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  1. Stupidity is a human Misfortune and Punishment.

    The stupid one is already punished with a mental disability.

    A stupid person makes mistakes all the time and suffers through life.

    Everyone wants to be smart, but it's not easy.

  2. In fact, according to the Bible, there is only one mortal sin – blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Although what is meant by this is a very interesting question and requires separate research. All other lists of sins are later fictions. Some of them appeared quite early, but finally the doctrine of the seven (or eight) deadly sins was formed only during the early Middle Ages.�

    Why adultery was included in this list is more or less clear. It is obvious that the person who performs it has already distanced himself from the Christian faith by a very long distance. Despondency in those days meant not just sadness-melancholy and bad mood, but deep spiritual laziness and unwillingness to work on your mind, heart and character. Such an attitude towards oneself quickly led a person to commit other sins and, ultimately, to a complete fall from faith.

    As for stupidity, of course, it is bad and shameful to be so-especially in our time. But in fact, even a very stupid person can go to heaven. Especially if he is stupid because of bad heredity or for some other reasons beyond his control.

  3. There are no mortal sins at all. There are more serious and less serious ones. No sin in itself clearly determines the fate of a person. Any sin can be balanced with good deeds. But stupidity prevents a person from understanding what is good and evil, so it often leads to serious sins.

  4. The main purpose of creating special rules granted “from above” is to manage the population. Believing that these tenets represent the divine will (do not commit adultery, etc.), people think that by fulfilling them they are pleasing the deity. Those in power need people to work, and sexual pleasures and discouragement are not very conducive to productive work. Thus it became a prohibition, a sin. But stupidity in most cases does not interfere with the performance of work, especially primitive and physical. On the contrary, it is advantageous for the authorities to have an uneducated population, as they are less inclined to think about how to change their lives, organize revolutions and rebel.

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