius, being a creative person, will never offend someone's creativity, because he understands how painful it is to hear it, so he will point out mistakes, but praise for his efforts

  4. Genius (from Lat. genius “spirit“). These are usually people who stand out from the majority for their outstanding abilities. Due to the fact that the majority of people live in carnal and spiritual interests, geniuses go further – into the sphere of the spirit and bring their brilliant ideas from this sphere. They are open and bold to what is above. �
    It should be added that not every spirit is a light spirit, not all spirits are Divine spirits and ministers, there are many spirits who are so-called fallen spirits, demons, and my suspicion is that the very geniuses in question did not quite understand who exactly is the source of their ideas. And all because of the fact that the spirit world, simply put, the spiritual world is mysterious, mysterious and hidden. It can be seen only through Revelation, as well as through the study of results, and not in the short term: like a tree is known by its fruit. The life of geniuses often did not differ for the better from the life of ordinary mortals, even more I will say-it was different for the bad side – I mean that they were persecuted by all sorts of vices, fears, horrors, depraved life, the desire for death and suicide, cynicism, misanthropy, pride, self-love, etc. By the way, the “geniuses” themselves have repeatedly had doubts about their source:

    Because I glorified sin,
    Apostate, greedily praising,
    I fell from the night sky
    To these dry fields.

    A. Akhmatova
    To poems :

    You were driving off-road like that
    Like a shooting star in the dark.
    You were bitterness and lies,
    But never with comfort.

    A. Akhmatova
    The old hell seemed like heaven to us,
    We're the devil's servants
    Because we do not distinguish
    Evil from good and from the abyss of highness

    N. Gumilyov


    We drink from the cup of being
    With closed eyes,
    Golden wet edges
    With your own tears;

    When the Blindfold
    falls off before death,
    And all that deceived us,
    Disappears with a string;

    Then we see that it is empty
    There was a golden cup,
    That there was a drink in it – a dream,
    And that it's not ours!

    M. Lermontov

    Who, the Devil or God, what people, when
    Raised a tower to the heavens, like the ancient one in Babylon?
    And who, prophet or enemy, brought me here
    On the slope of the evil day and my days on the slope?

    And what's up there? divine peace,
    Where will Isis remove the veil before me?
    Or a black ring and only a deaf vault,
    And the echo will cry out in the darkness: “Start over!”

    Don't know. But I go; I throw my torch aloft;
    I kick the steps with my foot; my spirit is in.I'm drunk with jam.
    My fire, serve me! leg, don't stumble!..
    Or is this hellish screw really boundless?

    V. Bryusov


    1 Beloved ones! Do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are of God, for many false prophets have appeared in the world.
    (1 John 4: 1)

  5. Genius is a complex constellation (or synthesis) of individual and supra-individual, natural and social phenomena, embodied in the activities of some few people, whom humanity calls geniuses. In order to, so to speak, “become a genius”:) are necessary:

    1. Natural (i.e. not acquired from the outside, relatively speaking [since the topic is complex] “innate”) giftedness of a person in some types of activity, sometimes compensated for by a certain limitation in other areas.

    2. Social recognition (by family, environment), support and development of this talent through social institutions (school, university, etc.) and specialists (teachers, trainers, masters).

    3. Personal acceptance/awareness (and not always joyful) of your gift and hard constant work on it, honing your genius, resisting your own laziness, criticism of rivals, public ignorance and external temptations.

    4. Professional recognition among specialists and experts (not always early and unconditional) and

    5. Following only this (and with a noticeable time lag) is cultural recognition among the general public.

    6. Confirmation of the already received high ratings of specialists and public expectations with new achievements of a level similar to or exceeding the demonstrated one.

    7. The duration of an active life is sufficient to accommodate the conditions (stages) 4-6 or,

    8. In the case of an untimely death of a genius (there are no less posthumous geniuses than in-life ones), a unique accuracy of getting into the trend of the future, which not only has not occurred, but often has not yet been conceived (more precisely, the genius does not get into the image of the future, but creates it).

    9. And optional, but mandatory (sic!) for all conditions except the 3rd one-lucky chance and / or luck!

    So, if you have already been lucky with paragraphs 1-2 and are determined about paragraph 3, go ahead, per aspera ad astra! Good luck! 🙂

  6. I agree with Savelyev's definition. Almost anyone can achieve success in a certain direction, it is enough to have a good brain and perseverance. That's all it takes to be successful.

    Genius is more than that. A genius can create something qualitatively new.

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