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  1. In cooking, there is the word “deep-fried” (a large amount of fat mixture for frying) and the expression “deep-fried”. Apparently “French fries” is a truncated version of “deep-fried potatoes”

  2. In fact, French fries in English will be french fries.�

    But if you still try to say, for example, in McDonald's, potato free, then you will find a surprise. You won't get any potatoes. Because in this case, the phrase does not sound like “give me free potatoes”, but like “I, perhaps, without potatoes”.

  3. And as far as I remember from English lessons, they explained it to me like this: “Free-free, free. French fries are cooked in a large amount of oil, i.e. in fact they “float freely in oil”) In any case I like this decoding more than the derivative from fries :/

    1. French fries are translated into English as french fries. The name has nothing to do with the word “free”. Just the name of the first French fries merchant was Frite, and then, for a more convenient pronunciation, the word was shortened to “fries”. This is one of the versions.

    2. The word fries is translated from English as “fried”, everything is clear here. This is the second option, which is simpler.

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