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  1. Thales of Miletus. He was the first person we know to try to explain the world rationally, and not on the basis of mythology. It is a pity that we know very little about him and his philosophy.

  2. The very first philosopher – great-babuin Ukhrum (4 323 345 – 4 323 338 years d. n. e).

    When a coconut fell on him from a palm tree, he sat for half a day, staring at the tree, scratching a bump on a turnip and wondering why coconuts fall down instead of flying up, until he glued the flippers together from mental strain and brain injury.

  3. Don't take the previous commentator for granted. The first and truly influential Ancient Greek philosopher(we don't take Chinese ones, because wolf quotes can be found in the VK) was Pittacus(650 BC). He was quoted by Plato, and Platosha is our everything. And according to the logic of the previous commentator, the first philosopher is a chimpanzee. Checkmate.

  4. The answers about chimpanzees, great baboons, and Adam as the first “thinkers who decided to philosophize” are generally correct, and the sarcasm is understandable.

    But strictly logically everything is even simpler – it is simply impossible to prove that there was at least one philosopher!

    There is no definition of what a “philosophical study” is, there is no “subject of study” in philosophy that any of the philosophers would be engaged in. All the “thinkers don't know what” are ordinary talkers, demagogues, literary writers, perhaps even professionals who made excellent money on their fairy tales.

    Philosophy is an unscientific “discipline”, it does not have precise unambiguous concepts either for Philosophy itself or for Philosophers who, as it were, are engaged in something “like this, do not understand what”.

    Just for the little ones – for example, “the question of the origin of the universe”. Well, where did the philosophers get what this question is? Where did they get the idea that there is some kind of “origin of our entire reality, the universe”, if it is obviously impossible to prove this? Reality exists and everything is there, and the fact of its “origin, appearance, creation” must first be proved – which is not and cannot be. As well as the “experts of such ridiculous philosophical questions” themselves, there are also no and can not be.

    And it is not necessary to single out a separate type of “philosophers” from the authors of artistic fairy tales, because it is still impossible to determine the differences, all fairy tales are essentially the same – fiction and chatter.

    PS – the same applies to the concept of “believer” for example )) It is impossible to prove that there is at least one person who does not pretend but “truly believes”.

  5. I think Adam. He was thinking about the meaning of being. He was probably upset when he was kicked out of Paradise, and he had a lot to think about. It is not known for certain what he was thinking, since he did not leave any notes, but there is a version that he thought a lot and seriously.

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