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  1. It's just a person.

    A person who has not turned off the desire for Heaven, has not trampled on the image of God, has not closed his eyes and stopped his ears in front of his neighbors.

  2. As I understand it, at the first stage of forming people, God gave Moses 10 Commandments, which practically became a code of conduct for a person who forms his mind and Consciousness at the initial stage of transition from the “human-animal” stage to the “Human-creator” level. The first of the Ten Commandments – the most Important One-remains unchanged, because the Whole (God, Creator, Supreme Intelligence) is One and there can't be many Spaces (Oceans of Intelligence)!

    For humanity on the Planet, God created conditions for the formation of the consciousness (Mind) of people through self-improvement, purification of the Spirit, because a pure Spirit forms a high-grade Mind. approaching in its level to the level of the Mind of the Whole (God).

    It is the purity and perfection of a person's Soul that determines the level of his Spirituality, and therefore thoughts and mental images of high energies ( not at all material concerns of a person).

  3. The Vedas teach that answers to spiritual questions should be obtained from an authoritative person. A genuine spiritual master. Consisting in the chain of student acceptance.And belonging to one of the authoritative sampradayas. Philosophical schools of self-awareness that express siddhanta. The ultimate truth. And so! According to the Bhagavad Gita, a spiritual person has the following qualities:: “The Almighty Lord has said that one who renounces all desires and those generated by the mind, O Partha, and takes satisfaction in the blissful nature of the self manifested in his controlled mind, is considered a man of steady intelligence. One who is unperturbed when the threefold miseries come,
    who desires nothing when happiness comes, who is free from attachment, fear, and anger, and is called a wise man with a steady mind. One who is impartial to everything, does not rejoice or feel hatred, is faced with honor or dishonor, has a steadfast mind.” A truly spiritual person, who controls the mind and senses, knows the soul, and has no false ego. He understood Brahman . He strives to serve God with love and devotion. He knows the scriptures well and follows them. He does not grieve and has no desires connected with this world. His interests are focused on God and the soul. He lives in this world, but is not attached to it. He can enter the spiritual world with his consciousness.
    He is humble, truthful, faultless, generous, always calm, pure, peaceful, surrendered to the Lord, steadfast, patient, respectful, serious, does not overeat, he is friendly, compassionate, does not talk about worldly topics.Skilled . Free from the desire for fame and honor. This is what the Vedas teach,this is the conclusion of the great Mahajanas.

  4. Spirit-Psychic abilities (consciousness, thinking), what motivates to actions, to activity, the beginning that determines behavior, actions.

    A spiritual person is a person whose actions are determined by his thinking, i.e. they are conscious.

    But, the spirit of each person is different, private.

    According to the fruits of conscious activity, it is judged what kind of spirit a person is.

  5. Spirituality of a person is the purity of his thoughts, it is the desire to understand the world and understand his place in eternity.

    The first stage of a person's spirituality is righteousness.

    The criterion of righteousness is not the actions that are publicly demonstrated, but the thoughts that guide a person when choosing their path to the Creator.

    A person who calls himself an atheist may be much more honest, conscientious and pure than someone who regularly performs the rituals of the church, but at the same time the soul of such a person is black, and the thoughts that determine a person's actions are far from ideal.

    The main criterion of a person's spirituality is his attitude to the Creator and to the Eternal World that surrounds him.

    Accepting the World, accepting the Creator as the supreme governing (divine) force, a person recognizes his participation in the Creator and accepts the need for harmony of his thoughts and actions in order to ensure the harmony of Eternity.

    A person of high spirituality is a person who has accepted the Creator's World, obeys the strict rules of this World, and is in harmony with it.

    An example of achieving high spirituality is a person whose life goal is a constant pursuit of God, and not power, success or prosperity.

    Such a person always abides in love for the Creator, for the world around him, for the surrounding nature and for the self-like ones, because all the space surrounding him is a space of love and harmony.

  6. In the Soviet era, there was a distortion of the concept of spirituality. It was considered that a person who was involved in culture, visiting museums, art galleries, the philharmonic hall and the theater — the most spiritual.

    However, the Bible says that only those who live according to the guidance of God's Holy Spirit can be spiritual. In one article , I read that a Christian must go through an imaginative ladder, each step of which is a spiritual quality. And only when he attains perfection in them will he be able to attain oneness with God.

    No amount of going to the theater or museum will give you what the Holy Spirit gives you. As well as the formal observance of religious rites.

  7. Spiritual,one who tries his best to live according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit,and not according to human reasoning.But he who tries with all his might, and is not charming, has the firstfruits of the Holy Spirit,received in the sacrament of baptism.The soul of man differs from the soul of animals in that it has a receptacle for the Spirit,that is,it has a receptacle for the Spirit. originally created to be God-bearing.True concepts about the Holy Spirit, and about the possible seductions of unclean spirits, who often try to present their presence as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit,have been preserved only in Orthodoxy,but even there this teaching must be sought,because many people pass off their personal understanding as the teaching of the church.Thank you to all the faithful.

  8. A person who lives in the eternity of being, without fears, regrets, suffering and psychological problems in everyday life.

    A person who understands the essence, meaning, purpose and meaning of spirit, matter, and the play of their combinations in everything that happens.

    Spiritual people … The aquarium

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