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  1. I won't speak for all philosophers, but at leastKarl Popper was extremely skeptical of Hegelian dialectics, because he believed that it was based on the negation of the law of the excluded third, and the negation of this law leads to a formal logic in which it is possible to prove the validity of any arbitrary statement. His opinion can be found in What is Dialectics, and his critique of Hegel in general can be found in Open Society and Its Enemies

  2. Because they confuse dialectics and logic
    In logic there are contradictions, and in dialectics there are opposites, which are completely opposite to each other. Contradictions cannot be together at the same time, and opposites, on the contrary, are always in unity!

  3. Apparently, because they take for dialectic the demagogy that Fr.Engels “smorozil”, processing speculative judgments from the metaphysics of GVFH… As far as I know, Plato saw in “dialectics”(the unimaginable all – embrasure of representations) superiority over the knowledge of the representations of the Creator of the universe (later called “metaphysics”), and the mere substitution of the ideas of the “absolute” by the ideas of “materiality”-as we see – does not lead to any “all-embrasure”…

  4. I think that those people who reject Dialectics do not consider it necessary to think on the basis of general definitions. Because they were fascinated by the power of financial accountants, who already create their own laws.

    And maybe they act directly, fulfilling a specific order.

    Financiers have become Economic Gods, already determining the creation of Certain thoughts in many people and their Rulers. People develop Common Thoughts, feelings, and rules of behavior in the way that financiers want.

    People are already leading themselves to be devoured and enslaved: sexual, sexless and childless life, thoughtless work, collective aggression against the recalcitrant, non-interference in situations, indifference to their fate.

    For people, the concept of Logic of Cognition disappears, that is, when from different opinions, situations you can choose the most acceptable for people.

    Now people can easily be turned into submissive cattle through money, the spread of infection, electro-magnetic exposure, alcohol, genetically modified food, drugs.

    They are trying in every possible way to isolate Logic from Dialectics.

    But Logic always considers two opposites that are fighting for the right of their existence.

    And if it wins, it seems that one opposite, as demonstrated by the financiers who created the global governance of humanity .

    The victory for the financiers will be to exterminate the masses of people and replace them with robots. Purification of the Earth and prosperity for the few.

    But the trouble with financiers is that it is the Mass of people that determines the survival of these financial speculators as a full-fledged species.

    Their closely related forced marriages lead to degeneration and, first of all, brain activity. And simply crossing with biologically healthy women and men and taking their children away from them does not lead to the flourishing of financiers.

    Because it is a person's Thoughts that determine the survival of people.

    The biological body is not the final phase of human development.

    The physical man must create his Etheric World WITHIN HIMSELF in all conditions of Life, for which he must fight as much as he can throughout his life. Also, a person must fight against their habits. The etheric World is a World that has a place to GO AFTER DEATH..

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    In the Etheric World, where financiers also fall and can survive at least, feeding on the clots of unconsciousness of the dead Consciousnesses of people.

    These vampire financiers survive, and are born again on the Physical Level, to make mischief again.

    But their DNA is very energetic. Therefore, DNA unfolds the crippled body of degenerates.

    Normal people need to stand up and not let themselves be charmed by lures in the form of supposedly rich life.

    Financiers seem super influential to someone, but this is their agony in the last dirty trick and the desire to destroy humanity.

    Only by combining the Energy of all people's Thoughts TOGETHER will humanity be able to defend itself here on the Physical Level.

    Why did evil become stronger because its Energy of money turned out to be more powerful?

    stronger by subjugating the Energies of people who also want to live comfortably. Before economic laws, people submitted to the religious influence of submission and non-resistance.

    In religious Ecstasy, generations of people, following a False Vision, gave away their property and themselves, strengthening the monetary power of the religion from which the global financiers originated.

    The land of the monasteries surpassed even the land of the rulers. In monasteries, people were and still are involved in slave labor without any rights.

    And so far in Russia, churches are not taxed and conduct their financial activities, simultaneously deceiving people. Humans feed their own death eaters.

  5. Dialectics is a pre-scientific, metaphysical form of thinking like alchemy or astralogy. Alchemy has long believed that all matter is built on the dialectic of sulfur and mercury (Mercury-sulfur theory). Science has long abandoned such primitive theories, and therefore does not need dialectics.

    But with philosophy, the situation is not so clear, since many currents of philosophy also arose in the pre-scientific era, and they do not perceive dialectics as something negative.

  6. Who, for example? Modern philosophers, and not all of them, are skeptical of Marx's method of historicism. Dialectics itself, as a method of cognition, is the basis of most scientific methodologies. If not all of them.

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