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  1. Agnostics believe that the surrounding space is impossible to know through the perception of the senses, because each person's sensations are subjective and distort the real (objective) picture of being. It follows that all statements, as well as Faith in God, should be considered subjective, distorted by reason. But then there is a contradiction “about the subjectivity of statements about the subjectivity of perception. For in our “Subjective World” the “subjective laws” on which this world is built must operate, otherwise such a world should not exist, because there is no description of it. It follows that the laws of the “subjective world” must be objective.

  2. Agnostics occupy an intermediate position between atheists and believers. They do not deny the existence of the Absolute, because it is impossible to know the Absolute, but trust only their subjective experience, what is really accessible to their perception.

  3. People who question things (especially about the structure of the world), including religion, because it does not give an objective idea of the universe and what is happening in it.

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