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  1. This question has so many levels of depth and accuracy to answer.

    The most optimal and simple answer is that we are all a single living intelligent system, living to increase our level of perfection-which gives all the answers to all questions and solves all our problems.

  2. What a sweet word “we”is… We are not there, but we are there. There is, as it were, a ktoynost of existence, and we are, as it were, just vectors of this ktoynost…

    But here's the thing, brothers, we just have information that “we” is “we”. No more and no less. And that's all. We just trust this information. We are generally very trusting creatures. In fact, we are simply made of trust. Not out of faith, mind you, but out of trust. Faith and trust are two different things!

    I can hear the wind humming through us. The saddles creak under our Musketeers. We are rushing somewhere, babbling about the public good, taking care of our relatives and friends, hating failures, rejoicing in fucking successes, indignant and surprised at Lukashenko, laughing at the Americans, rejoicing for Elon Musk,appealing to the absolute spirit of Einstein, ranting about the devastation in our heads, billions of Trump and Abramovich, eating coronavirus…

    Who are we?

    Sometimes we wake up to the sound of Egyptian chariots, the crunch of reeds from a prowling saber-toothed tiger, the howl of hideous hyenas anticipating a glorious dinner, the clank of tyrannosaurus tusks, the heart-rending cry of a torn ferret…

    Who are we?

    Sometimes we plunge into the ocean surf of raging silence, plunge into the skies of Dimash's crystal-clear voice, go numb to goosebumps from the inescapable grandeur of Beethoven's sad music, stand dumbfounded before the Gothic heights of Cologne, bow to Michelangelo's raging stonecutter, prick the moustache of the burned-out illusionist Salvador Dali, ride a Picasso balloon, hang ourselves in public with Dostoevsky, break with the church for a long time. – Tolstovsky, we treat you to bread in a human way…

    Who are we?

    We are the never-ending triple colon… Our nonexistent points dance like rhizomes on the canvas of abstract thinking. Concrete time falls into the stillness of the mind. The desire for the literal turns the essence of God into destiny. The shriveled boredom shows the shaken consciousness a cookie of disheveled being.

    Who are we?

    The tongue turns us inside out. Verbs fade. Nouns are exhausted. Adjectives died in the steppe. Got nothing. There is no one. No sign of movement.


    In the morning, we are united by the trill of eyelashes that lift the eyelids.

    Who are we? what do we live for? what unites us?

    Woe to the one who has a purpose. Three times woe to the one who has no purpose.

    Be the target. Be the meaning. Be there!

    And more. Say hello to old Schopenhauer!

  3. There is no sense in human existence on the planet Earth, people here are completely superfluous link, brings the Earth only one trouble and from this they will die themselves!

  4. We are humans. We live in multi-storey and one-storey dog houses with different purposes. Some live to eat, drink, stare at TV, go to the toilet, go to elections, go to the clinic… and so on in a circle. Others live to perfect their spirit and soul until they fully mature into a perfect person, with the goal of moving on to eternal, present, and perfect life. The world in which we live now is not real – it is drawn and everyone is free to create within themselves who they will be and where they will be in that-in the present world. We are united by both this and that – more precisely, by like-minded people, because only like-minded people are united.

  5. Who are we?

    This is the most subtle question. So I'm responsible for myself. I am a spirit that is present in the body and has a soul.

    And what do we live for?

    By and large, for nothing. We are free to choose what we live for. What we are attracted to. What to create.

    What unites us in the meaning of life?

    What unites us in the meaning of life is that we interact, help each other, and solve common problems and tasks.

  6. Relying on the earthly state of consciousness alone, to reduce the meaning of life to earthly existence alone is to stand on one foot.

    Only by striving for the knowledge of his inner essence can a person know something closer to the truth, which unites all of humanity. The most” unifying ” concept of us in life is morality, because all human relationships are reflections through our understanding of the laws of morality. Whether it is family and industrial relations, relationships between lovers, in politics, in economics, with nature (ecological), with space, in medicine, in science, religious, in education and law-making, etc. — all relationships are based on morality, its collective and individual understanding. An imperfect consciousness reflects imperfect morality, so it is necessary to expand your consciousness in order to contain, feel, and realize the divine ethics that has been given in the Teachings more than once.

    Ignorance cannot unite, it divides. As long as there is ignorance of the laws of the universe based on divine ethics, humanity will remain under the illusion of enmity and division.

  7. We are humanity, the inhabitants of the planet Earth. Members of the civilized and not so much world, guided by the principle of survival on it and having an unequal quality of life for a given period of time. The whole meaning of our life, its goal that unites everyone: to live a happy and decent life, to gain and increase knowledge about the nature of things, passing on their experience to future generations.

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