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  1. You know, this kind of “just in case you don't go to hell” belief always reminded me of a character in the movie “The Mummy.” If you remember, there was a hero there who decided, just in case, to believe in all the gods at once – in the Trinity, in Allah, in Jehovah, in Buddha, in Zarathustra, in Odin, in Zeus, and so on. He wore symbols of almost all existing religions around his neck and even learned prayers in all languages! So what is it? When he began to call all the known gods for help in the face of the rebellious mummy of the Egyptian king Imhotep, the gods did not help him in any way, but the mummy recognizes the prayer to Jehovah in the language of the Jews and takes him for a representative of this people, whom the Egyptians held in slavery. The poor man has to enter the service of the rebellious Egyptian king and help him in his dark plans. This is what “Pascal's wager” leads to, brought to its logical conclusion…

  2. Why am I considered unreasonable because I believe in God?

    Because you are intelligent enough not to consider your own intelligence as the criterion of everything. It's just that people who deny the existence of God often consider themselves the smartest, take pride in their imaginary intelligence, and assert themselves at the expense of those who, in their opinion, are less intelligent.

    “Is there a reasonable risk that you can still go to hell because no one has proven that there is no God?”

    Of course, such a risk is not reasonable, but if your faith in God is based solely on Pascal's Wager, then your faith is based on fear… The one who fears is not perfect in love. Your faith really lacks the element of sanity. Here, I offer you a more serious proof of the existence of God:

    1 A person feels the need for meaning in life.

    2 Just as thirst attests to the existence of water, so thirst for the meaning of life attests to the existence of an objective meaning of life.

    3 The objective meaning of life exists only if it is eternal, because if life is finite, then after its end, meaning is eliminated

    4 The objective meaning of life exists only if a person has free will.

    5 Therefore, there is a Being who gives us free will and eternal existence.

    6 In addition, for the meaningfulness of human existence, it is also necessary to have a Goal called the Highest Good.

    7 In order not to produce the essence of what is absolutely necessary, we postulate the identity of the Supreme Good and a certain Being.

    According to the Christian tradition, this Being is God.

  3. The question is rather why you are so concerned about what other people think about your religious views that you are willing to worry about it. You can't expect people to share all your feelings, because that doesn't happen. This is your own business.

    If you're being unreasonable and justify it by believing in God, that's one thing. But faith itself has nothing to do with reasonableness, because it is a matter of choice.

  4. That is, the author believes in God in order not to go to hell, being a priori sure that for believing in god he will go to heaven? An interesting religion is Christianity, however.

  5. Reasonableness is not in what you believe, but in how you reason about it.

    So if someone thinks someone is unreasonable because of the peculiarities of the subject of that person's faith – they themselves most likely have a very superficial idea of reason from hearsay.

    By the way, the ability to choose the most safe behavior is also not an indicator of intelligence, rather it is purely animal intelligence.

  6. You are created in His image and likeness, divinity flows in each of us as in everything in the universe, you have old religious concepts about God, study the topic more deeply, do not be a fanatic of one religion, know God by knowing yourself and vice versa, religions lead the mind away from comprehending the truth, expand your consciousness and perception of the world, your thoughts and your mind are not you, the world is endless, diverse and amazing, everything is divinity and everything is created according to the divine laws of the universe, discard beliefs, beliefs, cultures, everything that you have been taught and start learning the world anew without bringing anything under any opinions and facts, all that you can be sure of is only what you have experienced in your experience, the rest is the experience of others, others, believe your feelings, and all this will lead you to the road where you will find your tree of knowledge if you want to comprehend all the beauty, infinity, intellectuality and divinity of both yourself and the whole surrounding world. And intelligence has nothing to do with it, it's just that since ancient times we have been made slaves and taught to believe in what can control us, silencing and killing our real abilities and capabilities, believe no one, life is open to you here and now, why do you spend it thinking about Hell? But study different religions and you will understand a lot for yourself, and the main thing is that they are all based on real ancient spiritual knowledge, well, their goal is completely different, if the goal was to learn the truth that there is a path to awareness, then would there be religious wars? For millennia there are wars on all signs and the main one is Religious, maybe something is wrong with these religions, open your eyes, but only to the World, and not to the TV screen, I will not write much to you, I will only recommend reading or watching Osho, Sadhguru, Gurdjieff. This is your life and do not let yourself be manipulated, people work so that their state does not stand still, hard workers mean, earn money so that they can then spend it on products and things buying them again from their state, and so all their life they give money and time and money to their state(slave owner) and then die without knowing anything deep and wonderful in this world, giving their phenomenal divine consciousness and the same opportunities for the benefit of someone else, Wake up! Stop Sleeping! God is always near you, he is everywhere and everywhere and in you and in Everyone and of course always from beginningless to infinite, you just need to see and feel it and then you will understand everything that I am trying to convey to you here. Thanks.

  7. You can talk about what you know (the rational way), and you can believe in what you don't know, but you feel the meaning in it (the sensual way). Knowledge and Faith for a person are like two wings for a bird, without one it will flap, but it will not fly.

    But your axiom about the reality of hell is very much in doubt. Hell exists only as an illusion created by the souls in the illusion. Fear is not a criterion of Truth, but it is an excellent tool for manipulating consciousness.

  8. If you call it” risk, ” then you don't have faith. You can not believe “just in case”.

    And the fact that God does not exist and do not need to prove. By definition, it does not exist in our world, as it is transcendent, i.e. it is outside of being.

  9. You can ask a counter question – why should you even care who thinks what? It is important what God thinks, or at least your conscience.

    However, if the whole risk for you is based solely on the lack of evidence that there is no God, then you continue to be in the same danger as those who think you are unreasonable. Recognizing the existence of God is not a belief at all, it is only evidence that you can reason sensibly, nothing more. Satan also recognizes the existence of God, but you don't think that will save him from hell.

    You need to find out what God Himself says about being saved from hell.

  10. No one goes to hell because they believe or don't believe. People get into trouble if they do disgusting things. And with God Above, you just need to always be on good terms. Like a loving Parent.

  11. You are not intelligent if you put shoes on your hands instead of on your feet, swallow rocks, bite dogs, run around screaming in the streets, throw yourself at people, etc. And if you behave normally, then you are intelligent. And what you believe in is your own business, even if it's a Macaroni Monster. And no one has the right to label you in this regard. That's what freedom of conscience is all about.

  12. you're already in hell if you're afraid of it. faith in God – expectations and requirements for the father and mother that they did not fulfill. believe it or not, and the answers are not in a god made up in your image and likeness. the fear of hell fills your life with hell, and then you just disappear without ever starting to live.

  13. Why am I considered unreasonable because I believe in Santa Claus? Is it unreasonable to expect gifts from him?

    Yes, the risk is reasonable. What is the chance that your religion will be correct? This is how funny it will turn out if the Muslims are right, and all Christians will end up in hell. There are thousands of religious denominations, and how many religions have not yet been invented, but will appear in the future? It's scary to imagine. And how many can theoretically exist? What if hell and heaven do not exist and after death we are reborn?

    Why are you so confident in your fairy tales? Is God exactly the same as in Christianity? Maybe he punishes all those who believed in him and blesses all those who did not believe in him. And the scriptures are only his instrument of deception? Anything can happen.

    Religion is a lottery with a minimal chance of success. And as in any lottery, only the organizers win. It's a pity to give away even 200 rubles for such a lottery, because life is already there…

  14. First question: because you listen to them, you are sharpening your own core of faith by listening to the opinions of others. Find a social circle that matches your interests, not those of others.

    Second question: if your faith is based only on the fear of going to hell, then this is not faith, but fear. Reread the main book of your denomination, it has all the answers to your fears.

  15. But this is really unwise. I would understand if it was for the sake of some lofty things, but just out of fear of hell? Somehow it's unworthy.

  16. Remember David, who wrote:

    The madman said in his heart,”There is no God.”

    Or read the first chapter of Paul's letter to Rome.


    Do not be afraid, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, and help you, and support you with the right hand of my righteousness.

    Behold, all those who are provoked against you will remain in shame and disgrace; those who dispute with you will be as nothing, and those who dispute with you will perish. You will seek them, and you will not find them fighting against you; those who fight with you will be as nothing, absolutely nothing; for I am the Lord your God; I hold your right hand, I say to you: “Do not be afraid, I will help you.” (Isaiah 41: 10-13)

  17. Here everything is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

    To believe in God and accept His existence is an incredibly huge difference.

    After all, it is written that even demons believe, but ….. it won't help them.

    To believe is to trust His Word, both written (the Bible) and personal revelation from Him on a particular situation, and to act in accordance with that Word regardless of the situation.

    In this case, you will be considered an idiot … as well as all those who really trust God, because the representatives of this world have completely different values.

    Well, the second question: do you need God (if of course you need Him at all) just to avoid going to hell, or is it because God is a specific person for you, a true friend who loves you so much that He gave His life on the cross, dying there instead of you for your sin, and you want to be together with Him no matter where,just for

    After all, it is the norm to want to be together with a loved one, and we must love God most of all (the first and most important commandment).

  18. Satan interferes with sound thinking.

    2 Corinthians 4: 4

    for unbelievers, whose minds have been blinded by the God of this world, so that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of the invisible God, may not shine upon them

  19. A wise man once said: “If there is no God, and I believe in him , then I have nothing to lose. And if there is a God and I don't believe in him,then I lose everything!”
    If you believe in God, then you have come to know Him well through the Bible. He redeemed us from a sinful state leading to death by the blood of his only begotten son out of love – would He have planned a place of eternal torment? This is a false invention of God's opponents. It is important that people understand that the most terrible thing is to die as an enemy of God-to disappear forever. So, there is a risk. And it is impossible to prove that there is no God. Because we need irrefutable facts,but they are not and cannot be!

  20. But it's not wise to be afraid of hell. How can you be afraid of what you don't know? It's like being afraid of death – we're afraid of it because we don't know what it is. So, laugh at those who think you're being unreasonable, because it's stupid.

  21. When I was an Octobrarian, I also considered believers stupid, because we were taught that faith in God is due to a lack of education and knowledge. Then there was such an atmosphere in society that a bright future was about to come without any fictional gods, and the power of a reasonable person would come. Right now, we will make a hyper jump and control the universe together with other intelligent beings from other planets.
    But this fairy tale fell apart like a rotten stump and it became clear, obviously, that human society is not rational at all, but deceitful, arrogant, greedy, evil and stupid. I was already more familiar with real faith in God, and I saw that it wasn't just stupid. And the belief in human honesty and reasonableness went away with childhood.
    And then, over time, when I was already a believer myself and studied the Bible a little better, I saw that the Soviet fairy tale about a bright future is a somewhat stripped-down Jewish story about a bright future in God's Paradise.
    Yes, Jews have had a bright future since the days of Egyptian slavery. They have promises from God and are still waiting for them to be fulfilled in the future.
    I don't know how much smarter the atheists are who believed in a bright future, but never saw it.
    By believing in your own infallibility? And if their infallibility and power over nature is a myth, how are they smarter than believers?

    For atheists, believing in God is foolishness, but for believers, disbelief is foolishness. For honest people, wickedness is foolishness, but for dishonest people, truthfulness is foolishness.
    People always look for stupidity in someone, but not in themselves.

    And I finally realized for myself that trying on other people's advice is stupid.
    I don't want to go to the council of the wicked anymore, … etc. (1 Psalm).
    I know exactly who is unreasonable. He is a fool who does not regard Jesus as a Saviour, a Mission, a Christ, a Son of God, a King. For me, it is. And as others advise to consider-this is not my clothes. Let others wear it, but I have my own. I'm comfortable in my own room, but not in someone else's.

    As a result, atheists only dream of a just government, and I already have a Just King. ” .. I will not be deprived of anything…”
    And you don't listen to the advice of the unbelievers, because.”. they are like dust blown by the wind..” They don't know what they're laughing at.

  22. Because it is unwise to believe the word of an unknown person who lived no one knows when. Just as it is unwise to keep the commandments just because it is written in the Scriptures. It is written in the Qur'an not to use the product of fermentation of fruits and berries… well, OK, you can have mead.

    A reasonable person analyzes his own actions and their consequences, and makes a decision.

    I am an atheist and do not believe in God, but I accept His existence, although it seems extremely unlikely. Nevertheless, I keep most of the commandments, or at least I strive to. And not because there is a near-zero probability of going to hell. It's just that if everyone does the right thing, this life, and not the afterlife, will be much better. And it's better than living like a brute, shitting on everyone around you, and then begging for forgiveness from a creature that probably doesn't exist. Moreover, forgiveness should not be asked of him at all, and not in words, but in deeds.

  23. Because they're stupid. People accepted the animal ideology without any criticism. I guess they are either agnostics or atheists. And since they believe that if they think so, then everyone should think so, then your worldview does not fit into their framework. This is especially evident in Soviet women of a certain psychosclad. �They suddenly (!) discovered some obvious conclusions from atheism and even agnosticism, such as that a person is a biorobot. And since they have zero philosophical base. They did not read the Bible, i.e. the subject of criticism itself, the arguments were chosen from kissel TV, and the Soviet ideology assumed bestial to think as one, it turns out a very definite picture.

    I've already had enough of your tantrums, too. And not only Soviet women.�

    Your reasoning is sound. It doesn't sound exactly politically correct, but atheism isn't entirely reasonable. It is sacred to believe that a person with his thoughts, his complexity, after death only worms will devour… Agnosticism is smarter. If only because agnostics are happier than atheists.

    Not to mention the arguments that we are not biorobots, we have something that makes us us. We have the Secret of Life. No program , no robot, will ever be alive again.

  24. It all depends on the people, not your religion. According to the distribution of circles in hell, all atheists or non-believers (but not heretics) go to hell, but to the second circle, where there is no suffering. And if this is true, then we will spend time in a fairly good company.

  25. “Why am I considered unreasonable because I believe in God? Is there a reasonable risk that you can still go to hell because no one has proven that there is no God?”

    And who proved that there is a “God”? And who proved that there is a “hell” that you are so afraid of going to?

    For thousands of years, no one has ever been able to prove this invention, but scammers regularly withdraw money from you for your fear!

    And without any risk.

    That is, there is no risk to go to hell, but to lose your money in vain is not even a risk, but one hundred percent true!

    That's why you're considered unreasonable.

  26. Because many people are used to thinking that their opinion is the only correct one. Those who call you unreasonable just because you believe in God are not really intelligent themselves. If he is a militant (scientific) atheist, then he should understand that many scientists believe in God, but this does not make them stupid. “Do not turn atheism into a sect that divides everything into black and white” I do not remember the author.

  27. Perhaps your faith is shallow and superstitious. The fact that you write the word “god” with a small letter indicates that you do not understand that God is a person, he is one, and it is at least not polite to write It with a capital letter.

    Perhaps this is due to the level of literacy of your environment. If you tell illiterate people that it's colder in the south, they will also think you are not intelligent, but the south pole is actually colder than the north pole.

    Atheists, through mass public school education and through the media, instilled in everyone that atheism is the norm, which saved themselves the need to prove the truth of their views.

    And it is not possible to prove their truth, since materialism is a conscious limitation of the worldview, when everything that is not clear and difficult to prove is removed from it.: the meaning of life, the nature of speech, thinking, conscience, will. But this is what life is based on, what makes a person human.

    Within the framework of materialism, it is convenient to solve applied scientific and engineering problems, but in the humanitarian sphere, materialism leads to monstrous consequences: In practice, people are beginning to be seen as animals driven only by their instincts, and later as bio-robots that can be manipulated using information technology.

  28. Em…. you've asked a few questions, so you'll have to give a few answers.

    1. It is unlikely that the assessment of your reasonableness is based solely on the fact of faith. If a person believes , it basically does not prevent him from being reasonable. But the fact of faith does not guarantee reasonableness. Or, in other words, both reasonable people and unintelligent people believe (although empirically it somehow turns out that there are more unintelligent people).

    2. The argument “no one has proved that there is no God” is not reasonable. If you use such arguments, it may lead the person to think that you are not very reasonable.
      To get rid of this argument, we Google “Rasel's teapot”, or simply remember: “the burden of proof lies with the approver.” Yes, this may be unpleasant, but nevertheless, if you claim that hell exists, then it is you who should prove its existence, and not those who claim that hell does not exist.

    3. But if there is a hell, then what is it? Then you, I, and many other faithful citizens will have to go there. Faith in God alone is absolutely not enough to get to any other place. Have you ever eaten meat on a Friday? Have you tried mili or oysters? So much for getting a ticket to hell. However, there are a lot of such reasons, you can't even list them all. And the fact that some person living on earth once said “eating shellfish should not be punished by hell” has nothing to do with God, even if he is a three-time patriarch.

    4. When it comes to risk, being a Christian is a pretty risky strategy.
      Zeus does not approve of Christianity. And Allah. And Krsna doesn't approve either. And a lot of other gods that might suddenly be true.�
      Yahweh has no advantage over them. Yes, the local priest says that Yahweh is real, but for every priest there is a mullah, well, or someone else.
      And even the fact that there are more Christians on the planet than people of other religions is not really an argument, because Christianity was planted by force, and not by some revelations of local prophets, well, or by some other divine methods. Including on our territory.
      And given the fact that the first Slavic Christians shamelessly burned “pagan idols”, then if it turns out that the true god is Perun, then you will not be well.

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