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  1. I think a more general answer to the question will be this: TV is popular by inertia, but radio remains free and accessible (car, smartphone, etc.). Otherwise, you need to look at the numbers – which radio and which TV is still popular for each segment of the audience.

  2. It seems to me that radio and television make sense in the modern world only if they 1) constantly work live, 2)successfully select content for the viewer/listener, eliminating the need to think about what to listen to and watch, and search for it. While the second one dominates.

  3. Radio is popular because it is listened to in cars (because you don't always take aux with you and not everyone has such tape recorders). Television. Well I do not know. I sometimes find it interesting to watch something when I come home and I'm too lazy to turn on the computer. Also, it just plays in the background in the kitchen when I eat

  4. Well, radio and television are popular mainly among the older segment of the population, for which they do not yet communicate with the Internet “on you”.Moreover, these are traditional ways of obtaining information that many people are simply used to.I'm an active Internet user,but while I'm driving in the car, I use the radio because you don't need to choose tracks and generally think about something-you turn on your favorite wave and that's it.

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