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  1. I learned the basics of formal logic and even started teaching it a little.
    Life has not changed, it is no longer easier to identify logical mistakes in yourself and others, not to be led to provocations based on a violation of logic. A lot of little things that make life better and more interesting.

  2. For real success, it is necessary and quite a lot to solve various puzzling problems – scientific and entertainment-this is the only productive and useful way.

    A simple formal study of the theory of logic provides very little practical benefit. This is analogous to the difficult task of learning the grammar of a foreign language – it does not give you fluency in a foreign language.

  3. I have mastered Logic at the level of the entire representative personality structure, and there are no cases when I miss it. My life has become better, due primarily to a very pronounced hygiene of thoughts, as the habilitated mathematician notedHermann Weil:

    Logic (in the words of the mathematician G. Weyl) is a kind of hygiene that allows you to keep your ideas healthy and strong. Intuition rejects all caution, logic teaches restraint. Only a logical proof carried out step-by-step makes the conquest of Intuition an objectively established result. By refining and consolidating the results of Intuition, logic itself turns to it in search of support and help. Logical principles are not set once and for all, but are formed in the centuries-old practice of cognition and transformation of the world, representing the purification and systematization of spontaneously formed “thinking habits”. And growing out of an amorphous and changeable pralogical Intuition, out of a direct, though obscure, “vision of the logical,” these principles always remain linked to the original intuitive “sense of the logical.” It is no accident that a rigorous proof means nothing even to a mathematician if the result remains incomprehensible to him intuitively. Logic and Intuition should not be opposed to each other (dualism), each of them is necessary in its place. Sudden intuitive insight can reveal truths that are hardly accessible to consistent and rigorous logical reasoning. However, the reference to Intuition cannot serve as a firm and even more so final basis for making any statements. Intuition leads to interesting new ideas, but it also often leads to mistakes and misleading information. Intuitive guesses are subjective and unstable, and they need logical justification. To convince both others and oneself of an intuitively grasped truth requires extensive reasoning, proof. Author: A. A. Ivin.

  4. Using a logical mindset, a person begins to think extensively and opens up a larger volume of development prospects and ways to solve a particular issue in life.

    It is necessary to read literature on the topic of riddles and rebuses based on logical conclusions

  5. Life has changed.It doesn't happen all at once,it doesn't happen fast.For a long time, even if you have mastered the method, you will not be able to correctly and honestly evaluate yourself and your actions.The main thing is not to lie to yourself.This is the main obstacle to mastering the method.Even those who think they can lie, especially to themselves.It is very difficult to learn not to lie to yourself.Whether it is necessary is another matter.Many knowledge-many sorrows.This is a very difficult experience, and extremely painful knowledge.Should I? By the way, if it's not a painful experience, then you're lying to yourself.

  6. I can't say that I just “mastered logic and was able to actively apply it in life”, but I definitely know something about logic and apply it in life, freely or not freely.

    I taught her logic when I was in the math department. In mathematics, there is no way without it, because it is built on it. So, if you want to improve your logic, study math)

    I think it helped me make better decisions and be good at arguing with anyone on any issue. It is better to filter the information that I hear, and distinguish between nonsense, lies and reasonable things, the truth.

    It helps a lot and sometimes actualizes the revision of my worldview in many things. I.e. when I find something contradictory in my views, it helps me get out of it)

    So logic actively helps me in my beginning scientific activity, and I think it will continue to help me in this. Even if I went to another field(psychology) it is also actively used there(for example, when planning a study).

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