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  1. (I entrusted the answer to my second-grader son, Andrey, an honorary member of the flock of domestic pigeons: he knows much more about pigeons than I do and even wants to start his own dovecote in the future; however, I took the audacity to correct punctuation/spelling in some places, which, although good, for some reason lame).

    Look, the pigeon lives on the street, and the hen lives at home, where she is taken care of, and she will soon become lazy, and will only lay eggs that will be eaten with the chickens. And the pigeon must, first of all, protect itself and the children together with its spouse, then look for food and defend the rights that it is its food. And chickens can kill anyone for their children, but they're dumber than pigeons. Pigeons still count to 9 and make joint decisions: https://www.popmech.ru/science/349442-10-udivitelnykh-faktov-o-golubyakh-oni-sovsem-ne-glupye-i-ne-gryaznye/. Pigeons are for beauty, and chicken is just for food!

    Hens cannot be like pigeons, and pigeons can be like hens: there is a “Chicken Pigeon”, it looks like a partridge and settles on the ground. And the “Crowned pigeon” itself survives in the forest, even in winter (where to go).

    And chickens will die out in winter! Or people will destroy them, and then buy new ones and eat them again, and more… True, there are meat types of pigeons that are eaten like chicken: “Monden”, “Monden” or “King”, but I will not get such: I'm sorry to eat them!!!

    Pigeons have benefits – they destroy harmful microorganisms that are harmful to humans. A pigeon is also a military pigeon! They were postmen in the war!

    There were hundreds of pigeon breeders in my city in the late 90s, but now, in our time, there are only 2 dozen of them (if you count me, when I grow up, there will be 23 people (I will try for three)! And who just does not breed chickens, even my grandmother at the dacha neighbors have 14 chickens and 1 rooster!

  2. No wonder the stupidest ones are called chicken .I have been keeping chickens for many years and watching them a lot, and I got the impression that only chicken is dumber than chicken .The author of the article correctly described that this bird does not need to think . She doesn't need to worry about a roof over her head in summer and winter (even a heated room in winter ),she doesn't need to look for food , there are no enemies . You don't need to think at all , just lay eggs ,that's why they have a very low level of intelligence , and pigeons are the smartest bird .

  3. In my opinion, the pigeon is smarter. I didn't see any information that a lost chicken found its way home by itself. A “trained” chicken, also a little-known fact. Perhaps they are smart, cunning. However, according to the information I have, a pigeon is smarter than a chicken. If this is not the case, I am ready to listen to a competent audience in this matter.

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