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  1. The fear of” bad “people and” bad ” events drives us into submission to circumstances. Every day a person finds a new reason to be afraid. If he doesn't find it, then he will be happy to be prompted through all the communication channels that he uses: GMOs in food, gays in the West, microbes in the water, yesterday was the end of the world, and you missed everything while sitting on tolkan, reading bugurts in VK, etc. (the list goes on forever) �

    People who are filled with fear defend themselves by being angry at others. Feeling like victims, angry, we are unlikely to respond to someone's request for help. In a state of fear, everyone is on their own. If we think of another person as an enemy who can attack us at any moment, we are unlikely to be generous and kind to them. So it turns out that: “Our your x***and waving from the mountain.”�

    Often, as soon as a person starts to act in the right direction, the fear goes away. Which direction is correct? For each individual. The only thing I can say is: “Freedom is the first step on your own path.” �

    And what is” Freedom ” is up to you.

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