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  1. Here the question of bad luck is answered by authoritative representatives of Orthodoxy, atheism (secular humanism), Judaism, Buddhism, Protestantism, Nihilism, Krishnaism, Slavic paganism, Thelema, and theosophy. You first see a series of responses without knowing who each of them belongs to, choose the one that is closest to you, and only then find out whose point of view you have chosen, as well as get access to detailed video comments and reference materials. The same can be done via a telegram bot – there are also personal statistics and the ability to adjust the list to choose from.

  2. The “church” doesn't explain lucky star birth in any way. I think that almost everything that happens to a person is the result of the actions of himself, his relatives (family) or the society in which he lives.

    Only in exceptional cases are troubles caused by causes that do not depend on the human factor. This, for example, is described in the biblical Book of Job.

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