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  1. People are full of very effective and amazing manifestations, you just need to be able to look from different angles. When an orchestra plays a long part, it is striking in its complexity, organization, synchronicity, teamwork. You wonder how people can do this. In the clinic, too, it is not clear how people could have guessed to come up with unbreakable recipes, and how this is the main thing from the point of view of physics and chemistry, everything works and feels. You can't let a bad mood affect your judgment.

  2. It depends on what criteria. Without these clarifications, it is simply a label that indicates a lack of thoughtfulness of the person who uses this word. Every person has an advantage in something. Someone has brains, someone has strength, someone has character..�

    Usually, primitiveness means a person who lives an instinctive life, desires, needs of the body and simple emotions and reasoning. People think everything, on different levels. This is where intelligence and intelligence come to the surface. The “primitive” has an undeveloped intellect, narrow, limited thinking. Hence, of course, follows a behavioral lifestyle-rudeness, inadequacy, bad manners, low behavioral level..

    Each person has his own place in society, some of the primitive, as we have seen more than once, occupy a high position, those who do not have opportunities are unassuming. Such unassuming people, against the background of completely immoral ones, can stand out for unpretentiousness, simplicity and modesty. But they have their own advantages in the field of intelligence, spiritual development and wisdom.

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