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  1. Real life and the concept of a certain “justice” are different things. Yes, someone was born in a family of millionaires, and someone has an average family, and someone in general was abandoned by his parents and he (she) grew up in an orphanage. There is no justice and the same starting positions, accept it and accept it as inevitable. There are some things that can't be influenced.
    At all times, losers are looking for some kind of power to write off their own worthlessness. In the course is “why I was born in Russia” (Ukraine, Belarus, Uganda), the corrupt regime, special services, dad and mom are not the same, etc. After all, it's so convenient, such mantras can justify everything.

  2. I see a much bigger problem in the fact that some are born necessary, while others are born in need. And those, and others with all the consequences. This vector defines the mother, and it is extremely difficult to change it.

  3. Because universal equality is a myth, a beautiful fairy tale that contradicts the laws of nature. This is not the case in nature: everyone at birth has their own external circumstances and their own individual abilities. It is this alignment that provides evolutionary development from the point of view of nature: some combinations are more profitable and they give an impetus to the development of the species. Nature never cares about a single individual, it is aimed at the development of the species as a whole, its evolution, and in this sense, providing everyone with the same conditions is unprofitable for development, and it is too energy-intensive. However, as practice shows, good initial conditions do not determine 100% success of a person (and in the animal world as well), but only make it easier for him to start the stage. Moreover, such relief can both help and hinder development. Many well-known personalities today would not have achieved anything in life if they had everything at once and did not have to fight for their success. Life is unfair, because justice is an artificial concept introduced by man. And from the point of view of nature, justice is unprofitable. Life from the point of view of nature is not just a walk from birth to death of each individual organism, but the struggle of the species for survival. And in this struggle, it is advantageous to try different variants of the initial conditions for each organism, which nature tries to ensure: maximum variability, but with a peak distribution on the most favorable conditions for the species (as is known from previous experience).

  4. Just an accident. Someone will be born near the Mediterranean Sea in a rich family with good health and high cognitive abilities, the other will be born to a single alcoholic mother in Syktyvkar, with physical defects and inability to concentrate. Well, someone was lucky, the other was unlucky. The question as a whole is meaningless, randomness does not change from this, what happened then happened. We live, achieve, and enjoy what happens.

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