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  1. From the point of view of a healthy psyche, it is best for an adult to be an adult, and for a child to be a child.

    When a child grows up early due to life's difficulties, in the future, in adulthood, he is expected to have difficulties in relationships. Because he will be unnecessarily closed emotionally, since there has never been a sense of security in his life.

    But it is even worse when a person is an adult physically, but emotionally still a child. In this case, this mental infantilism threatens problems in literally all areas of life. I write this as a practicing psychologist, people who have not grown up emotionally live a very difficult life, and they need professional help.

  2. Strange question. Each age has its own “better” and ” worse.” And they eventually balance all the pros and cons. In childhood, you can not simply do what adults do because of the state of the body, but in adulthood you can no longer do what children do.

  3. I won't say what is better, but for me it is easier to be a child, because you will be cherished and cared for (well, in most cases), you will only have to go to school and the most terrible troubles can be conflicts with classmates and teachers, as well as a lot of homework.

    Of course, the main disadvantage is that you have an order of magnitude less freedom, you are under the control of your parents (unless of course you are a homeless person). Your way of life does not depend on you, if your parents are rich – you are rich, if your parents are poor, then you live poorly and you can't do anything about it.

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