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  1. Both are wrong. The emotional world of a person is not limited to two feelings. Yes, and in addition to feelings, there is also a mind and just stereotypes. For example, young children have a very strong imitation instinct. Teenagers have negativism. Adults do a lot of things based on custom, calculation, and social prescriptions.

  2. Hellinger is right. This was discussed by the ancient philosophers I (Plato, Aristotle), Christian theologians (Augustine) and scholastics. Indeed, all human actions are based on love (including perverted love).

  3. Of these two citizens, I, the 3rd, am right. And I tell you: people are driven by a lot of different feelings and motives.
    The fact that Neil Walsh and Bert Hellinger just threw away all that stuff… well… Walsh was generally a bit of a talker, but Hellinger was a bit of a shame, like he was a smart guy.
    Well, that is, when some thread Walsh turns a blind eye to reality, this is normal (it is strange to expect something different from channellers).
    But when a therapist says something like that, it's upsetting.

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